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This Scalled Messiah will need to undergo a series of trials similar to that of Jesus Christ in order to cure them. The trials begin with communion, then lead to death by crucifixion, after which his body must be buried until he rises from the dead. At this point, the Scalled believe that consuming the Scalled Messiah's flesh will cleanse their souls and their plague-ridden bodies. Because nothing wipes away your sins like cannibalizing another human being.So just an old document from whistleblower for thought, there was a note saying that exposure to the morphogenic engine from females were fake pregnancies leading to death…could this be related to Lynn’s fate perhaps?Somehow the banned scene looks like Lynn’s legs and right arm are cut off but the normal one she seems like being held weirdly. So about that I’m not entirely sure.

The more I thought about, and after watching Powerpyx’s speedrun, excellent job on it btw, I think I understand a but more.People in the village are already crazy when the story takes place and there is nothing special about them thinking that Lynn is pregnant. On the other hand, in the very beginning Blake seems to be quite surprised with the news that his wife is pregnant. But more insane he gets, more he thinks that that is true. But what happened with Lynn’s belly? Well, I guess heretics could fill her womb up with stones or something. Thus, she dies not because of birth-giving, but because of the wounds he got back in the mines. Her last words fit perfectly: the depth of the mines kept her sane and thus she understands that there is no child.I groan as I get up but......., I can't?!? I'm in a fucking chair with chains around my arms and legs Последние твиты от Outlast Wiki (@Outlast_Wiki). The most extensive Outlast encyclopediæ Did you know that the voice of Sullivan Knoth in #Outlast2, Vlasta Vrána, also appeared in the horror.. With that in mind, there are three primary factions in Outlast 2, along with a fourth potential shadow faction in the form of Murkoff. We'll focus on the three big ones first, and then talk a little bit about Murkoff's potential role in events.

It's possible Jessica is trying to delay the need to go home to her father, but because of her seeming romantic interest in Blake it's possible that she has other plans as well. It's worth noting that sexual interest at such a young age is also potentially a sign of sexual abuse.Instead, the Walrider forces its way into Miles’ body, the horrors Miles experienced within Mount Massive along with the exposure to the Morphogenic Engine apparently enough to make him a suitable host.The main plot of Outlast 2 is centered around the coming of the Antichrist. At it's very core, it's a tale of two factions fighting for control over the birth of a child that they believe will bring about the end of the world.Blake was being tormented to become the next to control the Walrider. The fake pregnancy proves the presence of the Morphagenic engine. Blake is told to kill the child. This isn’t to be taken literal as the child isn’t real. What he is actually doing is telling him not to give in to the insanity. The light at the end was likely that of a search team looking for him, but he is simply too broken to realize what is going on, which is what they need to control Walrider. This was all just a ploy to make Blake go insane to control the Walrider.Blake sits on the stairs of the chapel and experiences another hallucination. When Blake comes to, the baby is swaddled in cloth and Knoth is sitting across from Blake on a nearby pew.

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probably through a mass suicide as the game is heavily inspired from happenings where cults such as heavens gate commit mass suicide because of their beliefs.Im going to say that this Baby is real.Because Knoth says at the end It is to Strong to get killed already,but it was just Born and it is the First Baby we See in this game.The stomach of Most women were cut Open to Might Kill the antichrist.One proove is that there Are so many dolls of children.The Woman Are missing new borns and These Knoth People Are not behaving like Christians,the only think they Are christians.So this Baby is the only person,who regret nothing in life and has no sins.The real Christian,who is Supported By god. Thats why Martha got killed By a cross,from god,to Protect the new born. Val and the heretics,who Are not affected By the signal, Are living in the mines to Protect the birth of the new Born to end this nightmare.They didnt kill Blake because why would they,he would not kill Lynn.They like him because he’s the Outsider who creates the new Born without sins. Like Ethan,he acted like a real Christian and Protected his daughter.So his belief helped him to not ne affected By These Signals. Maybe the light at the end is god?or a Signal,so Blake Reminds his pray with Jessica.So you just finished Outlast 2. You've sprinted past enemies both terrifying and frustrating, and have become the happy father to a baby that's either the Antichrist, a Murkoff experiment, or maybe completely nonexistent. The question of the hour is, what the hell just happened?Jessica didn’t commit suicide, Father L was a dirty pedo who did things to her, hence her fear of him, he killed her by pushing her down the stairs and convinced Blake not to tell anyone then hung her up to make it look like suicide, the monster of Father L even plays with himself, the many arms likely represent how he could’nt keep his hands to himself

