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Rheinmetall Electronics (Rheinmetall) offers extensive simulation and training solutions for... The MiG-29SMT is an upgrade package for first-generation MiG-29s (9.12 to 9.13) containing enhancements intended for the MiG-29M variant. Additional fuel tanks in a further enlarged spine provide a maximum flight range of 2,100 km on internal fuel. The cockpit has an enhanced HOTAS design, two 152 × 203 mm (6 × 8-inch) colour liquid crystal MFDs and two smaller monochrome LCDs. The MiG-29A was not designed for an advanced air-to-ground capability, this is substantially improved by the SMT upgrade; features include air-to-ground radar detection and integrated air-to-ground guided weapons.[125] The upgraded Zhuk-ME radar provides similar features to the MiG-29M. The power plant are upgraded RD-33 ser.3 engines with afterburning thrust rated at 8,300 kgf (81.4 kN) each. The weapons load was increased to 4,500 kg on six underwing and one ventral hardpoints, with similar weapon choices as for the MiG-29M. The upgraded aircraft can also accommodate non-Russian origin avionics and weapons. Source wikiwand.comIn January 2006, Algeria placed an order for 34 MiG-29 fighters and the upgrade of 30 aircraft in the Algerian fleet. 12 upgraded aircraft were delivered in 2007, but were not accepted by Algeria, which cancelled the upgrade programme in February 2008. The 9-12 MiG-29 Fulcrum-A was mostly built of aluminum alloy, with some use of composite materials. The aircraft had a high-mounted wing, all-moving tailplanes, and twin tailfins with a slight outward cant. Flight controls were hydraulic. The wing was blended to the fuselage, with leading-edge root extensions (LERXs) and full-span leading-edge maneuvering flaps. There were conventional inboard flaps and outboard ailerons on the trailing edge of the wing. A dive brake was fitted to the back of the aircraft, with another fitted to the belly.

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Once Western intelligence acquired reliable details of the new type, the first-generation MiG-29 was given the NATO reporting name "Fulcrum-A". The USSR finally publicly "unveiled" the type to the West with a visit to Finland in July 1986. In 1997, Russia and Malaysia carried out a four-phase upgrade of the ordered MiG-29S to the Malaysian version of the MiG-29N (= SD with enhancements). An airplane extension was added, the radar N019M1 and the R-77 missile were used. The last phase was the replacement of RD-33 series 2s engines for RD-33 series 3 engines. The first modified aircraft was launched on 8.4.1998.

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The MiG-29M/M2 is a major development of the legacy MiG-29, boasting design changes to the airframe, improved turbofans in the RD-33MK (which is similar in weight to the RD-33.. Kh-29T Missile weight: 680 kg Length: 3900 mm Diameter: 400 mm Wingspan:  1100 mm Minimum range*: 3 km Maximum range: 8 – 12 km Engine: fixed thrust solid, fuel rocket Fuze type: impact Guidance system: passive TV Warhead: high-explosive penetrating Warhead weight: 320 kg MiG-29 Fulcrum: Supersonic Interceptor and Multirole Jet Fighter. After Germany's reunification, a whole squadron of MiG-29 Fulcrum aircraft came into possession of the German Air Forces The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29 Fulcrum is one of the world's most maneuverable and toughest fighter jets and has often been compared to its closest Western counterpart, the F-16 MiG-29 SMT is an improved version of the MiG-29 Fulcrum fighter aircraft, designed and produced by Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG (RAC MiG), which is a part of JSC United Aircraft Corporation.

– The R-73M2 (R-73 RDM-2) has even better performance characteristics than it’s predecessor – the R-73M1;UPDATE – New Grom air-to-surface missile undergoes flight tests on an Su-34 fighter-bomber https://t.co/OFXBOk0ACf pic.twitter.com/Q7qs45LFqPThe Mikoyan MiG-29 Fulcrum(Микоян МиГ-29) is the embodiment of a Russian military aircraft. The interceptor and multirole fighter aircraft MiG-29 Fulcrum uniquely combines unbelievable manoeuvrability with great speed. The first MiG-29 Fulcrum airframes were delivered to the Soviet Air Force in 1983. The MiG-29 Fulcrum was exported to numerous countries: Until today, more than 1’500 aircraft in various versions of the air superiority fighter MiG-29 were built. The initial MiG-29s were known to NATO as Fulcrum A's and no official Soviet suffix was added to their designation. Exported versions of the original MiG-29 were also known as the Fulcrum A.. The engines provide a maximum speed of 2,400km/h at altitude and 1,500km/h near the ground and the service ceiling is 18,000m. The maximum range at altitude is 1,500km and 700km near the ground. RD-33 engines for Indian Air Force MiG-29 aircraft are to be license-built in India, under an agreement signed in January 2007.

