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Remember, accidentals only apply within the given measure. Measures are separated by bar lines, a thin, vertical straight line that passes through the four spaces of the staff, as pictured below. (There will be more about measures and bar lines in a future article “Learn How to Read Music: Rhythms”.)Counting Rhythms Time Signatures Reading Exercises Reading Syncopation Accents and Markings Basics of Pitches Intervals Flats & Sharps Key Signatures Clefs & Staves DS, DC, & Repeat Signs How to Transpose Music The Circle of Fifhs Reading Exercises- TipsAn extremely helpful device to remember all of the different major and minor scales and their flats or sharps is called the Circle of Fifths. This is the best friend of many students studying music theory.The key signature is the set of sharps and flats written out on the staff. These symbols tell a player which key they’re playing in. You’ll then stay in this key until the next key signature appears. Tokyo Metro's subway map information. You can download Tokyo Metro Subway Map available in 8 languages; English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese (simplified / traditional), Korean, and Russian

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  1. Another feature of sheet music that can be confusing is the key signature. The key signature shows the default sharps and flats. The examples above are in the key of C, so they do not have any defaults; none of the notes are automatically sharp or flat. Heres a better example of a key signature, the G Major key:
  2. One of the most important markings specific to piano is pedal markings. These illustrate where to depress the pedal and, often, how long to sustain it for. You will see this in the music as the abbreviation ‘Ped.; or sometimes as a bracket underneath the line of music.
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  4. As its name indicates, the bass clef is used by instruments with lower registers, like the cello, trombone or bassoon. The lower registers of the piano are notated in the bass clef. For beginning pianists, notes on the bass clef staff will be played with the left hand.
  5. If a sharp or flat precedes a note at the beginning of a measure, that note remains sharp or flat for the entirety of the measure. For example, instead of writing it is much easier to write . When played, these two measures would sound exactly the same.
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You are commenting using your Facebook account. ( Log Out /  Change ) The bars are the lines at the end of a measure. If there are four beats to a measure, there will be a bar after four beats. Don’t confuse these with repeat signs which are bars accompanied by two dots and instruct a player to repeat the measure or set. Sodi World Series Turku - Oulu - Helsinki - Vantaa. Normaalit tapahtumat pitävät totta kai sisällään ajoa radalla. Alla hinnasto karting tapahtumalle Subway Modernisation News and information about the Subway's upgrade. Glasgow Subway Map consists of 15 stations in a circle - Buchanan Street, St. Enoch, Bridge Street, West Street, Shields.. Many musicians often get their start playing the piano or keyboard. In fact, students who go on to study music in college are required to take a piano proficiency course. It is helpful to have an understanding of the piano keyboard, especially when we discuss scales, in the next section.

You may be wondering why this scale is called A-natural minor, and not simply A-minor. That is because there are three types of minor scale. The natural minor scale makes no alteration to the notes in the indicated key signature; in other words, there are no accidentals. Osaka Municipal Subway's Midosuji Line is an important rapid transit underground railway service running north-south in Osaka city. It runs for much of its course under Midosuji Avenue, central.. Tokyo Subway: read a guide to using the Tokyo metro system including information on Tokyo subway lines, fares, pre-paid cards and women-only cars Now that you have a basic understanding of the piano keyboard and the distance between the notes, let’s talk about scales!

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Hinnasto. Yhteystiedot. Hinnasto. Aikuisten käyntikerrat voimassa kaksi vuotta, lasten ja alennusryhmien vuoden latauspäivästä Myytävät asunnot Oulu Vuokra-asunnot Oulu Asuntojen hinnat Oulu Kiinteistönvälitys Oulu Oulu Meiltä löydät myytävät asunnot Oulu, oli tarpeesi mikä vain! Tuhansien kohteiden ja satojen.. One of the most interesting things about learning piano is that it’s truly like learning a new language – just as you learn how to decode words on a page to read them aloud, you are learning to unlock the symbols on the page to play music. It’s a whole different world, and this article will help you to more easily understand what all the symbols mean. That way, when you look at a piece of sheet music, you won’t think it’s Greek; you’ll see music!

Take a look at Example 2a below. Because there is a bar line separating the fourth note from the fifth note, the fifth note is actually a B-natural, not a B-flat. The six notes below read B-flat, C, A, B-flat, B-natural, C. Oulu. What would you like to eat at Oulu Airport

Subway is a popular fast food restaurant chain established in 1965. The eatery is well known for selling its line of submarine sandwiches and healthy alternative food choices in comparison to its competing fast food rivals Toimipaikat. Silmäsairaala Oulu You will also see a marking indicating what tempo the piece should be played (for example, allegro, indicating lively, or largo, indicating very slow). As you progress on the piano, you’ll get to know these common sheet music terms very well. Sometimes this also includes a specific metronome marking, which is a guideline to understand the range of tempi that are possible.All major scales are comprised of the following pattern of tones: whole-step, whole-step, half-step, whole-step, whole-step, whole-step, half-step.

