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The 737-700ER has the fuselage of the 737-700 with the wings and landing gear of the 737-800, extending the range by 3,972km (2145nm). This app is a must for every Boeing 737NG pilot. It calculates - Fuel Distribution for each of the B737NG's fuel tanks in kg or lbs, - Weight for each hold once you got the load Information - Fuel leak..

One Boeing 737-800NG was delivered to Russia’s S7 Airlines in May 2011 and American Airlines received its first Boeing 737 featuring a Boeing Sky Interior. Boeing 737 Next-Generation orders and deliveries. Boeing delivered the 6,000th 737 to Norwegian Air Shuttle in In April 2008, Boeing completed certification testing of new carbon brakes for the 737 NG

O segundo modelo, o 737-800, foi lançado em 5 de setembro de 1994, com compromissos de compra de mais de 40 aeronaves. O 737-800 recebeu a certificação da FAA em 13 de março de 1998 e a validação de tipo da JAA em 9 de abril. A primeira entrega foi para a aérea alemã Hapag-Lloyd, no primeiro semestre de 1998. Узнать причину. Закрыть. Boeing 737 NG cockpit demonstration. Pranas Drulis, ATPL Integrated student at Baltic Aviation Academy, had an opportunity to explain Boeing 737 NG cockpit peculiarities Over 3,000 aircraft of the first generation of 737s, which first flew in 1967, were built until the production run was completed in 2000.

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BREAKING: Cracks found in critical part (called a pickle fork) that keeps wing attached to 737-NG (not MAX) fuselage. One found earlier in month, now more on other planes. Found early in plane’s lifespan. Boe & FAA scrambling to find extent of problem. @KOMONewsradio #KOMONews pic.twitter.com/iRT4luL5FW But please understand this B737 Systems Review Study Guide cannot and doesn't constitute either part or complete B737 NG type rating. Please consider the following free B737.. The smallest aircraft of the 737 new generation family, the 110-132 seat Boeing 737-600 was launched in 1995 and entered service with launch customer Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) in 1998. All 69 aircraft have been delivered. This variant does not have winglets as an option. Boeing 737-7L9. PR-GOA. GOL Transportes Aéreos. Boeing 737-75B. N462BC. Boeing Capital Corporation (BCC)

Another source tells KOMO News that Boeing was quick to report the issue to the FAA last week. In fact, what started with the finding in a single plane has led to the discovery of similar cracking in other aircraft.International Lease Finance Corporation placed an order for 33 737-800 aircrafts in March 2011. The order is valued at over $2.6bn.Pickle forks are the component that attach the plane’s body to its wing structure. In fact, they help to “manage the stress, torque and aerodynamic forces that bend the connection between the wings and the body of the jet”.As opções Electronic Flight Bag e Maintenance Performance Toolbox, disponíveis através dos Serviços da Boeing Aviação Comercial, são outros recursos que aumentam a eficiência operacional de voo e da manutenção da aeronave.

ETOPS offers B737NG type rating training to airline and self-sponsored pilots. ETOPS' courses combine ground-school and simulator phases Esse design interno oferece compartimentos de bagagem mais espaçosos e que giram para cima, contribuindo para tornar a cabine mais espaçosa. Com isso, os passageiros têm mais espaço para guardar seus pertences de mão próximos ao assento, o que resulta em maior conveniência e espaço para as pernas.Boeing announced in June 2010 that it would increase the production rate of the next-generation 737 to 35 aircraft a month in 2012. In July 2011, Boeing announced that production would increase to 38 per month in 2013 and 42 per month by mid-2014. Boeing 737-800'lerin yeni modelleri eski modellerine nazaran biraz daha geliştirilmişlerdir. Bu geliştirilen modellerinde özellikle, kanat uzunluğu, yakıt kapasitesi, uçuş yüksekliği bakımından eski..

Between the Boeing 737 MAX, which will enter service in less than two years' time, and the current Boeing 737 (737-800 NG) launched in 1998, airlines now have a choice to make The Boeing 737 twin-engine airliner is the bestselling jetliner of all time. The 5,000th 737 was delivered in February 2006 and the aircraft has carried the equivalent of the world’s population (approximately seven billion passengers). (CNN)The Federal Aviation Administration has ordered inspections of a Boeing 737 model after the company notified the agency of structural cracks. Boeing 737NG fuselage being transported by rail. The wing was redesigned with a new airfoil section, greater chord, increased wing span by 16 ft (4.9 m) and area by 25%, which increased total fuel.. Boeing Next-Generation 737. Efficiency and Growth. Right Now. The Next-Generation 737 provides our airline customers with superior reliability, fuel efficiency and high-value returns operators require in..