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Firstly Jessica, in the main flashback where you walk into the stairwell, finding Jessica with a bruised neck and the Father praying on the steps above her, I don’t think he abused her, but that she was dead at that point. Her neck is severely bruised, so it looks as though when the Father chased her she (probably being pushed or pulled by him) fell down the stairs and broke her neck. Rather than her later committing suicide, the Father staged her hanging herself (why else would you hang yourself in school) which would at least partially account for a neck injury, and wrote her suicide note on the blackboard. Blake, traumatised as a child could’ve blocked out/suppressed the events he saw, or was coerced and pressured into believing it by the Father, which makes sense as to why he’d have flashbacks slowly revealing more of what happened.Things get decidedly creepy when Loutermilch says that he thinks he can work something out with Jessica and tells Blake to go home. When Blake leaves, it's heavily implied that Loutermilch is either the source of Jessica's sexual abuse, or is about to commit the abuse for the first time.Ethan smuggles her away, claiming that he sent her to live among the Scaled, knowing that Knoth would likely kill her or the child when her pregnancy was discovered. The child is presumably Knoth's, but in the Murkoff Account comics Ana Lee is accompanied by a young man that dies trying to protect her, who could potentially be the father.What I thought when she said nothing is there was that she at that point knew she was dying and saw no after life (because sometimes at that moment people see “a light”). So I thought it was that .. I never thought she meant the baby.

Since Outlast 1 we knew that not everything in the game can be explained through science. While the radio tower’s apparent effects is mind control, there’s obviously something supernatural about it. Personally, I thought that the baby does exist, but not in the physical sense. it’s a supernatural baby. This explains how Lynn was suddenly pregnant and gave birth to the baby in what seems to be a single night.Despite the fact that it was assumed that Waylon Park brought Murkoff down in a notorious tell all, it was revealed in an issue of the comics that Murkoff managed to discredit him by fabricating a past of paranoid conspiracy-like delusions. One of Jessica’s hangman clues in his Catholic school hallucinations spells out “Not telling is the same as lying”One thing that does throw me off is towards the end 9for the game when they are running to the chapel why was she saying she’s coming she’s almost her. She as to referring to the baby coming. If there was no baby why was so in dire need to lie down to supposedly give birth? This game has left so many unsolved questions.

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  1. d control towers mentions that the owls in the area are constantly fucking, which would explain some of the events in the town. Many of the peoples’ visions relate to sexual organs, and many note how turned on they are after the visions. Knoth seems to know something about this because “Scalled Bound” mentions that Knoth has said it isn’t safe to fuck anyone but him. He has cast out anybody afflicted by syphilis (as people have tried to tell the villagers, shown in “Our Quarantine”) and other STIs, letting them become the “Scalled” which are basically just people with untreated syphilis (having neurological problems, sickness, blindness, dementia, paralysis). “Sundries from the Sinful World” mentions Knoth having a supplier of penicillin from the outside world, passing it off to the villagers as a study aid, but is obviously keeping himself disease-free.
  2. Crushed by the pressure of knowing what happened to her best friends and feeling pressured on both sides, Lynn feels torn apart between her loyalty her faith and her sense of justice. After she she lets the secret out she caves in and “dies” from having to heavy a burden to carry at such a young age.
  3. You do make a very fair point. Him surviving for weeks or months without food during blackouts would seem odd. This would support the theory that he was imagining the pregnancy in the end. But then why would Knoth see him holding the baby in the chapel? There are many things that contradict each other. There’s another note of a traveler that says he went looking for the towers, saw some camouflage and the next thing he remembered was waking up miles away. So it’s possible these people are “sleep wandering” and possibly eating/drinking but they can’t remember.
  4. As it stands right now, the prevailing theory in Outlast 2 is that, although Murkoff is never overtly involved in the plot, pretty much everything that happens is a result of Murkoff exposing the already unstable populace to some version of the Morphogenic Engine.

The monster at the school is an avatar for the guilt/PTSD induced by the principal in Jake, who feels like he killed (hanged) Jessica the second he walked out of the room and the relentless hunting of the monster is in my opinion a metaphor for the effort of the principal to manipulate him to no end to make sure he never talks about what he’s seen. A little confused concerning whatever happened to Val when you wake up in the mines after the final school flashback with Loutermilch. Was that Val being beaten on the ground by the Ezekiel cult? Or did he escape? I’m not sure if this has been addressed, but Jessica did not commit suicide. It was clear to me that the fall down the stairs from fighting the priest broke her neck. I posit the priest strung her up after the fact to make make it appear as a suicide, and convinced the poor, impressionable protagonist that it was all in his head.