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Parainen. Turku. Oulu. Poikkeavat aukioloajat This post will focus on the geography of basic sheet music to give you a better understanding of what all those lines, squiggles, and dots are trying to say. Tuntikohtainen sääennuste kohteelle Oulu. Sademäärä, tuntuu kuin -lämpötila. Vertaile Ilmatieteen laitoksen ja Forecan ennusteita You will see a marking similar to a hairpin for a crescendo, or gradual increase in sound, and a reverse hairpin for a decrescendo, or gradual decrease in sound. The location and length of the crescendo and decrescendo markings show you how long they should last and where to begin and end them.

Now you know almost all the notes, but we're still missing some! In order to make a note sharp you place a '#' on the left side of it. To play this you move up the scale - or to the right - from the original note by half a note (usually to a black key). Subway Surfers. Build Royale. New Games. Play Subway Surfers now on subway-games.com Very well, now that you know where the Treble Clef is, you can register all the other notes following the same logic that we saw.As you now know, there is a whole-step between A and B, but in a major scale, that distance needs to be a half-step. Therefore, we lower the pitch of the B by a half-step to B-flat. (For the record, in a written scale, you never have two notes containing the same letter name. In the F-major scale, you would never see the B-flat written as an A-sharp.)

We have reviews of the best places to see in Oulu. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions No its haram if you go to mc donalas or subway try paneer it awesome it gives the same taste as And I request even the Hindus not eat in any of the KC, Mac Donald, Subway and any other such.. First, let’s take a look a piece of sheet music; then, read on to learn more about each element:

New York Post. subways. NYC homeless outreach workers MIA for cleaning shutdown at Herald As the subway system closed down for a scrub-down from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. some homeless wandered off.. The distance between the second and third notes of a major scale is a whole-step. Since there is only a half-step between E and F, we need to raise the F by a half-step to an F-sharp. The same is true between the sixth and seventh notes of the scale, which is why there is a written C-sharp.  Sheet Music is music written down on paper (or Computer.) Just like reading to read and write your language is important, reading and writing music is important. I take you step by step to understand how to read sheet music. This course doesn't pertain to a certain instrument so no matter what instrument you play you can benefit from this. This is a great step in playing, writing, or just enjoying music more.  Subway Movies and Documentaries. Other Subway Web Sites. bus.nycsubway.org - Bus Photo The subway's track gauge (distance between rails) is the same as that of most major American Railroads.. Search thousands of teachers for local and live, online lessons. Sign up for safe, affordable private lessons today!

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  1. The treble clef, pictured below, is also known as the ‘G-clef’. This is because the curve in the clef encircles the second line of the staff, which is called a ‘G’ on the treble clef staff. The treble clef is used by instruments that have higher registers, like the flute, violin and trumpet. The higher registers of the piano are notated in the treble clef as well. For beginning pianists, notes on the treble clef staff will be played with the right hand.
  2. Subway Movies and Documentaries. Other Subway Web Sites. bus.nycsubway.org - Bus Photo Collection. The Independent, or IND, was the last of the three former competing subway systems
  3. The notes may also have a dot after them, indicating that they should be played times longer. If eighth notes or lower lie one after another they are tied together. The notes that have a 3 on top of them in Music MasterWorks are triplet notes, which fall into odd fractions such as 1/12 or 1/24. Often in sheet music when triplets are tied together they look just like the eighth or sixteenth notes tied together, and you have to count how many of them there are in a measure/bar to figure out if they are triplets.
  4. If you were to start the scale on a note other than C, you would need to add sharps or flats to maintain this pattern of tones. Let’s take a look at the F-major scale.
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  6. Yes, D flat is the exact same note as C sharp, E flat is the exact same note as D sharp, etc. Remember that there is no E sharp/F flat or B sharp/C flat. You can see that the piano is missing those black keys (unless you consider F to be E sharp, E to be F flat, etc, as you might encounter in some advanced sheet music). The piano is arranged so that the all the white keys are in the key of C which is the most used combination of notes.
  7. Here, the note on the top line, an F, is automatically sharp because of the key signature, making it an F#. The sharp is repeated every octave, though, so the note near the bottom line, an F as well, is also automatically sharp.

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  1. Subway is a popular fast food restaurant chain established in 1965. The eatery is well known for selling its line of submarine sandwiches and healthy alternative food choices in comparison to its competing fast food rivals
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  3. Starting at the bottom LINE and moving up, the notes are G, B, D, F, and A. A saying to remember these is (G)ood (B)oys (D)eserve (F)udge (A)lways.
  4. The cheapest way to get from Oulu to Helsinki costs only 18€, and the quickest way takes just 3 hours. How to get from Oulu to Helsinki by plane, train, bus, night train or car. Find Transport
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Focusing on the notes now, we'll begin at the bottom of the bass clef and work our way up into the treble clef. Oulu. Pudasjärvi. Pyhäjoki. Yhteystiedot. About FinCCHTA. MRC Oulu. Opetustoiminta. Lääketieteen opetus

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Sharps in the key signature raise the pitch of notes on the corresponding line or space by a half-step. Different keys are defined by the number of sharps (or flats) in the key signature, also proceeding from left to right. Sharps are added to a key signature in the following order: FCGDAEB. For example, if you one sharp in the key signature, it will always be F-sharp. If you have four sharps, they will always be F-sharp, C-sharp, G-sharp and D-sharp, and so on.Sometimes a piece will have multiple endings that should be played one after the other. In this case, you would find a repeat sign at the end of the first ending, and then you would play the second ending after repeating the first half of the song.

