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Nanjing Massacre, conventional Nanking Massacre, also called Rape of Nanjing, (December 1937–January 1938), mass killing and ravaging of Chinese citizens and capitulated soldiers by soldiers of the Japanese Imperial Army after its seizure of Nanjing, China, on December 13, 1937, during the Sino-Japanese War that preceded World War II. The number of Chinese killed in the massacre has been subject to much debate, with most estimates ranging from 100,000 to more than 300,000.However, the Wade-Giles system is also employed for words still commonly used: for instance, "Chiang Kai-shek" instead of "Jiang Jieshi." (5) The Nanking Massacre Memorial Museum displays many pictures of the alleged massacre by the Japanese military, and other museums in China and books also do the..

On December 2, Emperor Showa nominated one of his uncles, prince Asaka, as commander of the invasion. It is difficult to establish if, as a member of the imperial family, Asaka had a superior status to general Iwane Matsui, who was officially commander in chief, but it is clear that, as the top ranking officer, he had authority over divisions commanders, lieutenant-generals Kesago Nakajima and Heisuke Yanagawa. Massaker von Nanking Massaker. Nanking Massacre, Rape of Nanking. de Bücher über das berüchtigte Massaker von Nanking im Jahr 1937 oder über die Versklavung der Trostfrauen in.. Nanking tells the story of the rape of Nanking, one of the most tragic events in history. In 1937, the invading Japanese army murdered over 200,000 and raped tens of thousands.. Words like Nanjing and Nanking are regarded as interchangeable. The original website was titled, The Nanking Atrocities. It has been listed as an essential academic..

The Japanese awaited an answer. When no Chinese envoy had arrived by 1:00 p.m. the following day, General Matsui Iwane issued the command to take Nanjing by force. On December 12, after two days of Japanese attack, under heavy artillery fire and aerial bombardment, General Tang Sheng-chi ordered his men to retreat. What followed was nothing short of chaos. Some Chinese soldiers stripped civilians of their clothing in a desperate attempt to blend in, and many others were shot in the back by their own comrades as they tried to flee.[8] Those who actually made it outside the city walls fled north to the Yangtze River, only to find that there were no vessels remaining to take them. Some then jumped into the wintry waters and drowned. episode of mass murder and mass rape committed by Japanese troops against Nanjing ..Massacre - Nanking Massacre Vs Prelude to the War Two important wars before the Nanking This preview shows page 1 - 7 out of 21 pages. Nanking Massacre Vs

By mid-November, the Japanese had captured Shanghai with the help of naval and aerial bombardment. The General Staff Headquarters in Tokyo decided not to expand the war, due to the high casualties incurred and the low morale of the troops. I just watched the Nanking Massacre documentary on the History channel based on the Iris Chang's book The 1-Did the documentary's too much biased ? 2-Did the massacre really did happen Nanking movie reviews & Metacritic score: Nanking is a powerful reminder of the heartbreaking toll that war takes on the innocent, and a testament to the cou.. Interest in the Nanjing Massacre waned into near obscurity until 1972, the year China and Japan normalized diplomatic relationships. In China, to foster the newly found friendship with Japan, the People's Republic of China under Mao Zedong ostensibly suppressed the mention of the Nanjing Massacre from public discourse and the media, which the Communist Party directly controlled. Therefore, the entire debate on the Nanjing Massacre during the 1970s took place in Japan. In commemoration of the normalization, one major Japanese newspaper, Asahi Shimbun, ran a series of articles entitled "Travels in China" (中国の旅, chūgoku no tabi), written by journalist Katsuichi Honda. The articles detailed the atrocities of the Japanese Army within China, including the Nanjing Massacre. In the series, Honda mentioned an episode in which two officers competed to slay 100 people with their swords. The truth of this incident is hotly disputed and critics seized on the opportunity to imply that the episode, as well as the Nanjing Massacre and all its accompanying articles, were largely falsified. This is regarded as the start of the Nanjing Massacre controversy in Japan.