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It's also interesting to note that, although syphilis is likely the cause, that the Scalled are afflicted so dramatically that it makes you wonder if the state of their illness isn't somehow linked to Murkoff and the tumors that patients at Mount Massive Asylum developed. Considering the speculation regarding the use of the Morphogenic Engine in the area, it's definitely something to think about. Outlast 2 Document #4 - Knoth's Gospel Chapter 8 Avoid the witch by crawling into a barn and use Outlast 2 Document #10 - Knoth's Gospel Chapter 5 From the water, head inside the wooden hut to.. i’m surprise that no one said that the baby might actually is jessica reincarnated. because at the end we see jessica and blake praying,and tell somethink that the should be togeether forever,or some shit

Each of these plots has quite a bit of overlap throughout the main story and although some parts are hard to miss, others are incredibly subtle and require a lot of conjecture and additional document searching to suss out. Welcome to the Official Outlast Facebook page. ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood and Gore, Nudit

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I don’t know if anyone mentioned this, but the first game mentioned that some of the experiments resulted in female patients having psychosomatic or phantom pregnancies which also ended up killing most of their patients. This is most likely what happened to Lynn who had a phantom pregnancies in the span of one night to a couple of days and why she said nothing was there. Blake hallucinated the baby in the end or perhaps wanted to believe that there was a baby thereIt's important to note that this faction is also made up entirely of former members of Knoth's congregation, but each member suffered acutely at the hands of various graphic nightmares that left them sexually aroused at the thought of killing. Outlast đã làm rất tốt những gì mà một tựa game kinh dị có thể mang đến cho người chơi trong trải nghiệm: ác mộng kinh hoàng


  1. Head out of the cave with the last document and up the path. You can also check out the first part of our Outlast 2 walkthrough, which will show you in-depth details about each section of the story
  2. es. He's hunted the whole way by Laird, and eventually is caught again and buried as part of the process of crucifixion and resurrection Knoth foretold.
  3. Consider this: You are a delusional MC with a traumatizing past seeing bloodthirsty people everywhere who obstruct your way from getting to a woman. “Nothing else matters but Lynn”. And for these rapists, murderers and completely fucked in the head people, you are a messiah.
  4. Dose anyone think that maybe Blake WAS blacking out for a really long time during the illusions of Jessica? (For food and water, he probably just ate some random shit he found during the hallucinations) also the baby could’ve well been the antichrist maybe the shadow was just something that the developers missed, or just shitty graphics.
  5. It could be that Blake and Lynn's child is meant to be a biologically perfect host for the Walrider, and that somehow Knoth picked up on Murkoff's plans, interpreted them as the whisperings of the devil, and assumed that the Walrider was the real world equivalent to the Antichrist.
  6. Red Barrel takes advantage of our natural suspension of disbelief as an audience to imply that this band of cultists are insanely demented simply because they're crazy, nothing more, nothing less. Yet they also intentionally leave it just open-ended enough, with just enough breadcrumbs sprinkled throughout, that if you ask the question, “Why are they so much more crazy than most crazy?” you'll find an additional plot lying just below the surface.
  7. That’s what I’m saying though…sorry I can’t tell if you’re agreeing or with me or not due to your broken English or inability to form sentences :P

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  1. Now, I also know this theory relates more to normal psychology rather than the Games logic with the science from the game, But at this point, its possible and some details from this and other theories could easily be interchangeable at this point
  2. (Lets Play Gameplay Commentary). 32:04. KNOTH | Outlast 2 - Part 4. 35:14. Outlast 2 Walkthrough Part 4: Sullivan Knoth and Torturing Scene
  3. Approaching the tower itself reportedly caused intense sexual arousal along with various hallucinations in the hunter, which parallels Val's experience and the experience of a few other villagers almost exactly. Their dreams were consistently followed by intense sexual need, which became a core element of Val and the other Satanist’s MO.

Despite this, Blake and Lynn have figured out the mostly likely location of Anna Lee's home and rented a chopper to investigate. Cue a blast of blue light, the chopper explodes, and they come plummeting down just outside Temple Gate proper.What I dont truly understand yet, is the part when blake was running from all the demons. The demons weren’t real right, so how was he able to sustain physical injury and not a mental one. Or he looks it as a physical one in his mind, since raining blood was pouring in?

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Blake and Lynn are investigating the possible origins of a young pregnant girl that was found on the side of the road in Arizona. We now know this girl is Anna Lee, daughter to Ethan in Temple Gate. Unfortunately, thanks to the official comics, we also know that Murkoff had her killed before she could give birth or tell anyone her story.Blake exits the church with the child, and walks out into the town center where the bodies of Knoth's flock lie everywhere. He looks at the sun and it explodes in a blast of light before his eyes.Didn’t Blake say that they cut open her stomach for some reason, believing that her “baby” would be their Messiah or whatever? Reverend Sullivan Knoth is the leader of Testament of the New Ezekiel and the primary antagonist of Outlast 2. Sullivan Knoth was born in either 1933 or 1937, as there are contradicting sources surrounding his age. In 1966, he worked as a shoe salesman in Albuquerque, New Mexico I thought a very similar way about it being basically a huge metaphor thing too basically.. glad I wasnt the only one to think of it like that.