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Further upgrades to the SMT are already planned or on offer, under provisional designation MiG-29SMT-II. Improvements include frontal RCS reduction measures, IR signature reduction and further increases in fuel tankage and warload. Fuel capacity to be increased to 5,600 kg (12,346 lb) through installation of new 219 litre (58.0 US gallon; 48.0 Imp gallon) tanks in LERX, replacing auxiliary air intakes and ducts, as in MiG-29M and original SMT scheme. Eight hardpoint wing (either based on MiG-29M, with broad span ailerons, or merely rebuilt standard wing) will allow warload increase to 5,500 kg (12,125 lb). Potential avionics improvements include new radar (N010, Zhuk, Zhuk PH or NIIR Zemchug). Some expect future MiG-29 variants to receive a new engine, the VK-10M, being developed by Klimov for production from 2010, with a thrust of 108 to 113 kN (24,250 to 23,350 lb st). Thrust vectoring may be offered. May use triple redundant digital FBW FCS developed for MiG-29M. Source toad-design.comZhuk-ME multimode radar system – The Phazotron NIIR Corporation’s Zhuk is a family of advanced multifunctional multimode Doppler-pulse radars designed to provide air-to-air and air-to-surface combat modes for upgraded models of the Mig-29 Fulcrum and Su-27 Flanker aircraft families. Zhuk radars feature a maximum detection range from 110 to180 kilometers for airborne targets and 300 kilometers for sea targets. (deagel.com) picture МАКС-2009 – Выставочные павильоны (MAKS-2009 – Exhibition pavilions) @Vitaly V. Kuzmin Russia Has Deployed Its MiG-29SMT Multirole Combat Aircraft To Syria For The Very First Time: Here Excerpt Along with the MiG-27KIs, India purchased four two-seat "9-47 MiG-29KUBs" as part of the order, essentially a navalized MiG-29UBT, fitted out in much the same way as the MiG-29KI with folding wings, arresting gear, and so on. Initial flight of the first MiG-29KUB was in the summer of 2008. A follow-on batch of 29 navalized MiG-29s was ordered in 2010.

Description: The Mig-29, Fulcrum NATO-codename, is a single-seat, highly maneuverable fighter aircraft designed to engage airborne targets such as aircraft, UAVs and cruise missiles The Kh-29L (Izdeliye 63 or AS-14A) is a semi-active laser homing variant used in the manner of the AS.30L, with a 24N1 seeker. Source ausairpower.netSeveral MIG-29s can be seen in the level "The Coup" taking off from a OpFor airbase and flying overhead. They are probably also responsible for sinking the ship in "Crew Expendable". A pair of MiGs fly over the launch base in "All In". When a Spetsnaz or OpFor player calls in an airstrike in multiplayer, three MiG-29s will deliver the payload. * In the late 1960s, the US Air Force began work on the development of a next-generation fighter under the "Fighter Experimental (FX)" program. In 1969, McDonnell Douglas won the FX competition with what would become the "F-15 Eagle." The Soviet Union followed the FX program with great interest. Obviously, if the West had improved fighters, the VVS (Voyenno Vozdushniye Sily / Red Air Force) USSR had to have comparable fighters to counter them, and that same year, 1969, the Soviet government issued a requirement for an "anti-F-15" heavy fighter, under the designation "Prospective Frontal Fighter (Perspektivnyi Frontovoi Istrebitel / PFI)".

Western intelligence was aware of the development effort, a US spy satellite having spotted one of the MiG-29 prototypes at the Zhukovsky flight test center in November 1977. Since the proper name of the secret center was not known to Western intelligence at the time, the site was referred to as "Ramenskoye" after the name of a nearby town, and so the mystery aircraft was assigned the designation "Ram-L". While a ground-up redesign like the MiG-29M was out of the question, major improvements could be made with less drastic changes that could be implemented in either new-build aircraft or as upgrades to existing aircraft. The Russian Air Force wanted to upgrade over 400 existing MiG-29s, providing a strong incentive. The AKU-170E missile ejection unit (MEU) is designed for external suspension, carriage and jettison (ejection) of the RVV-AE missile on MIG-29, Su-27, Su-30 type aircraft. Модель МиГ-29 (9-12) для FlightGear. Contribute to alexeijd/MiG-29_9-12 development by creating an account on GitHub The MiG-29SMT Fulcrum is powered by two RD-33 series-3 engines, which generate a take-off thrust of 8,300kgf each. The power plant ensures a maximum air speed of 1,500km/h near the ground and 2,400km/h at high altitudes.