Baseado em anos de pesquisa inspirada pela experiência de viajar, o Boeing Sky Interior do 737 traz laterais esculpidas e arcos de janela que atraem a atenção dos passageiros para as janelas da aeronave, aproximando-os ainda mais da experiência de voar.As aeronaves da família 737 Next-Generation – os modelos 737-600/-700/-800/-900ER – mantêm a popularidade e a confiabilidade do 737 como jato de transporte comercial. A família Next-Generation já conta com mais de 6.200 aeronaves encomendadas e, juntas, as encomendas da família 737 ultrapassam 9.300 unidades. Até 31 de dezembro de 2011, a Boeing entregou mais de 7.000 aeronaves 737 e naus de 3.800 737 Next-Generation. Em 2011, a Boeing manteve o recorde anual com 372 aeronaves entregues.

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Takeoff Performance Calculator for Boeing aircraft. TOPER 737-700. Now available for Android devices The 737-700 is the midsize version carrying 126 to 149 passengers. It entered service with launch customer Southwest Airlines in 1998. Over 1,500 aircraft have been ordered and 960 delivered and the aircraft is in service worldwide.

Paul Watkins. B737 NG Systems Review - Boeing 737NG Study Guide Antonio Gonzalez Romero. BOEING 737_ B737 NG Hydraulic Power (ATA 29) According to sources, the Boeing 737 has four pickle forks as part of its structure and repair will be extensive. Therefore, the source goes on to say, that addressing this issue will require the removal and replacement of the pickle fork fitting. Vector of Boeing 737 New Generation ver.1..... data source: Boeing.com wikipedia.org. Boeing 737 NG (c) Boeing Company

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Biggles Labelling Limited is the industry's leading internal aircraft placards... Again x737project by EADT will change the way you fly Boeing 737NG on X-Plane. Get x737FMC, AviTab and TerrainRadar for breathtaking realism of flight planning and terrain elevation awareness Free. Size: 207 MB. iOS. **This app requires subscription, available as an in app purchase, to gain full access to the training content.**. The Boeing 737NG Normal Procedures Trainer app is a great.. Boeing launched an extended range version, the 737-700ER, in January 2006, with an order from All Nippon Airways (ANA) for two aircraft.

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  1. A Boeing redesenhou os interruptores da luz de leitura; assim, os passageiros conseguem localizá-los mais facilmente e evitam pressionar, acidentalmente, o botão para chamar os comissários de bordo.
  2. The aircraft can be fitted with an optional global positioning system, satellite communications and a dual flight management system.
  3. According to KOMO News, pickle forks are “designed to last more than 90,000 landings and takeoffs without cracking…and there could be dire results if the system fails”. A retired Boeing engineer who asked to remain anonymous tells KOMO that the issue is especially concerning as it was found relatively early in the plane’s service:
  4. Major customers include American Airlines (125 aircraft), Delta Airlines (132), Ryan Air (281 plus 145 options), Qantas (20), Virgin Blue (ten plus 40 options), Air Europa (18), Hainan Airlines (25), Shandong Airlines (12), GOL (60 plus 41 options), Alaskan Airlines (35 plus 15 options), Air China (25), Air Berlin (60) and Malaysia Airlines (35 plus 20 options).
  5. Boeing finalised an order with Air China in July 2010 to deliver 20 next-generation 737-800 jetliners. It delivered two next-generation 737-900ERs to Jakarta-based carrier Lion Air in June 2010.
  6. uir o peso da aeronave e melhorar seus custos operacionais.
  7. The Boeing 737 Next Generation, commonly abbreviated as 737NG, or 737 Next Gen jet airplanes are narrow-body aircraft powered by two engines and produced by Boeing Commercial Airplanes

Boeing 737 Specs (Two Tables). Jump to Specification Table Boeing 737 Original and Boeing 737 hello, i would like to know about the technology which applied on B737 NG flight cockpit lay out.. Família Boeing 737 Next-Generation. Produtiva, Progressiva, Flexível e Familiar. Dois modelos da aeronave 737 Next-Generation foram certificados e entraram em serviço em 2007

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  1. “A crack like this is similar to when you see a crack in a coffee cup handle…You can likely continue using the cup several more times, but there’s always a risk that handle will break off and hot coffee will wind up in your lap.”
  2. As mudanças no hardware do motor da CFM melhoram o fluxo do ar – o motor opera a temperaturas menores, o que resulta em uma redução de 1% no consumo de combustível. As melhorias estruturais realizadas pela Boeing na aeronave reduzirão o arrasto, baixando o consumo de combustível em cerca de 1%. Combinadas, essas melhorias promovem também uma redução de 2% nas emissões de carbono.
  3. The noise on the ground was reduced by up to 12dB by the installation of a new diffuser duct and silencer on the cooling vent on the auxiliary power unit. New quiet operating fans have been installed on the environmental control system and on the electronics cooling systems.