The Church leader is representing the principal who wants to kill the baby. The baby is a metaphor for the horrible things he’s doing to Jessie (likely this might not be the first victim). Blake makes his way to the lake and it's revealed that something truly sinister and evil lurks just below the surface. Unfortunately, it's the only way Blake has to make it to the mines, so he goes looking for a raft. Along the way, he comments that he can see some kind of complex across the lake with what looks like a radio tower on top. Outlast 2 wastes no time getting the player familiar with the story and its 2 main characters. A disgusting man named Papa Sullivan Knoth leads the stronger of the two cults and he believes that.. hey there, just wanted to tell you some of my theory: Well, in most of the points I agree with you, BUT there is one thing: the achievement and Blake losing his mind. If you listen and watch closely (as someone who only watched let’s-Plays of it, I might have seen things differently / more in detail), Blake starts talking about Jessica in the Videos and at the end, he says something like ‘She has done what she had to, to be born’, so that might mean, he thinks Jessica is his little daughter, who has taken vengeance on Lynn for taking her ‘boyfriend’ (Yes yes, it is not really plausible). Also, the part when he mentions snow… In the school when you run after the priest and Jessica, in order to help her and find her all bruised up, she is still moving and breathing (yes I know she could have died right afterwards, but i don’t think so!), so I think Blake was talking about him and Jessica finding a grown up in order to help them with what happened to Jessica, while he was walking with Lynn and recording. By the way: have you tried comparing the prayer at the end with the corrupted videos? Maybe the prayer says the same thing as in the videos?

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  1. If you look through the game several times a month, you will see that the month changes. So Lynn was probably pregnant when she was in a helicopter, but she’d kept it in front of Blake. Knoth told her she was pregnant. At the end of the game Knoth can not hurt a child because he’s not his father and so he tells Blake to kill him if he likes this world, that’s all. So the baby must be Blake. Those glimpses are definitely the Murkof project, and they make everyone go out there, but the baby should be real. Although Lynn says there is nothing in the world before death, she could talk about the afterlife because she was a believer. The moon in the game indicates that time is changing, so it could not go into the game just for the night, but for weeks or even months. According to my Lynn, she was already pregnant, and there was a longer period of time than an evening, as some wrote, but months too. So the baby could be real, and as some people wrote that there was no shadow in one scene, so you can not see it clearly, because the baby is so small that the shadow does not really see it. It’s true that Blake is a little crazy at the end , But I think the child is real, but the whole truth can only be learned from developers.
  2. Well, at this point it’s possible that none of this is real. For all, we know our entire perception of Blakes life with Lynn(her being our wife) could be false. It’s technically possible that after Blake is exposed to the trauma f these events or simply the Radio Waves that his brain started to alter is memories in order to give him the drive to survive. After all his entire reason throughout the game is to save Lynn not escape himself where he could have gotten help and returned. I haven’t watched all of the recordings yet, so correct me if I’m wrong, But is Lynn in any of the recordings at all?
  3. Ana Lee makes it to safety initially, but is murdered by a Murkoff employee in the fifth issue of the Murkoff Account. 

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This also brings us to the question of Val's sexuality, a topic of quite a bit of debate that's both confusing and hard to separate from the similar struggle within our own culture. By all accounts, everyone in Temple Gate considers Val a biological male, they refer to him in documents as a “he,” and at one point a member of the congregation reports Val to Knoth as potentially practicing a blasphemy after Val makes sexual advances.Laird and Knoth seem to work hand in hand at times, and there are several documents detailing their relationship as friendly and mutually beneficial. Laird keeps the Scalled in line in return for food and supplies from Knoth, as well as the promise of a cure and eventually becoming a powerful ruler of his people. Papa Pear Facebook Game Hack Cheat Engine 6.3 In Detail. Let's Play Outlast 2 Part 3: EVERYONE LISTEN TO MARIAH SCARY The Outlast series definitely has some of the strongest writing I’ve seen in a horror game, and the way it deals with the relationship between Blake, Lynn, and Jessica is a testament to that.In a very unique way, the game does much of its story-telling through collectibles (55 documents and 50 video recordings). Finding and reviewing these collectibles is vital to understanding what’s really going on.

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Did you all remember also that in the beginning of the game Lynn said “I cant work this with my diaphragm on” isnt that protection so she cant get pregnant? Or was it just some joke she made? Im confused lolI think there is really so much room for a theory to come up with and i share some points that you’ve mentioned.There are many things to talk about but i try to keep it short ;-):

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Outlast 2 Game Guide by gamepressure.com. In this chapter you can find the locations of all notes and recordings that can be found in particular chapters in Outlast II There are likely a number of dissenters within Knoth's flock, such as Ethan, the man that gives Blake a short moment of rest in return for his own life. Ethan is also the father of the heavily pregnant young woman named Ana Lee that leads Blake and Lynn to Temple Gate.It could be that what Blake is holding is just something wrapped in his arms in a blanket. That’s why Knoth asks him “is that the baby” instead of just assuming it’s the baby like most people would. Especially since Lynn’s body was next to them one would assume that it’s definitely the baby. However if the baby is just an object wrapped in a blanket and Lynn is a hallucination, then it makes sense that Knoth would ask “is that the baby?”