A two-seater version, MiG-29M2, took its maiden flight in 2001. A super-manoeuvrable variant, MiG-29M OVT, with 3D thrust-vectoring engine nozzles was successfully demonstrated at the Farnborough International Airshow in July 2006. The nozzle has three hydraulic actuators mounted around the engine to deflect the thrust. The aircraft is being offered to potential customers as the MiG-35. MiG-29 — Mikojan-Gurewitsch MiG-29 MiG-29 der deutschen Luftwaffe über dem Golf von Mexiko Typ: Mehrzweckkampfflugzeug Entwurfsland: Russland ( UdSSR) Hersteller: Mikojan-Gurewitsch Erstflug: 6. Oktober 1977 Indienststellung: Juni 1983 Produktionszeit: Seit.. It has an inter-correction resource increased from 700 to 1000 hours, the total lifespan is 2000 hours, the forcing power remains at 8300 kp. It is the engine for MiG-29SD / SM (both first flew in 1995). At the ILA 98, the MiG-29SMT was introduced with these engines (the first flight in 1998). The installation of the RD-33 series 3s was considered in the old German MiG-29. It is difficult to tell if the upgrading eventually took place.The upgrade comprises: increased range and payloads, new glass cockpits, digital fly-by-wire control systems, new avionics, improved radars, KOLS infrared search and track (IRST) and an in-flight refuelling probe. The radar will be the Phazotron Zhuk-ME, which is capable of tracking ten targets to a maximum range of 245km.

Email (required) (Address never made public) Name (required) Website You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. ( Log Out /  Change ) The Mikoyan MiG-29 is a twin-engine jet fighter aircraft designed in the Soviet Union. Developed by the Mikoyan design bureau as an air superiority fighter during the 1970s, the MiG-29.. MiG-29 is a front-line fighter. Its task is to protect facilities and the troops on the ground from attack The wings on the MiG-29 are closer to a delta while the Su-27 has slightly tapered swept wings which..

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Check out mig29's art on DeviantArt. Browse the user profile and get inspired. mig29. 2Comments. 0Favourites. sans nom. mig29. 0Comments. 0Favourites. resto II MiG 29 (Midland) - Free ebook download as PDF File (.pdf) or read book online for free. FAMOUS RUSSIAN AIRCRAFT ile] W Nye) 'Mikoyan MiG-29 (© 2006 Yetim Gordon (Original translation by.. Medium-range missiles R-27 (e), designed to intercept and destroy aircraft and helicopters of all types of unmanned aerial vehicles and cruise missiles in a dogfight at medium and long distances, with individual and group actions carrier aircraft, day and night, in simple and adverse weather conditions, from any direction, against the background of the earth and the sea, with active information, firing and maneuvering countering enemy. * While the 9-12 MiG-29 Fulcrum-A was going into volume production, the MiG bureau had been considering a refinement of the type, the "9-13", with tests of kit on various modified Fulcrum-As leading to the first flight of a new-build prototype in 1986. The new variant retained the "MiG-29" designation, but it seemed visibly different enough from the original Fulcrum-A variant to be given a new reporting name of "Fulcrum-C" by NATO. The main difference was a swollen spine, which led Soviet MiG-29 pilots to call the Fulcrum-C the "Gorbatyi (Hunchback)". It’s in service since 1988-1990, now it’s operating as a part of modern airborne weapon systems such as Su-24M, Su-32, Su-35, Su-30MKI, Su-30KN, Su-30MK, MiG-29.

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The mission of the MiG-29 is to destroy hostile air targets within radar coverage limits and to destroy ground targets using unguided weapons in visual flight conditions. The MiG-29K fighter bomber aircraft is manufactured by RSK MiG and the Irkutsk Aircraft Production Association Joint Stock Company. The MiG-29, 30 and 33 are known by the Nato code name Fulcrum * Although the VKS has more or less given up on the MiG-29, substantial numbers were passed on to other "successor states" of the Former Soviet Union -- including Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. Of course, many Eastern European nations received the MiG-29, countries flying the type including Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Yugoslavia -- with Serbia inheriting the ex-Yugoslavian MiG-29s. Изучайте релизы Mig 29 на Discogs. Приобретайте пластинки, компакт-диски и многое другое от Mig 29 на маркетплейсе Discogs

In 2012, the Russian Navy placed an order for 20 "MiG-29KR" fighters and 4 "MiG-29KUBR" two-seaters, for operational service on the Russian Navy's sole aircraft carrier, the ADMIRAL KUZNETSOV. These machines appear to be very similar to their Indian Navy equivalents; deliveries began in late 2013, to be completed by 2015. The VVS intends to obtain the improved "MiG-35" single-seater and "MiG-35D" two-seater, with improved avionics, most significantly a Phazotron Zhuk-AE "active array" radar now in development, as well as extended range. Pre-production machines began flight tests in 2016, with introduction to service expected in 2018. An export version was announced in 2019. To deal with the range issue, the MiG-29SMT featured a particularly swollen "hunchback" spine, and could also could be fitted with a bolt-on inflight refueling probe. The spine terminated in a beavertail like that of the MiG-29M, which could accommodate one or two parachutes, as required by aircraft load.