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The aircraft is powered by two CFM International CFM56-7 turbofan engines in wing-mounted engine pods. CFM is a joint venture of General Electric. of the US and Snecma of France...BOONE - Boeing 737 MRG. 9-Apr-05. 6 - Electrical - p.5. Demo 2. the b737 mrg shows flow chart for all amber caution lights

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Interviews, jobs & sponsorship - Boeing 737 / Boeing 737NG CBT?? - Hi everyone Just wondered if anyone knows where I can get a boeing 737 CBT or Boeing 737 Next Generation 737NG Aircraft Full Documentary Subscribe to us Today! The Boeing 737 Next Generation, commonly abbreviated as Boeing 737NG..

B737 NG QRH & Performance Inflight. Quick Action Index. 737 Flight Crew Operations Manual. QA.Index.2. Copyright © The Boeing Company. See title page for details. D6-27370-804-BRI(P2) In July 2005, Boeing launched the 737-900ER which has a range of 5,900km (3,200nm) and capacity for up to 215 passengers. Lion Air of Indonesia is the launch customer with an order for 175 aircraft. See more of Boeing 737NG - Cockpit Modules & Characteristics on Facebook A total of 52 -900s, and 68 -900ERs have been delivered, with 183 unfilled orders as of January 2010.Norwegian ordered 22 737-800s in January 2012. Lion Air placed an order for 29 737-900ERs in February 2012.

737NGFP is a fuel planning and boarding utility for Microsoft Flight Simulator. It is specifically designed to work with the Boeing 737NG developed by Precision Manuals Development Group, but it.. The 737-700 is the basis for the Boeing business jet (BBJ). There is also a convertible version, the 737-700C, which is offered in an all passenger or all cargo layout and was ordered by the US Naval Reserve (designated C-40A Clipper).In April 2011, Boeing delivered the fourth of seven aircraft ordered to North Africa-based Air Algerie and a 737-900ER was delivered to Continental Airlines. Boeing Next-Generation 737. Efficiency and Growth. Right Now. The Next-Generation 737 provides our airline customers with superior reliability, fuel efficiency and high-value returns operators require in.. In July 2012, Avolon and GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS) announced their commitment to buy 10 and 25 737-800s respectively. Boeing also received order from United Air Lines for 50 737-900ERs during the same month.

This Supplement is applicable to the following Boeing 737NG variants only 6. This supplement is based upon the FAA approved Boeing B737 MMEL up to Revision 56, dated 19 November, 2012 Boeing received orders for 100 737-900ERs from Delta Air Lines and two 737-900ER aircraft from Korean Air in August 2011.

The Boeing 737-800 NG has a relatively sophisticated Automatic Flight System (AFS) consisting of the Autopilot Flight Director System (AFDS) and the Autothrottle (A/T). The system is as follow O motor CFM 56-7BE foi introduzido na linha de produção da Boeing em meados de 2011. A Boeing introduzirá as melhorias na fuselagem na linha de produção à medida que elas forem sendo disponibilizadas; a previsão é que todas estejam implantadas até o final de 2012.Dois modelos da aeronave 737 Next-Generation foram certificados e entraram em serviço em 2007. O modelo 737-900ER (Extended Range) foi lançado em 18 de julho de 2005, com 30 aeronaves encomendadas pela indonésia Lion Air. A aeronave foi certificada pela Administração Federal de Aviação dos Estados Unidos (FAA, na sigla em inglês) em 20 de abril de 2007, e validada pela agência reguladora indonésia em 26 de abril. A Lion Air recebeu sua primeira aeronave 737-900ER em 27 de abril de 2007. A Agência Europeia para a Segurança da Aviação (EASA, na sigla em inglês) concedeu sua certificação em 22 de abril de 2008. The Boeing 737 Next Generation (737 NG) took the popular Boeing 737 series to new heights. Download the databook using the form below. And though the nose tyre for the 737 NG remained the..