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I recently added another paragraph to the theories & unsolved mysteries section. As many people have suggested, there could be a connection to the Morphogenic Engine from the first game. It made female scientists from Murkoff Corporation experience phantom pregnancies even though they never were pregnant. It’s far fetched but would explain how she went through a full pregnancy over night – because it was what the mind control made everyone believe and Lynn was somehow exposed to the Morphogenic Engine after Christians took her.I believe the entire events of Outlast 2 are an effect of the morphogenic engine on Blake’s guilt for not coming forward about Jessica’s murder at the hands of Loutermilch, while he is also having a religion induced “near death experience”. The name Temple Gate could be a reference to the gates of heaven (or hell) as he is going through this near death experience. The religious symbols of armageddon throughout the game could also be explained by this. The raining blood, the siphilis enduced sores & boils on the Scalled, the plague of locusts, fire & brimstone from the sky & earthquakes in the mines & even the death of the first born child at the hands of a horned beast (possibly Val in her crown of branches) are Christian symbolism of armageddon from the book of Revelations. The two factions represent respectively the Catholics in the know aka the principal’s colleague or peers, who would rather help the priest bury the evidence because they look up to him and the Heretics are those who want to see the secret out, maybe a metaphor for parenting figures who want to use the secret to their benefit regardless of the psychological consequences the kids are going through. I think of the Heretics both as a metaphor for Jessica’s parents who are trying to pressure Lynn and Blake to reveal the secret (maybe testify in court), and rivals of the principal in faith probably as another faction of Catholicism. Both are trying to get something out of the situation by using Lynn and Blake going against the very idea of parenting and faith. They all think they’re doing something right while they are becoming monsters to kids who have become preys. The heretics are represented as anti christians because they represent an authority that wants to challenge the order in place.

My theory is that none of the events at Temple Gate ever actually happened. The morphogenic engine powered by the radio tower caused an EMP disruption to the helicopter’s systems causing it to crash, possibly killing Lynn outright & leaving Blake injured on the verge of death, while also slipping into madness from the effects of the morphogenic engine pulses more & more over time as life slipped away from him. In Outlast 1 it is stated that the engine has much more profound effects on those who have experienced severe psychological trauma, which was why it was used on asylum inmates at Mount Massive during the Walrider experiment.We see these pulses several times throughout the opening act of Outlast 2, the first occurs right before Lynn and Blake's helicopter goes down and instantly triggers Blake's first Jessica flashback.

Outlast 2! Let's Go Hopefully Sullivan Knoth and Beat This Thing! Come Get Scared The father who helps Blake is another parent whose kid died in the same situation but was too coy to talk after she told him what happened. He probably transferred her to another school to avoid the pressure of challenging the authority/his faith and she ended up killing herself as well. This is why he chooses to help blake and ends up being killed by the lady representing the oppression of faith. Although there's seemingly a lot to these visions, they're actually pretty quickly summarized. They revolve around the events that led to the death of Jessica, Blake and Lynn's childhood friend.

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For the initiated, Murkoff is the big baddie in the plot of the original Outlast. They owned and operated Mount Massive Asylum, the setting of the first game, as a sort of massive testing facility for their work with the Morphogenic Engine and the Walrider.It could be a mass hallucination. Everyone keeps on saying that Lynn is pregnant and, well, everyone whose mind has been fried enough will start seeing it. Also remember Ethan’s daughter, Anna Lee who apparently had lots of mercury in her blood (with Lynn speculating that it was because of the river water being contaminated by the nearby mines) and how much worse Blake’s own hallucinations got after he drowned in it a bit (when he came out back to land, he was seeing blood rain all over).Hey Korshenk, as you wrote your comment I was currently updating the post to reflect on just that haha. Yes it’s a very fair point indeed that I had previously missed. I added more on this to the post, but basically Lynn was in the mines 800 meters below ground for most of the game. It’s unlikely any signal would reach that far, so she was probably not affected by it as much.

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After 10 playthroughs and reviewing all collectibles here’s my understanding of Outlast 2’s events and a synopsis of the story. Kekejaman Papa Knoth - Outlast 2 Part 6. Yıl önce. Social Media: Instagram: instagram.com/realgilagaming/ Facebook: facebook.com/gilagamingofficial Official. Because gameplay and plot reasons. That’s all. It’s like “why does he have to crawl inside the fallen tree, just jumped around that!”