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  1. Twelve MiG-29s of the Air Force of Yemen were upgraded to SMT standard. The first was delivered in October 2004.
  2. Both retained the "Fulcrum-A" reporting name. While production quantities of MiG-29s are unclear, it appears that a total of about 840 Fulcrum-As was built for the VVS-FA and for export.
  3. ..Mikoyan MiG-29KR/KUBR naval fighter crashed in the Mediterranean during operations from the aircraft to allow Russian Navy Aviation to evaluate and test its recently delivered MiG-29KR/KUBR..
  4. ating (“painting”) the aircraft. Information is presented as symbols representing the type and direction to the threat. Six illu
  5. The Russian Air Force -- rendered from 2015 as "Russian Aerospace Forces (Vozdushno-Komicheskiye Sily / VKS) -- though they are seen as a training asset, the service preferring the Sukhoi Su-30 fighter. The MiG-29 is not that much cheaper than the Su-30, and the Su-30 is more capable.
  6. The MiG-29SMT retained the top-and-bottom airbrake scheme of the Fulcrum-A, though the dorsal airbrake was larger, and also retained the old scheme of chaff-flare dispenser strakes. Old MiG-29s upgraded to the MiG-29SMT specification were to be refurbished to give them 20 years of airframe life.

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  1. The Kh-31P missile can be efficiently launched either independently or in salvo, in fair and adverse weather conditions, to engage radar targets of opportunity or previously disclosed ones.
  2. g and warning system. The type was fitted with Indian-specified inertial navigation system, IFF, and countermeasures systems.
  3. The first flight of the MiG-29SMT prototype was concluded in April 1998. Serial production of the fighter aircraft began in 2004.

The GTDE-117 is a turbo-shaft engine with a free turbine (a turbine that drives only the output shaft, not the compressor). The design is modular. The centrifugal compressor powers a single-stage turbine. The free turbine shaft drives the speed reducer. GTDE-117 and their modifications are relatively lightweight, they are used on MiG-29, MiG-29K, Su-27, Su-30, Su-33 and Su-35 aircraft. They were developed by the VJ Klimova plant and produced by the Red October plant.The length of the fighter jet is 17.32m, whilst the wing span is 11.36mm and the height is 4.73m. The normal and maximum take-off weights of the aircraft are 17,000kg and 22,000kg respectively.The rail trigger APU-470 is used for the deployment of missiles under the wings of the aircraft, and the ejection device AKU-470 for the deployment of missiles under the fuselage and under the wings.The optional equipment includes an electronic countermeasures (ECM) pod, radio stations, upgraded infrared search and track system (IRSTS), as well as a variety of identification, friend or foe (IFF) transponders.

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Some sources claim the MiG-29 Fulcrum-C introduced the underwing fuel tanks -- but given the poor endurance of the original MiG-29, it seens hard to believe they weren't there at the outset. Western analysts interpreted the Fulcrum-C's swollen spine as accommodation for increased fuel capacity to improve on the Fulcrum-A's limited range. In fact, the fuel capacity increase of the Fulcrum-C was modest -- 240 liters (63 US gallons), and most of the expanded space was used to house a "Gardeniya" active jammer module. The updated avionics suite also led to modifications of the wingtips and addition of antennas to the tail. About 200 Fulcrum-Cs were built, with initial introduction to service in 1986. They were not exported, due to worries over the security of the countermeasures system. The aircraft can reach a maximum range of more than 5,000km when fitted with three drop tanks and one single in-flight refuelling. Service ceiling is 17,500m, the maximum G-load is nine, and the maximum M-number is Mach 2.25.Type: InfraredAltitude Max: 0 mRange Max: 185.2 kmAltitude Min: 0 mRange Min: 0 kmGeneration: Infrared, 3rd Generation Imaging (2000s/2010s, Impr LANTIRN, Litening II/III, ATFLIR) MiG-29M/M2 - sve verzije objašnjene. BEOGRAD - Kako je u medijima ovih dana najavljeno, Vazduhoplovstvo i protivvazduhoplovna odbrana Vojske Srbije trebalo bi ove godine da uvede u..

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  1. MiG-29의 레이더 탐지거리는 각 형식마다 다르지만 초기형의 경우 레이더를 직접 조준(Lock on)할 수 있는 거리는 적 전투기를 정면에서 보았을때는 70km, 적 전투기를 뒤쫓는 상황이라면 35km 수준이다..
  2. Thales will deliver the initial building block of a complete secure identification capability to India in 2011. The first five MiG-29s will be upgraded and flight-tested in Russia and the other aircraft will be upgraded in India with Russian technical assistance.
  3. [aircraft] Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29. Thread starter HakRus. Start date Jun 7, 2011
  4. The MiG-29 can climb at the rate of 330m/s. The maximum and cruise speed of the aircraft are 2,400km/h and 1500km/h, respectively. The ferry range is 2,100km. Its range and service ceiling are 1,430km and 18,000m respectively.