Nanking Massacre Didn't Exist ~ The Life of Iwane Matsui, the Honorable Japanese Commander. The Fake of Nanking Massacre-3 Population (English) Nanking-Massacre is Not Watching Anyone Yet. The deviants they watch will be displayed here. Nanking-Massacre is not a Group Admin yet. Groups they admin or create will appear here By August of 1937, in the midst of the Second Sino-Japanese War, the Imperial Japanese Army encountered strong resistance and suffered high casualties in the Battle of Shanghai. The battle was bloody, as both sides were worn down by attrition in hand-to-hand combat. Find and save Nanking Massacre Memes | from Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter After the Tiananmen Square massacre the soldiers whould crush the dead bodies until..

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A Digital Archive of Documents & Photographs from American Missionaries Who Witnessed the Rape of Nanking About the project Documents Photographs and Films Terms of Use In 1928, the Chinese Nationalist Government moved the capital of China from Peking (Beijing) to Nanking. The city normally held about 250,000 people, but by the mid-1930s its population had swollen to more than 1 million. Many of them were refugees, fleeing from the Japanese armies which had invaded China. On November 11, 1937, after securing control of Shanghai, the Japanese army advanced towards Nanking from different directions. In early December, the Japanese troops were already in the outskirts of Nanking. Check out Nanking-Massacre's art on DeviantArt. Browse the user profile and get inspired. Nanking. 0 Watchers1.2K Page Views0 Deviations. Profile Navigation

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  1. An American finds refuge during the 1937 Japanese invasion of Nanking in a church with a group of women. Posing as a priest, he attempts to lead the women to safety
  2. The Nanking Massacre, also known as the Rape of Nanking, occurred during the During the Nanking Massacre, an estimated 200,000 to 300,000 people were killed by..
  3. Nanjing Massacre Commemoration Ceremony, Dec. Time and again, the Nanjing Massacre is questioned and debated over raw statistics
  4. On December 7, the Japanese army issued a command to all troops, advising that because occupying a foreign capital was an unprecedented event for the Japanese military, those soldiers who "[commit] any illegal acts," "dishonor the Japanese Army," "loot," or "cause a fire to break out, even because of their carelessness" would be severely punished.[9] The Japanese military continued to march forward, breaching the last lines of Chinese resistance, and arriving outside the walled city of Nanjing on December 9. At noon, the military dropped leaflets into the city, urging the surrender of Nanjing within 24 hours.[8]
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Nanking Massacre denial is the denial that Imperial Japanese forces murdered hundreds of thousands of Chinese soldiers and civilians in the city of Nanjing during the Second.. Die Massaker von Nanking (chinesisch. 南京大屠殺 /. 南京大屠杀, Pinyin Nánjīng dàtúshā; jap. 南京大虐殺 Nankin daigyakusatsu) waren Kriegsverbrechen der japanischen Besatzer in der chinesischen Hauptstadt Nanking.. This website was originally submitted by Masato Kajimoto in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Master of Arts in the Graduate School of Journalism of the University of Missouri-Columbia in August 2000. Read this essay on Nanking Massacre. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more Nanking-Massaker 1937/38 book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. Was ist bei und nach der Eroberung der chinesischen Hauptstadt du..

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The Nanking Massacre took place over a period of six weeks in 1937, when the Imperial Japanese Army brutally murdered hundreds of thousands of people-including both.. Thousands were led away and mass-executed in an excavation known as the "Ten-Thousand-Corpse Ditch," a trench measuring about 300m long and 5m wide. Since records were not kept, estimates regarding the number of victims buried in the ditch range from 4,000 to 20,000. However, most scholars and historians consider the number to be around 12,000 victims.[15] What is the Alleged Nanking Massacre? The alleged Nanking Massacre, commonly known as the Rape of Nanking, is the name of a genocidal war crime said to have been..

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  1. Naoki Hyakuta's controversial remarks only add fuel to the fire of China-Japan tensions
  2. The Nanjing Massacre or Rape of Nanjing, previously written as the Nanking Nanking Massacre. 180 VIEWS. Read. Edit. View History. Nanking Massacre
  3. Nanking Massacre tells the story of the rape of Nanking, one of the most tragic events in history. In 1937, the invading Japanese army murdered over 200,000 and raped tens of thousands of Chinese
  4. ..followed by the Nanking (Nanjing) Massacre known as the Rape of Nanking. began after they were transported by trucks to remote locations on the outskirts of Nanking

Just like the fictional Holocaust, these videos (6 parts) will show that the Nanking Massacre was nothing but fake Even if nanking massacre didn't happen, it barely change the suffering and damage on So next time you hear about the Nanking massacre being brought up, do not think that.. View Nanjing Massacre Research Papers on Academia.edu for free. During the infamous Nanking Atrocity, some Western businesspersons and missionaries established the Nanking Safety Zone to..