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Issue 3 kind of bugs me, because how can Billy still be alive AND still be the Walrider if Miles killed him and became the new host at the end of Outlast 1?I think this is the worst psycho trip i have ever witnessed and pray to god every day please or he will flash you. may knoth be with youThe Morphogenic Engine is a signal used to both control a subject's mind and to cause intense psychological horror in a manner that allows the human body to host and control a powerful, virtually unstoppable nanoswarm referred to as the Walrider. The side effects are often insanity and, even for hosts that don't create and control a nanoswarm, exposure to the signal grants them increased strength, stamina, and speed, along with tumors and sores covering most of their body.They certainly worship something nasty, but they generally refer to it in ways that make us question whether it's the devil or something much worse. Knoth calls it the Enemy, the Spider Eyed Lamb, and the King of Lies, but in our experience Val only ever calls it True Father, a different God than Knoth's. Which makes it seem both are dancing around the subject rather delicately.Knoth considers Temple Gate a literal paradise on earth, granted to him by God so he can raise and care for his flock of borderline psychopaths. As a result of his prophet-god complex, he pretty much uses Temple Gate as his personal playground. Sex, rape, communion wine, murder, torture, child murder, it's all allowed under his gospel – although it seems like it's only allowed with his blessing. Anything outside of what he deems appropriate is dealt with some twisted idea of God-given justice. Usually this means death, torture, or banishment from the primary circle of the congregation, which is usually a death sentence in and of itself.

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Outlast 2 - Part 6 на Smotri.Life бесплатно. Papa Knoth will give you everything you could possibly need.. Outlast Full Türkçe İndir. Oyun Adı : Outlast. Oyun Türü : Korku. Dosya Türü : Rar

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Outlast 2 ist da und wir laden tinNendo aka Papa Knoth für Talking Games ins PlayNatiion TV Studio ein! Wir wollen wissen: Wieso gibt es einen Hype um Outlast 2 und ist das Horror-Spiel wirklich so.. Duuuude, another thing that i realized but i dont know if it will help. When we were at the church and saw knoth in person torturing that woman, it took a reaaaaally long time and a long boat ride to even get close to the mines. What im saying is that there is no way that blake and lynn were able to run from 800 feet down a mine to the church in so little time. So i think blake might have hallucinated even leaving the mine in the first place. So knoth wasnt really there and there was no baby. That would explain the cheer luck that blake had when marta died.

The heretics were most likely affected as well. Also my grandfather worked in a mine and he told me that a lot of his collegues got actually sick and/or mad. So it could also explain.My theory is that Blakes baby could’ve very well been the antichrist and the Christians were all just insane assholes who were mind controlled just to be fucking insane.. why else would they be living in a crappy old shanty town with a bunch of slaughtered people and animals in it? They are just insane..Hello I have a question who was the guy who comes running to attack you at the 2nd school flashback and then disappears…please reply anyone…2. Blake is already dead (right after the crash) and we are playing through his twisted thoughts right before death. Papa knoth provides | Outlast 2 - Part 6. Papa Knoth will give you everything you could possibly nee

Miles is shot while trying to leave, but the Walrider kills his attackers, and Miles is last seen exiting Mount Massive in a nanoswarm tornado by Waylon Park who was experiencing a similar ride through hell in the Outlast: Whistleblower DLC.Maybe, but we’re talking about confronting insane, murderous, rapacious cannibals that have kidnapped your wife to rip her apart and kill the child inside her. Given that situation, I think most people would choose to arm themselves.The story is showing a lot of promise. Also, Val can be a man. I thought she was male too. Or, an intersex person because the heretics looks like Variants or traditional Variants is supposed to look like. This is interesting.It could be it's all just an experiment to test the ME's effect on a large population, to see if it can effectively drive a society mad or be used to control people to the point that killing their children is an acceptable part of life. Papa knoth (outlast) has been made a synonym of Sullivan Knoth. Works and bookmarks tagged with Papa knoth (outlast) will show up in Sullivan Knoth's filter

She probably bled to death. Not to mention whatever illnesses she contracted while being dragged around that place.And I also think that Lynn was not pregnant and Blake unintentionally killed her; I think he actually opened her up and he hallucinated the birth and the baby, the only real thing was her death. I think he was on a very high level of brainwash that Lynn was not in yet; I guess they kept her safe in the mines and didn’t blow that weird dust on her face for “the baby’s sake”. As for Jessica, Blake and her were not fooling around in the biblical sense. They were in 4th grade and Blake’s responses to Jess infer that he is naive and innocent in response to the kissing scene of the play that Blake and Lynn are in.

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  1. Was the blood rain at the end was just a hallucination or was it real..ANSWER PLEASE (I’m not yelling.)
  2. Blake chases the duo and arrives at the base of the stairs just in time to find Jessica bleeding at the bottom. Judging by the bruising it looks like she was either strangled, thrown down the stairs, or some combination of the two, causing her neck to break. Loutermilch is at the top of the steps.
  3. d control stuff .
  4. The full sequence of events involves Jessica meeting Blake after school, they sneak into the cafeteria supply closet and Jessica asks Blake if he's kissed Lynn as part of their roles in the school play.
  5. The opening text says neither Blake nor Lynn are fighters, so it could be reasonable that there’s a big step between fighting people off, and picking up a weapon and murdering people out of convenience.
  6. es to give birth.