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RSK MiG was awarded an $800,000 contract by Bulgarian Defence Ministry in September 2011 to carry out repairs and maintenance of 16 MiG-29 aircraft. Work will be carried out at the Plovdiv military plant Georgi Benkovski in Bulgaria until 2015. The Fulcrum-A was powered by twin Klimov RD-33 afterburning bypass turbojets, with 49.4 kN (5,040 kgp / 11,100 lbf) dry thrust and 81.4 kN (8,300 kgp / 18,300 lbf) afterburning thrust each. Two engines were selected to improve aircraft survivability. The engines were in separate housings under the fuselage. To permit operation from rough fields, each main intake had a door that closed whenever the main landing gear was in touch with the ground to prevent "foreign object damage (FOD)" from engine ingestion of stones and the like. When the doors were shut, the engines obtained airflow from spring-loaded louvers on top of the wingroots. The transition between the louvers and the front intakes was said to be smooth and almost unnoticeable. There was a container between the engine exhausts that stored a cruciform drag parachute. * The MiG OKB continued to make further tweaks that resulted in a set of "MiG-29S" demonstrators, which retained the NATO "Fulcrum-C" reporting name, since external appearance remained largely unchanged. The MiG-29S featured a modernized "N-019M" radar, a Is-101M processor, and an improved jammer; only 16 were built. De-tuned variants were offered for export, including the "MiG-29SD" and "MiG-29SE"; it doesn't appear anybody obtained them. This is a list of Mikoyan MiG-29 operators. Algeria has 105 aircraft in service. 65 MiG-29s, four MiG-29UBT and 36 MiG-29SMT will be delivered between 2007 and 2008. However, in March 2008, in an unprecedented move..

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The Fulcrum-A was fitted with two sensors: a Phazotron "N-019 (NATO Slot Back)" pulse-Doppler multimode radar, and an "infrared search and track (IRST)" sensor combined with a laser rangefinder. They were regarded as effective, but not the equal for contemporary Western systems. Pilot workload was high by Western standards -- though this was not seen as a major problem, since Soviet doctrine relied on "ground controlled intercept (GCI)" tactics, with the aircraft being guided to a target semi-automatically by a ground station, the pilot more or less merely acting as a supervisor. The missile can be equipped with changeable homing heads operating in coresponding frequency bands used by modern continuous-wave and pulsed radars of surface-to-air missile and anti-aircraft artillery systems.

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  1. The new glass cockpit of the MiG-29SMT fighter aircraft is equipped with a data display system consisting of two wide-screen MFD-10-6 multifunction colour displays and hands-on throttle and stick control (HOTAS). It also incorporates an INS-GPS navigation system.
  2. DCS: MiG-29 for DCS World. The MiG-29 (NATO codename Fulcrum) - is a soviet multirole 4th generation fighter, created in Mikoyan and Gurevich Design Bureau to counter the American..
  3. The R-73 short-range air-to-air missile was developed by “Molniya” (recently the special design bureau Nr.4) design bureau. It’s team at the beginning of the 1970s developed the R-60 missile and the R-73 was intended to replace it. It is known as the AA-11 “Archer” with NATO countries.

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20.10.2019 - Erkunde joachimmildes Pinnwand MIG 29 auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Flugzeug, Kampfflugzeuge und Mig 29 - Ballistic Climbout. Ohne weitere Worte. Meinungen anderer Nutzer MIKOYAN 9-12 MIG-29 (FULCRUM-A): _____________________ _________________ _______________________ spec metric english _____________________ _________________ _______________________ wingspan 11.36 meters 37 feet 3 inches wing area 38.0 sq_meters 409.04 sq_feet length 17.32 meters 56 feet 10 inches height 4.73 meters 15 feet 6 inches empty weight 10,900 kilograms 24,030 pounds loaded weight 18,500 kilograms 40,785 pounds max speed at altitude 2,450 KPH 1,520 MPH / 1,320 KT service ceiling 17,000 meters 55,775 feet range (internal fuel) 1,500 kilometers 930 MI / 810 NMI _____________________ _________________ _______________________ The Fulcrum-A had a built-in single-barreled GSh-301 30-millimeter cannon with 149 rounds firing out the left LERX, for close-in dogfighting and ground attack. The initial prototype had featured a two-barreled GSh-23-2 23-millimeter cannon, but the heavier weapon was adopted for all later MiG-29s.

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MiG-29 reappears in Call of Duty: Ghosts, where it is used by Federation. Several MiGs are seen parked and taking off in Severed Ties. These MiGs can be destroyed by the player while commandering the M1A2 Abrams. For the suspension to the carrier aircraft and launch weight of both modifications missiles used the same launchers rail and catapult type.

Unrefueled range of the MiG-29SMT was cited as 2,200 kilometers (1,370 miles) without external tanks, almost half again as great as that of Fulcrum-A. Multirole capabilities were provided by an improved N-019M Slot Back radar, with greater range, wider field of view, and the ability to track ten targets at once. External targeting and reconnaissance pods could also be carried. The MiG-29SMT could use all the advanced weapons that were qualified for the MiG-29M, with a total external stores load of 4,000 kilograms (8,800 pounds) on six stores pylons. Although early MiG-29SMTs retained the old RD-33 engines, full-specification machines were to be fitted with more powerful Klimov RD-43 engines with over 10,000 kilograms (22,000 pounds) afterburning thrust. The Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-29 Fulcrum (Микояна и Гуревича МиГ-29) is a military jet fighter aircraft designed in the Soviet Union. This is the Bulgarian Air Force MiG-29 that made a solo flight during the.. Rheinmetall Electronics (Rheinmetall) offers extensive simulation and training solutions for the air force industry. Mig-29 FulcrumThe Mikoyan MiG-29 is a 4th generation jet fighter aircraft designed in the Soviet Union for an air superiority role. NATO's reporting name for the MiG-29 is Fulcrum..