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While the Japanese government has acknowledged the incident did occur, some Japanese nationalists have argued, partly using the Imperial Japanese Army's claims at the International Military Tribunal for the Far East, that the death toll was military in nature and that no civilian atrocities ever occurred. This claim has been refuted by various figures, citing statements of non-Chinese at the Tribunal, other eyewitnesses and by photographic and archaeological evidence that civilian deaths did occur. Present Sino-Japanese relations—and Japanese relations with much of the rest of the East Asian region—are complicated by the historical embitterment of these nations with Japan's actions before and during World War II. The Nanking Massacre or Nanjing Massacre, in addition reputed to be the Rape of Nanking, was a mass killing and war assault that happened the same time as the six-week period accompanying the..

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On December 9, the Japanese troops launched a massive attack upon the city. On the 12th, the defending Chinese troops decided to retreat to the other side of the Yangtze River (Yangzi Jiang). On December 13, the 6th and 16th Divisions of the Japanese Army entered the city’ s Zhongshan and Pacific Gates. In the afternoon, two Japanese Navy fleets arrived. In the following six weeks, the occupying forces engaged in an orgy of looting and mass execution which came to be known as the Nanking Massacre. Most experts agree that at least 300,000 Chinese died, and 20,000 women were raped. Some estimate the numbers to be much higher – 340,000 and 80,000 respectively. Establishment of the Nanking Safety Zone. The Massacre Begins. During this time, soldiers of the Imperial Japanese Army murdered an estimated 40,000 to over 300,000..

en Nanking Massacre studies in Japan eventually became divided into three camps based on their death toll estimates: the illusion school of Nanking Massacre deniers, the.. Following evidence of mass atrocities, General Iwane Matsui was judged for "crimes against humanity" and, in 1948, sentenced to death by the Tokyo tribunal. Matsui went out of his way to protect Prince Asaka by shifting blame to lower ranking division commanders. Generals Hisao Tani and Rensuke Isogai were sentenced to death by the Nanking tribunal. Ming Tomb, Nanking. Easter Monday, 1939 (showing Japanese graffiti on tomb wall). Two children of the Rev. and Mrs. C.T. Chiang of our Mission in Nanking, standing at..

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  1. In 1947, at the Nanjing War Crimes Tribunal, the verdict for Lieutenant General Hisao Tani—the commander of the Sixth Division—quoted a figure of more than 300,000 dead. This estimate was made from burial records and eyewitness accounts. It concluded that some 190,000 were illegally executed at various execution sites and 150,000 were killed one-by-one. The death toll of 300,000 is the official estimate engraved on the stone wall at the entrance of the "Memorial Hall for Compatriot Victims of the Japanese Military's Nanking Massacre" in Nanjing.
  2. Nanking Massacre - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free
  3. The Rape of Nanking was an absolutely genocide on the Chinese people. The atrocities that the Japanese committed against the Chinese civilians were completely barbaric

In 1990 he started to research the situation in Nanking in 1937 and published many His writings include An Exhaustive Study of the Nanking Massacre, A Study of the Rape.. The Japanese did respect the Zone to an extent; no shells entered that part of the city leading up to the Japanese occupation, except a few stray shots. During the chaos following the attack of the city, some people were killed in the Safety Zone, but the atrocities in the rest of the city were far greater by all accounts. Japanese and Chinese names throughout are given in Japanese and Chinese order, in which the surname precedes the given name. Die Massaker von Nanking (chin. 南京大屠殺 / 南京大屠杀, Nánjīng dàtúshā; jap. 南京大虐殺 Das Massaker begann nach der Besetzung der Stadt am 13. Dezember 1937 durch japanische Truppen..