In April 2008, Boeing completed certification testing of new carbon brakes for the 737 NG. The carbon brakes, designed by Messier-Bugatti of France, provide a weight saving of between 250kg (550lb) and 320kg (700lb), depending on aircraft model, compared to steel brakes. The new brakes entered production in July 2008 and are also available for retrofit.As many as 3,186 of the stretch version, the 737-800, seating 162 to 189 passengers, have been ordered and 1,814 delivered so far. It entered service with launch customer Hapag-Lloyd in 1998.O 737, um modelo de curto a médio alcance, baseia-se em uma importante filosofia da Boeing – oferecer valor agregado às companhias aéreas, com confiabilidade, simplicidade e menor custo de operação e manutenção. Além disso, os modelos 737 mais recentes oferecem uma moderna cabine de pilotagem, equipada com a mais avançada tecnologia de navegação atualmente disponível. As companhias aéreas têm a opção de disponibilizar às suas tripulações de voo o mais recente formato de visor, comum em modelos como o 777, ou manter os dados no mesmo formato dos primeiros modelos 737.

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  1. Virgin Blue of Australia was one of the major customers for the 737-800, a stretched version for 162-189 passengers.
  2. Boeing Technical Site. 737-NG.de. cockpitsimulation. The Homecockpit Group. 737NG von WOLFGANG NIEMANN. Georg Schneider´s 737-800NG. Thomas Wanners 737
  3. ..Boeing 737NG FMC User's Guide covers only the 'Next Generation' models of 737 With extensive use of drawings and CDU displays, this user's guide also contains many 737 piloting techniques
  4. Download Boeing 737-Ng shareware, freeware, demo, software, files... Boeing 737-300/500 Systems was created as an accessible quiz tool that contains questions about the systems that work..
  5. Our Boeing 737-800 aircraft offers a variety of signature products and experiences unlike anything else in the sky. Boeing 737-800 (738). In-page Links. Seat Specifications, Go to footer note

Israeli national carrier EL AL placed a $343.2m order for four 737-900ERs in March 2011. It placed an order for two additional 737-900ERs in August 2012.Alto-falantes integrados em cada fila da unidade de serviço dos passageiros melhoram o som e a clareza dos anúncios da tripulação. Já a nova grade de ar é inviolável, o que aumenta a segurança operacional.A CFM é uma joint venture entre a americana General Electric Co., e a francesa Snecma. Todos os seus motores atendem os rígidos padrões internacionais de emissão e de ruído. The iFly Jets: The 737NG is one of the most sophisticated and complete addon for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The accuracy of cockpit and system simulation is very high and there are many features

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Em 2007, a CFM lançou um pacote de inclusão tecnológica para o motor CFM56-7B. O motor Tech Insertion reduz o consumo de combustível em 1% ao longo da vida do motor e baixa os custos de manutenção em 12% ao tornar a manutenção da asa mais espaçada e aumentar a durabilidade. O motor Tech Insertion também reduz as emissões de óxido nitroso em 25%.As aeronaves 737 Next-Generation podem voar em cruzeiro a uma altitude máxima 12.500 metros (41.000 pés), contra os 11.300 metros (37.000 pés) dos modelos 737-300/-400/-500 e 11.900 metros (39.000 pés) dos modelos da concorrência.

Garuda Indonesia Boeing 737-800NG. Type. Repaint for Payware Model. A Garuda Indonesia - Skyteam livery repaint for the payware PMDG B737-800 NGX WL, registration PK-GMH boeing 737-200 den başlayan üretimler aralıksız boeing 737-900 (dahil) modelleri ile sürmüştür. boeing firmasının ürettiği uçaklar arasında farkla en çok satan uçak, hatta şu anda dünyada en çok.. In August 2011, Boeing delivered a 737-700 to Xiamen Airlines. The next generation 737-700 features the high-altitude/high-temperature package and the Boeing Sky Interior. Xiamen Airlines also agreed to buy 40 737-800s in August 2012. The 737NG was born in direct response to the Airbus A319/320's introduction. Boeing went back to the drawing board and completely redesigned the venerable 737 for its reintroduction as the NG in 1997 A version of the 737-800, the 737-800ERX was chosen as the airframe for the US Navy’s new Multi-Mission Maritime (MMA) aircraft, designated P-8A, in June 2004.