The OLS-UE optical-location station is designed for MiG-29K / KUB, MiG-29M / M2, MiG-35 aircraft and provides: The Indian Navy was similarly an early export buyer of next-generation MiG-29s, obtaining 12 multirole "9-41 MiG-29Ks" for use on the carrier VIKRAMADITYA -- formerly the ADMIRAL GORSHKOV, which India purchased from Russia. The carrier was refurbished, being given a "ski jump" deck, and went into service with the Indian Navy in 2012. * The Mikoyan MiG-29 Fulcrum was one of the Soviet Union's most important combat aircraft in the last years of the Cold War, and remains an important military asset for the successor Russian Republic

The MiG-29 optimal aerodynamic configuration, developed on the concept of integrated The record of the sequence of updating the MiG-29 revealed that every subsequent modernization opened up new.. The missile can intercept targets with a speed of up to 3,500km/h at altitudes from 0.02-27km, and the maximum vertical separation between the aircraft and the target is 10km.

MiG-29, a Russian twin-engine attack light interceptor. The first prototype flew in 1977. The MiG-29, first operational in 1985, is a single-seat, twin-engine air-to-air fighter that can also be used for ground.. You are commenting using your Facebook account. ( Log Out /  Change ) The Russian Air Force has deployed some MiG-29SMT multirole combat aircraft to Hmeymim airbase, near Latakia, in western Syria, the Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed on Sept. 13, 2017. The path towards upgrade of Russian MiG-29s was torturous. Limited funding kept the Russian Air Force from making any commitment to upgrades for years, but in 2005, with the economy doing fairly well from oil exports, the service decided to begin an upgrade of the MiG-29 fleet, focused on adding a strike capability. This upgrade actually featured avionics developed for the Su-30 / Su-27 upgrade to reduce cost and logistical overhead, and retained the old N-019 radar with some upgrades. The airframes were overhauled and reinforced to carry heavier warloads.

Thales TopSight-E helmet-mounted sight and display (HMDS) is being fitted to aircraft for the Indian Navy. Integration phase of the upgrade encompassing ejection seats, weapon delivery and navigation system was completed in November 2009. Thales will also supply TOTEM 3000 Inertial Navigation and GPS. Subsonic MiG-29 flight with Aerobatic Experience (25 min) includes the performance of aerobatic maneuvers such as: Flying Inverted, Hammer Head, Roll, Loop, Low Level Pass and etc * As concerns copyrights and permissions for this document, all illustrations and images credited to me are public domain. I reserve all rights to my writings. However, if anyone does want to make use of my writings, just contact me, and we can chat about it. I'm lenient in giving permissions, usually on the basis of being properly credited. * RSK MiG saw the MiG-29SMT as a demonstrator for a "Chinese menu" of possible upgrades, ranging in sophistication from a simple airframe overhaul with fit of a refueling probe and low-cost avionics improvements -- to the full-blown MiG-29SMT configuration, possibly even adding the high-end N-010 Zhuk-M radar.

Thanks to its relatively small weight and size the Kh-31P missile can be employed from various air combat platforms including moderately sized ones. The missile has passed state acceptance tests on a number of series-production front-line combat aircraft of the Russian Air Force. The missile makes part of weapon systems of modern combat aircraft, such as the Su-25, Su-27, Su-30, Su-34, Mig-29, etc., and can be adapted to other types of Russian or foreign-origin aircraft during their modernization. The MiG OKB developed a number of TPFI design concepts, but the Sukhoi OKB won the competition for the TPFI requirement, resulting in what would become the Sukhoi Su-27. The MiG heavy fighter designs were never built. The MiG lightweight fighter design, with the bureau code number "9-11", won the LPFI award, and would become the MiG-29 as it is known today. The MiG-29 was to replace MiG-21, MiG-23, Su-7, and Su-17 fighters in the VVS "Frontal (Tactical) Aviation (FA)" component. The primary mission of the MiG-29 was to be battleground air superiority, though it would have a secondary attack role. The development work went forward under a team under Mikhail Waldenburg. The VVS was confident enough in the MiG-29 design to award a production contract along with the development assignment. 8.99 USD. Windows. The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29 Fulcrum is one of the world's most maneuverable and toughest fighter jets and has often been compared to its closest Western counterpart, the F-16 The MiG-29 was upgraded at least six times during the past decade, as you might have noticed from the title page, and today's MiG-29s are far superior to the ones operated by Luftwaffe

(buy the Mig-29 combo on pre-order and get the L/G for $ 1395.00 USD). Nose Gear doors / Pre- installed for Cockpit details for Mig-29 $ 245.00 (without pilot) (AP926). (buy the Mig29 combo on.. The MiG-29 fighter is equipped with seven external weapon hardpoints. The aircraft can carry: up to two R-27 air-to-air medium-range missiles; six R-73 and R-60 air-to-air short range missiles; four pods of S-5, S-8, S-24 unguided rockets; air bombs weighing up to 3,000kg and 30mm built-in aircraft gun with 150 rounds of ammunition.