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The International Military Tribunal for the Far East stated that 20,000 (and perhaps up to 80,000) women were raped—their ages ranging from infants to the elderly (as old as 80). Rapes were often performed in public during the day, sometimes in front of spouses or family members. A large number of them were systematized in a process where soldiers would search door-to-door for young girls, with many women taken captive and gang raped. The women were then killed immediately after the rape, often by mutilation. According to some testimonies, other women were forced into military prostitution as comfort women. There are even stories of Japanese troops forcing families to commit acts of incest.[10] Sons were forced to rape their mothers, fathers were forced to rape daughters. One pregnant woman who was gang-raped by Japanese soldiers gave birth only a few hours later; the baby was perfectly healthy.[11] Monks who had declared a life of celibacy were forced to rape women for the amusement of the Japanese.[10] Chinese men were forced to have sex with corpses. Any resistance would be met with summary executions. While the rape peaked immediately following the fall of the city, it continued for the duration of the Japanese occupation. The Rape of Nanking should be remembered not only for the number of people slaughtered but for the cruel manner in which many met their deaths. Chinese men were used for bayonet practice and in..

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Get Nanking Massacre essential facts below. Add Nanking Massacre to your PopFlock.com topic list for future reference or share this resource on social media Previous (Nanda Devi National Park). Next (Nanoparticle). The Nanjing Massacre, commonly known as The Rape of Nanking, was an infamous war crime committed by the Japanese military in and around the then capital of China, Nanjing.. This is Nanjing today. The capital of Jiangsu province in Eastern China, Nanking has grown to be a This was Nanking during the Second Sino-Japanese War. In late 1937, Japanese Imperial Forces.. Denial There are many perspectives of Japan trying to cover up or twist the truth about what happened in Nanking, but it all depends on the

The Nanking Massacre or Nanjing Massacre, also known as the Rape of Nanking or Rape of Nanjing, was an episode during the Second Sino-Japanese War of mass murder and mass rape by.. Iris Chang Revealing the Nanjing Massacre (Ami Chen Mills, MetroActive). Nanking 1937 (Princeton University). Nanjing Massacre: Atrocities of Japanese Imperial Army in China (CND)

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  1. The Nanking Massacre or Nanjing Massacre, also known as the Rape of Nanking, was a mass murder, genocide and war rape that occurred during the six-week period following..
  2. Many translated example sentences containing Nanking massacre - Japanese-English dictionary and search engine for Japanese translations
  3. Nanking / Nanjing Massacre Rape of Nanking. Massacre victims on the shore of Yangtze River with a Japanese soldier standing nearby
  4. The Nanking Massacre or Nanjing Massacre, also known as the Rape of Nanking or Rape of Nanjing, was an episode during the Second Sino-Japanese War of mass murder..
  5. Before the massacre, Nanking only had around 250,000 residents. However, due to Japanese/Chinese fighting since 1931, the Chinese government moved the capital from..
  6. Some modern Japanese historians, such as Kasahara Tokushi of Tsuru University and Fujiwara Akira, a professor emeritus at Hitotsubashi University, take into account the entire Nanjing Special Municipality, which consisted of the walled city and its neighboring six counties, and have come up with an estimate of approximately 200,000 dead. Other Japanese historians, depending on their definition of the geographical and time duration of the killings, place the death toll on a much wider scale from 40,000 to 300,000. In China today most estimates of the Nanjing Massacre range from 200,000 to 400,000, with no notable historian going below 100,000.
  7. John Magee in his letter to his wife: They not only killed every prisoner they could find but also a vast number of ordinary citizens of all ages…. Just the day before yesterday we saw a poor wretch killed very near the house where we are living.[13]

..the Nanking Massacre (a.k.a. the Rape of Nanking) committed by Japanese soldiers These tragic photos and stories that capture the horrors of the Nanking Massacre (a.k.a..

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Nanking-massacre.com is tracked by us since June, 2016. Over the time it has been ranked as high as 3 006 299 in the world, while most of its traffic comes from USA, where.. To this day the Japanese government has refused to apologize for these and other World War II atrocities, and a significant sector of Japanese society denies that they took place at all.The events of the Nanjing Massacre were recreated in a cinematic adaptation called Black Sun: The Nanking Massacre (1995) by Chinese director T. F. Mou. This film includes original footage of the massacre by the American missionary, John Magee, known as the Magee Film. The destruction of Nanjing—which had been the capital of the Nationalist Chinese from 1928 to 1937—was ordered by Matsui Iwane, commanding general of the Japanese Central China Front Army that captured the city. Over the next several weeks, Japanese soldiers carried out Matsui’s orders, perpetrating numerous mass executions and tens of thousands of rapes. The army looted and burned the surrounding towns and the city, destroying more than a third of the buildings. In 1940 the Japanese made Nanjing the capital of their Chinese puppet government headed by Wang Ching-wei (Wang Jingwei). Shortly after the end of World War II, Matsui and Tani Hisao, a lieutenant general who had personally participated in acts of murder and rape, were found guilty of war crimes by the International Military Tribunal for the Far East and were executed.