The next few occur when Blake is surrounded by cultists, and we get a chance to see members of Knoth's flock go from openly hostile to passive and terrified, walking around like they can't see the real world anymore. In the background, Knoth's gospel drones away on every speaker in town.Inside the lab, he discovers both the Walrider and its host Billy, who is being kept alive within a massive containment shell in a state of suspended animation to make it easier for him to communicate with the Walrider. Miles shuts the system down, which causes Billy's death, but doesn't kill the Walrider.But imagine the most obvious plot twist: Lynn has never been pregnant. Of course, the story is crazy enough, but let’s just stick to the fact that a child cannot be born in a day. Description: (Outlast 2) papa knoth Church Entrance video game ambince hope u enjoy it and subscribe and upvote to help the channel. SOCIAL NETWORKS. ⏩Facebook RELAX REALM - https.. You can also hear Blake reference seeing a tower far in the distance if you look out over the lake after

Blake is brutally nailed to a cross and left to die, and Laird takes his camera based on the belief that the Scalled Messiah is meant to leave a book of lessons and teachings for the Scalled once he is consumed.The baby’s umbilical chord is cut by itself idk if this ties up with the baby being an illusion but I hope that helps.

Knoth professes that he no longer has the power to kill the child, but urges Blake to do so if he loves anything about the world they live in. Knoth then cuts his own throat and dies on the floor of the chapel.While this doesn’t explain her pain early in the game during the first time Blake finds Lynn, Its also possible that Lynn was harmed by Knoth during the examination in some subtle way leading to her not fully noticing until forced into a scenario where she needed to get away and quick. Deep within the abandoned halls of Mount Massive Asylum, amateur journalist Miles Upshur sets out to find a good story, and instead Think you're an expert in Outlast

Isn’t it possible that Val is a man and because of the microwaves he believes he’s female? Actually when she first showed up I thought Val was a male in a dress. Outlast 2 (2017 Video Game). Claudia Besso: Val, Mary, Knoth Disciples, Scalled, Heretics. Showing all 2 items. Jump t Outlast 2 introduces you to Sullivan Knoth and his followers, who left our wicked world behind to give birth to Temple Gate, a town, deep in the wilderness and hidden from civilization. Knoth and his flock..

The Gospel of Knoth is the received visions of Sullivan Knoth in Outlast II that led to the creation of the Testament of the New Ezekiel Knoth and his flock of sheep are dead set on killing the child, and if they have to kill the mother to prevent its birth they'll do so with religious gusto. In Knoth's mind, anyone that dies or sins as a result of something that you could have prevented is the same as sinning or murdering them yourself. Because murdering them to prevent a sin is effectively only the cost of one life compared to thousands, Knoth considers it morally just in the eyes of God. Hence, all the infanticide and the hundreds of other deaths at his own hands. In his eyes, he's not a terrible person, he's just forced to do terrible things in order to potentially save the world.For all we know “theres nothing there” was simply a reference to Blake imagining his relationship to Lynn and the entire game is actually from the POV of a psychopath stalking his beloved who saw everyone else as his enemies from getting to rape her.Yeah, I just rewatched the PowerPyx speedrun video again and Val clearly had a flat chest. Val later appearing with breasts in the mines is probably a hallucination caused by the waves like Lynn’s pregnancy.In a way, this plot drives everything else forward because it literally creates the atmosphere for things to go stark raving mad. It drives hundreds of tiny wedges into every crack of Knoth's little society, prying it open a little at a time until even infanticide seems like a rational course of action.

I think the game takes place longer than it lets on because we can see the moon fill up through the game.It cannot comes from the mines because: 1) Lynn is not affected by them. 2) You can video record a radio tower. 3) You get affected near the mines, because it is late in the game so you were exposed to them for a long time already. 4) Those strong flashes could be a radio tower signals. Outlast 2 like Part 6. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from PAPA KNOTH PROVIDES... | A new version of Last.fm is available, to keep everything running smoothly, please reload the site Explore papaknoth. outlast2 outlast sullivanknoth outlastfanart fatherknoth marta portrait val templegate. Papa Knoth

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I pick it up to see it talk about a papa knoth "who's papa knoth?!?" I said freaking out My theory about the town attacking everyone is that the mind control makes them relive terrible memories and their unconscious state acts violently towards that. That may also be why Blake wakes up in different areas. I don’t know. I could be wrong.The sound you hear and the white light you see it’s Gods Trumpets before each sign begins. Google it.

On the other side of the fence, Val and the Satanists are obsessed with finding and witnessing the birth of the Antichrist. The host really doesn't matter, they're just interested in keeping Knoth away from the whole affair so their Father can see his immortal son walk the earth.However, one thing that contradicts it, is that Knoth sees the child as well (not just Blake). So we have 1 person not seeing it and two seeing it (granted those two were more insane than her). The birth did seem very odd overall. Lynn also never says what the villagers truly did to her after reuniting in the forest at the start of the game. Knoth just says over the speakers that he examined her womb, but she refuses to talk about it.