Carriage of the Kh-31A/P antiship / antiradar missile was added later, with the N019M radar updated to N019MP to permit ground-attack / ship-attack targeting, and the Pastel RWR coupled with an external pod to permit targeting of radar "emitters". The MiG-29SM was just a start, however, with the the new "Rossiskaya Samoletostroitelnaya Korporatsiya MiG (RSK MiG)" organization moving on to promote a range of improved MiG-29 variants. The sensor system enhancements made the MiG-29M a true multirole aircraft. It was fitted with a total of eight stores pylons, four under each wing, as opposed to the total of six of previous MiG-29 variants. The wings were strengthened to carry a total warload of 4,500 kilograms (9,920 pounds). The two inboard pylons on each wing could carry a maximum of 1,000 kilograms (2,200 pounds) each, while the two outboard pylons could carry up to 500 kilograms (1,100 pounds) each. In addition to stores carried by the earlier variants, the MiG-29 could carry "smart" weapons. Typical smart munitions included:

The MiG-29M could also carry the advanced "R-77" (NATO "AA-12 Adder") AAM, sometimes referred to as the "AMRAAMski", since it is comparable to the US AIM-120 AMRAAM missile. The R-77 has a range of about 100 kilometers (60 miles), and a fully active radar seeker for "fire and forget" operation. The R-73 / AA-11 Archer was one of the first "off-boresight" AAMs, capable of being locked on a target using a helmet-mounted sight, provided as part of the Fulcrum-A's kit. It is regarded as agile, with good counter-countermeasures, and vastly superior to the R-60 / AA-8 Aphid, which was only carried by Soviet MiG-29s early on. However, export users rarely got the R-73 / AA-11, and had to make do with the R-60 / AA-8. The Fulcrum-A could also occasionally carry a single long-range "R-27B (NATO AA-10 Alamo-B)" heat-seeking missile in place of one of the R-27R Alamo-As. The Alamo-B allowed long-range attacks without requiring telltale radar emissions from the launch aircraft.

The RSAF downplayed these “leaks” and denied them. However, the acquisition of AESA equipped latest generation F-15s by the RSAF (as versus more F-16s) speaks for itself in terms of the RSAF acquiring a “heavy-medium” mix as versus relying on F-16s alone. The RMAF (Malaysian AF) fields Su-30MKMs, which are derivatives of the IAF Su-30MKIs. MIG-29 Fulcrum is a breakthrough in avionics warfare. It's a highly sensitive Combat Aircraft. Me too a Very proud Indian having it in Several versions (Mig-29, Mig-29K & Fulcrum) in our AF & Navy.. The ejection seats of the К-36-3,5 family are designed to be used as a part of the emergency escape system for single-seat and two-seat combat/combat & training aircraft. MiG-29 it's a front-line fighter, designed in seventies to cooperate with a bigger air-superiority fighter Product 9-12 is first variant of serial MiG-29, produced for USSR air force between 1982 and 1986..

* The Indian Air Force (IAF) was an early export user of the MiG-29, having obtained 70, including 5 two-seaters, from 1985 -- as early adopters they suffered from some technical problems, but they were eventually resolved. The IAF ordered 21 new machines in 2019 to flesh out a new squadron, with the survivors of the existing fleet being given a mid-life update as well, with improved avionics and support of the latest munitions. The second cockpit was not raised significantly, since that would have degraded performance. As a result, the back-seat instructor had a poor forward view, but was provided with a periscope that popped up when the landing gear was extended to provide a better forward view. Some fuel capacity was deleted to make space for the back-seat cockpit. Since the MiG-29UB was not intended to be combat-capable, the chaff-flare dispenser strakes were not fitted, and the N-019 radar was replaced by a onboard simulator module. The MiG-29UB had the 30-millimeter cannon and could launch heat-seeking AAMs, but not radar-guided AAMs, and had no target tracking capability. Removal of the radar gave the MiG-29UB a smaller nose that arguably improved its appearance. The MiG-29UBT featured a swollen spine to store more fuel, with the larger dorsal airbrake and the beavertail of the MiG-29SMT, and also could be fitted with a bolt-on inflight refueling probe. The front-seater's cockpit layout was very much like that of the MiG-29SMT; the back-seater still had flight controls, but the rear panel layout also featured a large CRT to display TV or infrared camera imagery provided by external pods. While the MiG-29UBT could be used as a trainer, its focus was clearly for roles such as precision strike, with the back-seater targeting and guiding smart munitions while the pilot flew the aircraft. No radar system was fitted to the MiG-29UBT demonstrator, but production machines were to be fitted with an advanced multimode radar.