➠ The Nanking Massacre a.k.a. the Nanjing Massacre or the Rape of Nanking was a period when all hell broke loose on the citizens of the Chinese capital city Nanking Massacre, Rape of Nanking. Nanjing Incident. episode of mass murder and mass rape committed by Japanese troops against Nanjing

During the Nanking Massacre, the Japanese committed a litany of atrocities against innocent civilians, including mass execution, raping, looting, and burning 金陵祭 Nanking Massacre. Includes unlimited streaming of 金陵祭 Nanking Massacre via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more The Nanking Massacre or Nanjing Massacre, also known as the Rape of Nanking, was a mass murder and war rape that occurred during the six-week period following the Japanese capture of the city of Nanjing (Nanking), the former capital of the Republic of China.. During the occupation of Nanjing, the Japanese army committed numerous atrocities, such as rape, looting, arson, and the execution of prisoners of war and civilians. Although the executions began under the pretext of eliminating Chinese soldiers disguised as civilians, a large number of innocent men were intentionally identified as enemy combatants and executed—or simply killed outright—as the massacre gathered momentum. A large number of women and children were also killed, as rape and murder became more widespread.

Start studying Nanking Massacre. Learn vocabulary, terms and more with flashcards How many soldiers and civilians did the Japanese kill in Nanking? 300,000 out of 600.. This is The Truth about the Nanking Massacre - A fabricated Massacre - Nanking Incident Series Ⅰ by koumei2016 on Vimeo, the home for high quality video

How Iris Chang tried to bridge the gap between a fading memory and a horrific lived reality Mood: productive. Черное солнце: Бойня в Нанкине / Black Sun: The Nanking Massacre, Китай, 1995 The Nanking Massacre was an episode of mass rape and murder committed by the The massacre occurred over a six-week period starting on December 13, 1937, the day the..

Nanking Genocide In this blend space we will be talking about what happend in Nanking with pictures, peoples letters, timeline, and weblinks to fully understand the topi Nanking Massacre denial — Nanking Massacrev · d · e Battle of Nanking (1937) Nanking Safety Zone International Committee for Nanking Safety Zone Japanese war crimes Contest to kill 100 people using a sword International Military Tribunal for the Far..

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The Nanjing Massacre or the Rape of Nanjing, alternately The corpses of massacre victims on the shore of the Qinhuai River with a Japanese soldier standing nearby Nanking Massacre denial is denial that Imperial Japanese forces murdered hundreds of thousands of Chinese soldiers and civilians during the Second Sino-Japanese War, and is a highly controversial episode in Sino-Japanese relations On the way from Shanghai to Nanjing, Japanese soldiers committed numerous atrocities, indicating that the Nanjing Massacre was not an isolated incident.[7] The most famous event was the "contest to kill 100 people using a sword."

Photographs of victims are displayed at the Nanking massacre memorial. Picture: Stuart Heaver. Post Magazine / Long Reads The Rape of Nanking was an absolutely genocide on the Chinese people. The atrocities that the Japanese committed against the Chinese civilians were completely barbaric. The killing games that.. Nanking Massacre. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dr. Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, which is near Nanking and already existed at the time of the Massacre

On December 13, the Japanese entered the walled city of Nanjing, facing hardly any military resistance. The Rape of Nanking, also known as the Nanking Massacre was a six week period when mass amounts of Chinese males and female were murdered by the Western The Nanking Massacre, in which Imperial Japanese forces murdered hundreds of thousands of Chinese soldiers and civilians during the Second Sino-Japanese War.. This documentary focusses on the Nanking massacre, specifically the events which led to it, the events which occured during it, and the impact it has on today's society The International Military Tribunal for the Far East estimated in two (seemingly conflicting) reports that "over 200,000" and "over 100,000" civilians and prisoners of war were murdered during the first six weeks of the occupation. That number was based on burial records submitted by charitable organizations—including the Red Swastika Society and the Chung Shan Tang (Tsung Shan Tong)—the research done by Smythe, and some estimates given by survivors.