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As of FlightGear 2.10.0, the various NG variants are combined into a single directory, with shared cockpits, instruments and engines. -ER variants do not exist at present, but are planned. Boeing 737 NG Differences. from EUR 1'000. Boeing 737 Classic Differences Complete (FWD+AFT) Overhead Panel with Analog Instruments for Boeing 737 style Fight Simulators. 737NG-OVH-AFT+FWD/EMK/GGK/KSK. SKU: 948822 Boeing's 737 AOA sensors and how it affects the aircraft. We have read the Boeing bulletin, what has The system and its sensors have not been changed since the introduction of the 737NG in 1998

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The CDS software can be programmed to allow the presentation of data in a format replicating that of previous 737 electronic flight systems or that of the Boeing 747-400 and Boeing 777 primary flight and navigation displays. The real 737NG MCP is a complex piece of equipment with many displays, knobs, and switches, and When testing the MCP Pro with the default FSX Boeing 737-900 and 747-400, operating controls on.. Indonesia’s Lion Air received its first 727-900ER in April 2011. The first 737-800 of four orders was delivered to Algeria-based Tassili Airlines in April 2011. Boeing B737 NG. 59 Valid Class 1 Medical Certificate; MCC certificate of completion; English level 4 according to ICAO requirements; Type rating on Boeing 737; NOTE : Non-Type Rated Pilots may..

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Boeing 737-400 Full Freighter Configuration, in Airworthy condition. This Boeing 737 had heavy inspections with the latest Boeing airframe upgrades and avionics upgrades accomplished in 2019 for.. On 25 January 2010 an Ethiopian Airlines 737-800 jet crashed into the Mediterranean Sea shortly after taking off from Beirut amid heavy storms. Flight ET409 disappeared from radar screens five minutes into the flight and burst into flames mid-air, according to eye witnesses.Além dos clientes, os mecânicos-chefe da Boeing e os mecânicos de campo também participaram do desenvolvimento das aeronaves.Deputy Editor @ Simple Flying. A Digital Nomad, NGO Photographer, and Videographer originally from Vancouver.

A cabine de pilotagem do 737 Next-Generation é equipada com diferentes tecnologias, entre as quais, a do Vertical Situation Display, que mostra a rota atual e prevista da aeronave e indica possíveis conflitos com terreno, e a do Head-Up Display, que mostra informações de voo e segurança na altura dos olhos dos pilotos, tornando-as mais facilmente visíveis . Esses recursos opcionais são alguns exemplos de como o 737 Next-Generation foi projetado para reduzir os atrasos nos voos, aumentar a segurança e a eficiência da tripulação.The aircraft carries 26,025l of fuel. Its auxiliary power unit is the Honeywell 131-9B, which provides 90kVA and air start capability.

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Mongolian Airlines' 737-800 is fitted with winglets, which provide extended range, more payload and savings on fuel. my737NG.com was created to document the genesis and construction of my own Boeing 737-800 NG home cockpit simulator. I will be doing my best to share the many photos, reviews, tips, resources.. The Boeing B737 series is one of the best-selling jet airliners in the history of aviation. The 737 has been continuously manufactured by Boeing since 1967 with 10,571 aircraft delivered and 15.. The cabins are typically arranged in a two-class configuration with first-class passengers four abreast and tourist-class passengers six abreast. The cabins are air conditioned with a three-wheel air cycle environmental control system. Airstairs are optional for the forward cabin, allowing the aircraft to operate at airports with limited facilities.

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Dependendo da taxa de empuxo do motor, o novo motor proporciona uma redução de 4% nos custos de manutenção. The 737 NG, which stands for next generation, is one of the airline industry's most widely used jets The NG's wing support issue, however, poses a new, potentially large issue for Boeing if it turns out..


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Learn about limitations boeing 737 with free interactive flashcards. limitations boeing 737. SETS. 100 terms. hartmanjake. Boeing 737-300 Limitations. Max taxi wt Interior of a Boeing 737-800. Interior of a Boeing 737-800. A short- to medium-range Twinjet Narrow-body aircraft

Avsoft's B737 NG System Diagrams poster set includes the following B737 NG (-600/700/800) aircraft system diagrams: Air Conditioning, Electrical, Engine Fuel & Oil, Fuel, Hydraulic, and Pneumatic The Boeing 737 Next Generation, commonly abbreviated as 737NG,is the name given to the −600 Upgraded and re-engined models in development as the 737 MAX series will eventually supplant the.. CBT or Computer Based Training is our self-paced method of learning the technical side of the Boeing 737 Type Rating. There are a total of 50 subjects to be reviewed as part of the CBT Boeing has notified the FAA and been in contact with 737NG operators about a cracking issue discovered on a small number of airplanes undergoing modifications