#MiG_29 credit author pic.twitter.com/lCCpFlCmT1. #شاهد #صورة الطائرة طراز #Mig_29 وسلاحها عن قرب أثناء تحليقها المكثف في سماء #الغوطة_الشرقية صباح اليوم دون أن.. Initial flight of the first MiG-29SMT prototype was on 29 November 1997, with Marat Alykov at the controls. This machine was a modification of a company demonstrator that had already been used in the earlier MiG-29S effort, and did not include all the features expected for the "production" MiG-29SMT. The first full-standard MiG-29SMT, also a conversion of a company demonstrator, performed its first flight on 14 July 1998, piloted by the MiG organization's new chief test pilot, Vladimir Gorbunov. This aircraft was demonstrated at the Farnborough Air Show in the UK in 1998. The KAB-500L is the baseline laser semi-active homing 500 kg guided bomb developed for the FA-VVS and widely exported since the end of the Cold War. It achieved IOC in 1979. Mig Jimenez. High quality pigments, washes, streaking, filters, oils, acrylic paints, modulation sets, DVDs, the weathering magazine and much AMMO by Mig Jimenez. The ammunition for modelling A slot antenna array is fitted on to the radar. This offers an increased detection range and enhanced target recognition than previous generation radars. It is capable of tracking up to ten air targets, while engaging four targets simultaneously in air-to-air mode.

Rheinmetall's modular ASTERION training system allows practical and standardised training for both maintenance and aircrew personnel. ASTERION is an integrated, holistic training concept for all training phases to combine computer-based training with embedded virtual simulation.After automatic separation of the pilot from the seat, the recovery parachute canopy is inflated providing the pilot’s safe descent. A portable survival kit, which is separated from the seat together with the pilot, supports his/her vital functions after landing or water landing, makes the pilot search easier, and the ПСН-1 life raft supports the pilot floatation on the surface of water.The aircraft is installed with a multifunctional, multi-mode, lightweight pulse doppler airborne radar Zhuk-ME, which was developed by Phazotron-NIIR. The aircraft had three stores pylons under each wing, for a total of six. In the air-superiority role, it carried a mix of two "beyond visual range (BVR)" "R-27R / AKU-470" semi-active radar homing (SARH) air-to-air missiles (AAMs), with the NATO reporting name of "AA-10 Alamo-A", and four "R-60 (NATO AA-8 Aphid)" AAMs or "R-73 (NATO AA-11 Archer)" heat-seeking short-range "dogfighting" AAMs. Kh-29L Missile weight: 660 kg Length: 3900 mm Diameter: 400 mm Wingspan:  1100 mm Minimum range*: 3 km Maximum range: 8 – 10 km Height of launch: 0.2 – 5 km Engine: fixed thrust, solid fuel rocket Fuze type: impact Guidance system: passive TV Warhead: high-explosive penetrating Warhead weight: 320 kg

It is armed with two R-27ER1(R1), two R-27ET1(T1) and six RVV-AE medium-range air-to-air missiles; six R-73E short-range air-to-air missiles; four KAB-500Kr / KAB-500L guided bombs; and a 30mm Gsh-301 built-in air gun.The weapon uses the Azov 27N or later 27N1 semi-active laser homing seeker using an annular airfoil and optical design similar to the Paveway I/II series. It will provide similar characteristics to the baseline Paveway I/II seeker. The cited CEP is 7 to 10 metres which is consistent with this style of seeker and the bang-bang control loop technology involved. In another compensation, a Fulcrum-A pilot sat on one of the best ejection seats in the world, the rocket-boosted Zvezda "K-36D" seat with "zero-zero (zero speed, zero altitude)" capability. The West got an impressive demonstration of the K-36D at the Paris Air Show in 1989, when pilot Anatoliy Kvotchur had to leave his MiG-29 in a big hurry after losing an engine due to a birdstrike. The ejection seat got him out neatly in the split second before the aircraft smashed into the ground and became a fireball. Used in two modes: in shared one with autofollowing target acquisition performed by radar homing head that is situated on the load under the carrier. In automated one with autofollowing target acquisition performed by radar homing head on the missile’s path (after launching) over a distance in 7-20 km to the target. Carrier crew decides which mode is better depending on flight altitude and target. After the cross shape generator of carrier’s radar has found its target and sent a command, it begins the calculation of authorized launching zone and informs about the launching preparation process.  Early production Fulcrum-As had small ventral fins on the bottom of the tail, directly under the tailfins, but they were judged unnecessary and deleted. Chaff-flare dispensers were then added, in the form as distinctive "strakes" fitted on top of the wing as forward extensions of the tailfins. Each dispenser could accommodate 30 chaff cartridges or 30 flare cartridges, for a total load of 60. This addition was a direct consequence of Soviet combat experience in Afghanistan, where American "Stinger" heat-seeking man-portable surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) provided to the Afghan mujahedin warriors had proven a dangerous threat to Soviet aircraft.

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