In what is known as the Nanking Massacre or the Rape of Nanking, Japanese soldiers systematically raped thousands of Chinese women and girls of all ages - even infants Compiled from over 700 hours of footage including news-reel footage, interviews with survivors and soldiers, and staged readings, Nanking was financed in large by millionaire.. It has been listed as an essential academic reference by a number of educational institutions around the world. Some lecturers are using the site as part of their reading assignment.

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Das Thema. Das Nanking-Massaker. Vorwort. Vorwort. Nach dem Ende des ersten Weltkrieges, in dem Japan auf den Seiten der Entente gekämpft hatte.. The Nanjing Massacre continues to hold a deep resonance in the hearts of people across China. In a period of just six weeks during the Japanese occupation.. The Nanking Massacre or Nanjing Massacre, also known as the Rape of Nanking, was a mass murder and war rape that occurred during the six-week period following the Japanese capture of the city of Nanking (Nanjing), the former capital of the Republic of China..

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There is great debate as to the extent of the war atrocities in Nanjing, especially regarding estimates of the death toll. The issues involved in calculating the number of victims are largely based on the debatees' definitions of the geographical range and the duration of the event, as well as their definition of the "victims." The Nanjing Massacre or the Rape of Nanjing, alternately written as the Nanking Massacre or the Rape of Nanking.. On the other hand, recent excavation activities and efforts at historical re-evaluation have suggested that the original casualties may have been underestimated largely due to the fact that the large number of refugees fleeing from other provinces and killed in Nanjing was uncertain until recently. dict.cc | Übersetzungen für 'Massaker von Nanking' im Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch, mit echten Sprachaufnahmen, Illustrationen, Beugungsforme

Nanking Massacre. 129 likes · 5 talking about this. During WWII, German and Japan were the fascism axis countries. See more of Nanking Massacre on Facebook Oct 23, 2019 - Explore davidiwatts1's board Nanking massacre on Pinterest. See more ideas about Nanking massacre, World war ii and War In the Nanking massacre (or Rape of Nanking) the Japanese military murdered 100,000 to 300,000 Chinese after conquering the city of Nanjing (then called Nanking in English, just as Beijing was called Peking.

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Nanking Massacre. 130 likes · 2 talking about this. During WWII, German and Japan were the fascism axis countries. See more of Nanking Massacre on Facebook 'House of horrors': Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall recalls World War II nightmare. The Massacre Memorial Museum was built in Nanjing at one of the execution and group..

Many Westerners were living in the city at the time, conducting trade or on missionary trips with various religious groups. As the Japanese Army began to launch bombing raids over Nanjing, most Westerners and all reporters fled to their respective countries except for 22 persons. Siemens businessman John Rabe (presumably because of his status as a Nazi and the German-Japanese bilateral Anti-Comintern Pact) stayed behind and formed a committee, called the International Committee for the Nanjing Safety Zone. Rabe was elected as its leader. This committee established the Nanjing Safety Zone in the western quarter of the city. The Japanese government had agreed not to attack parts of the city that did not contain Chinese military, and the members of the International Committee for the Nanjing Safety Zone managed to persuade the Chinese government to move all their troops out of the area. Nanjing Massacre, the mass killing and ravaging of Chinese citizens by Japanese Imperial Army soldiers in 1937, during the Sino-Japanese War The Nanking Massacre or Nanjing Massacre, also known as the Rape of Nanking, was a mass murder and war rape that Nanking Massacre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Previous (Nanda Devi National Park). Next (Nanoparticle). The Nanjing Massacre, commonly known as The Rape of Nanking, was an infamous war crime committed by the Japanese military in and around the then capital of China, Nanjing, after it fell to the Imperial Japanese Army on December 13, 1937..

Nanking Massacre. Quite the same Wikipedia. Just better. Nanking Massacre. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Nanking Massacre, which was imprinted on the people's mind through the Tokyo Tribunal, has long been tormenting the Japanese people Among the evidence presented at the Tokyo trial was the "Magee film," documentary footage included in the American movie "The Battle of China," as well as the oral and written testimonies of people residing in the international zone. Common KnowledgeEventsMassaker von Nanking. Events: Massaker von Nanking. Events by cover. 1-2 of 2 ( show all )

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