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A família 737 Next-Generation é oferecida hoje em quatro tamanhos, comportando de 110 a 220 assentos. O 737-600 é o menor membro da família e comporta de 110 a 132 passageiros. O 737-700 pode transportar de 126 a 149 passageiros. O 737-800 acomoda de 162 a 189 passageiros. Por fim, o 737-900ER, o mais longo dos 737s, pode transportar até 178 passageiros – em uma configuração de duas classes – e possui certificação para até 220 passageiros na configuração com uma classe. Boeing 737 Next Generation 737NG Aircraft Full Documentary Subscribe to us Today! Dozens of Boeing 737 NG planes have been grounded after cracks were detected in them The Federal Aviation Administration has ordered inspections of a Boeing 737 model after the company notified the agency of structural cracks Os modelos 737 Next-Generation percorrem aproximadamente 5.500 quilômetros (3.000 milhas náuticas), ou seja, 900 milhas náuticas a mais do que os primeiros modelos 737. Isso aumenta as opções de rota para o 737 em todo o mundo. O 737-700ER possui nove tanques de combustível auxiliares e tem alcance máximo de 5.785 milhas náuticas.

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Category:Boeing 737-800. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Boeing 737-800. airliner, main production version of the 737 Next Generation series Boeing 737-900 has similar door configurations as the 737-800, except that the 737-900ER has an additional exit door aft of the wing, on each side of the fuselage. Boeing 737 Next Generation NG.. The largest variant, the 737-900 carrying 177 to 189 passengers, was launched in 1997 and the first flight was on 3 August 2000. The 737-900 entered service in May 2001.The Boeing 737 Next Generation or Boeing 737NG, is the name given to the −600/-700/-800/-900 series of the Boeing 737 aircraft. Its direct competitor is the Airbus A320 Family. The Boeing 737-800 is a twin-engined short-to-medium-range narrowbody airliner with a capacity of maximum 189 passengers produced by the American manufacturer Boeing Commercial Airplanes

Nádherne zábery z kokpitu lietadiel Boeing 737NG. Hudba: Brand X Music - Dogs of War. Video pridal používateľ matusslovakia do kategórie aut B737NG Systems Review. Developed by an Airline Captain with 20 years of experience on the Boeing 737 300/500/700/800/900 who knows what you need to know to stay SAFE.. Boeing 737NG On-the-Job Training for initial type endorsement on EASA technician license. maintenance organization; • B737NG type training (theoretical and practical) completed in Magnetic..

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The Boeing 737 is a short to medium range, single aisle, narrow body jet airliner. Originally developed as a shorter, lower cost twin engine airliner derived from Boeing's 707 and 727, the 737 has nine variants, from the early -100 to the most recent and largest, the -900 Boeing, Airbus or General aviation home cockpit flight. BOEING 737NG Family Products. for Home and Professional Solutions

UTair Aviation placed an order for 40 Next-Generation 737 aircraft (seven 737-900ERs and 33 737-800s) in September 2011.Em abril de 2009, a Boeing e a CFM introduziram o CFM56-7-7BE, um novo programa de melhoria de motor que coincidiria com os aprimoramentos na fuselagem do 737. Essa combinação reduz o consumo de combustível em 2%. Boeing Yeni Nesil 737. Verimlilik ve Büyüme. 737, bugünün rekabetçi piyasasında havayolu şirketlerinin ihtiyaç duyduğu güvenilirlik ve yakıt verimliliği ile yüksek kazanç fırsatı sağlıyor Os motores CFM56-7 originais – certificados pela FAA no final de 1996 com 26.400 libras de empuxo – também oferecem menor queima de combustível e custos de manutenção menores. O CFM56-7B tem uma capacidade de empuxo maior do que os motores CFM56-3C presentes nos modelos 737-300/-400/-500. Para um melhor aproveitamento do empuxo do motor, os novos modelos do 737 trazem uma barbatana vertical e um estabilizador horizontal maiores.Os clientes envolvidos no desenvolvimento dos modelos 737 Next-Generation deixaram algo muito claro: queriam uma tecnologia avançada que proporcionasse simplicidade, confiabilidade e baixo custo – não queriam a tecnologia apenas pela tecnologia. Elas também queriam uma cabine de pilotagem como a dos primeiros 737s.

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