What if the achievement “Born Again” means that Lynn was reincarnated as the baby and that is why she had to die because she couldn’t be in two bodies at onceOh my God. All of you people with such nonsense theories It wasn’t Lynn in the end. Lynn had her right arm and both legs cut off and you can clearly see that in the mines scene. Slashing sounds and Lynn’s screams of how much it hurts only back it up Anna wasn’t dead in the first place. The pregnant women near end is Anna

Murkoff's Suplot is focused on the idea that there are several camouflaged towers hidden throughout Temple Gate's countryside, each of which is capable of transmitting a low level signal to everyone in the valley, with the ability to emit a larger pulse to cause dramatic hallucinations.If you can't get enough Outlast 2 story talk, make sure to read our interview with Red Barrels and our breakdown of the evidence of the reality of the game's events.  I think Lynn was pregnant, if only because she mentions some discomfort even from the first scene when she talks about some of her equipment not fitting right in the cramped space of the helicopter which could also be due to some early signs of pregnancy. Whether she actually had a baby or not is to be seen, with the stressful events over what could be months of the game, she could well have lost the baby, and what Blake witnesses is the miscarriage of the corpse, or placenta which could be why Lynn said ‘there’s nothing there.’ As others have said, phantom pregnancy, and death from it were prominent in the women in Outlast.When Blake and Lynn are reunited out of the mines, doesn’t the recording after that have him say he got out with Jessica instead of Lynn? That would explain why he says it’s cold out, he still thinks he’s hallucinating and that he got out of the school with Jessica.

Maybe the nano robots stores their memories. In issue 3 we clearly saw that Billy is still there and in issue 4 the ants destroyed the evidence in Miles’s apartment. Definitely both of them are present in some form. There is no way Billy knew where Miles lives nor Miles where Billy lives.Blake continues to deal with these hallucinations as he dodges around Knoth's lackeys and pickaxe wielding enforcer, Marta.  That’s the beauty of it, it’s about reading between the lines and both are valid stories with a higher moral that is dealing with guilt and creed.

This implies that Knoth knows the Scalled could be cured with modern medicine, but refuses to provide it in order to maintain control, and as a potential weapon to use against those of his flock that displease him but he can't outright murder.game was very weird. I don’t know if the weird flash made the town people crazy, but someone could have altered the water and foods and spread poison in the air. if a scientist wants to play god and experiment on people then that scientist should be its own lab rat. finding a cure would be top priority…

They basically did anything Knoth told them to. If they were willing to kill child after child just because he told them to, a mass suicide (shown by all the corpses in the town at the end with bottles of cyanide) probably wouldn’t be out of the question if he told them it was necessary. These people are living in a community right under mind altering radio/micro waves, they’re clearly not sane any more.The real question is why Murkoff would set up any of this.  We don't have even the foggiest idea why Temple Gate is worth all this trouble.lynn says there nothing there because the baby was dead she was refering to life “saying theres nothing there meaning the baby was a stillborn” but blake and knoth see the baby to be alive but thats only because they was above the ground and near the mines and lynn may have figure out what was going on while she was capture and also saying “theres nothing there” was gonna keep him in the right state of mind and he would drop the dead baby and realized what was happening but as you can see at the end the horn went off again and he lost his mind thats why the fire was around the light.AND YES THIS IS A RUN ON SENTENCE SO WHAT. Отмена. Месяц бесплатно. Papa knoth provides... | Outlast 2 - Part 6. Papa Knoth will give you everything you could possibly need.. Laird, the leader of the Scalled, suffers from some form of dwarfism in addition to the disease, and rides on the back of a massive simpleton named Nick. He believes that once the Messiah has cured his people he'll rule among them as a king.

Wouldn’t Blake hallucinate all that bible imagery BECAUSE he came from a strict Christian school as a child and would, therefore, have been strictly taught about all these things? Papa knoth (outlast) has been made a synonym of Sullivan Knoth. Works and bookmarks tagged with Papa knoth (outlast) will show up in Sullivan Knoth's filter As for Jessica. It would make sense that she was assaulted but this game overall has been completely surrounded by sexual senses. The writings and gospels always make it very sexual and continues to talk about sexual acts so it leads me to believe that Jessica could have possibly been sexually harassed or even raped which lead her to commit suicide. Father Loutermilch made Blake leave the room but Jessica was obviously scared to be left alone with him. When Blake found her at the bottom of the stair case you could hear Father Loutermilch saying “I don’t know what you think you saw…” So obviously Jessica was refusing and he took a different approach and pushed her down the stairs or assulted her.I don’t think ALL of the bible imagery is a hallucination–at least not the birds or fish dying. The birds and fish die after a blast from the radio tower, and we find a document that confirms the broadcasts have an effect on the local wildlife. So it’s entirely possible that some of the biblical signs Blake sees are “real” in the sense that they’re side effects of whatever evil experiments Murckoff are conducting.

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