Löydä täältä parhaat Subway kupongit kaupungissa Oulu sekä uusimmat tarjoukset ja alennuskoodit tuoteryhmässä Ravintolat. ✅ Säästä Lähimmät myymälät Subway kohteessa Oulu ja lähialueilla (7) Sometimes a composer or arranger may put a “courtesy” natural (or sharp or flat) at the beginning of the measure, as in example 2b below. This is a friendly reminder that the previous accidental no longer applies. Both examples 2a and 2b would sound exactly the same when played.Learn How to Read Sheet Music: Rhythms Learn How to Read Sheet Music: List of Basic Musical Symbols Learn How to Read Sheet Music: Dynamics, Articulations and Tempo Oulu (ruots. Uleåborg) on Suomen kaupunki ja Pohjois-Pohjanmaan maakuntakeskus, joka sijaitsee Oulujoen suulla Perämeren rannikolla Pohjois-Pohjanmaan maakunnassa. Vuonna 1605 perustettu Oulu on Pohjois-Suomen vanhin ja väkiluvultaan Suomen viidenneksi suurin kaupunki ja neljänneksi..

The bass clef, pictured in the examples below, is also known as the ‘F-Clef’ because the fourth line of the staff passes between the two dots. The note located on this line of the bass clef staff is an ‘F’. In early music notation, hundreds of years ago, this clef sometimes moved around. The ‘F’ was located on whichever line passed between the two dots. In other words, the F might have been on the third line instead of the fourth line! Today, the ‘F-Clef’ does not move around and is known interchangeably as the bass clef. SUBWAY is an international chain with over 40,000 restaurants in over 100 countries. Stjarnan Ltd. runs 22 SUBWAY restaurants all over Iceland You are commenting using your Google account. ( Log Out /  Change ) Now let’s make clear what is the relation of these “dots” in the paper have with the instrument. In the image below are shown the octaves of a common piano. Notice that each C has a different position in the staff, depending on the octave it is located. We will use a number beside each letter C to say which octave it is located:

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A good way to learn the notes on a staff is to play our free game, Note Attack. In this game, a note goes across the staff and you have to hit the key for that note A-G. To flat the note, hold down the left shift key first, to sharp the note hold down the right shift key first. You can also hook up a MIDI keyboard/piano to your computer (using a special cable) and guess the notes by hitting the piano keys. You can download it here:The third type of minor scale is the melodic minor scale. This one is a bit tricky, because it is different ascending than descending. (All scales discussed previously are the same ascending and descending.) In the melodic minor scale, the sixth and seventh notes of the scale are raised by a half-step going up and return to their original pitch, as indicated by the key signature, on the way down.

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Ledger lines are used to notate pitches below or above the regular lines and spaces of the staff. ‘Middle C’, one of the first notes beginning music students learn, is located on a ledger line between the bass clef and treble clef staffs. You can see how it is notated in both of these clefs in the examples below.The note names on the spaces of the bass clef staff are A-C-E-G. Some helpful mnemonics to remember this are “All Cows Eat Grass” or “All Cars Eat Gas”. Hinnasto ja oheispalvelut. Henkilöjäsenen liittymis- ja jäsenmaksut Liittymismaksu on 400 e ja jäsenmaksu 125 euroa/vuosi (2020) Nuorisojäsen (15-21 -vuotias) maksaa liittyessään vain..

The notes that fall into the relative SPACES in between are called F, A, C, and E. This is easy to remember because it spells FACE.A common complaint I hear about Music MasterWorks is that the staff notation is just too difficult to learn. Usually I refer these people to the piano roll option of displaying notes (which can be selected in the drop-down list where Staff is displayed). However, reading music isnt that difficult once you get past some of the tricks.The foundation of the written musical language is the staff. It is made up of five lines and four spaces, as seen below. The lines are numbered 1-5 starting from the bottom line. The spaces are numbered 1-4 starting with the bottom space (in between lines 1 and 2).

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SUBWAY Hinnasto. Mäntyharju Naantali Nivala Nokia Oulainen Oulu Outokumpu Parikkala Pieksämäki Pietarsaari Pirkkala Pori Porvoo Punkalaidun Pyhäjoki Pyhäjärvi Pyhäntä Pöytyä Raahe Raasepori.. BrE in the subway: In some sort of pedestrian underpass, possibly one that goes under a road. I think on the subway means on the train, whereas you would not usually say in the subway, in the.. Calculations of sunrise and sunset in Oulu - Finland for May 2020. Generic astronomy calculator to calculate times for sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset for many cities, with daylight saving time and..

Subway Clash 3D is a free single-player shooter game from a third-person view with a cartoon graphics. Subway Clash Remastered is re-released version of the classic Subway Clash 3D.. The Time Signature is the fraction shown on the staff. The examples above use 4/4 time, which means there are 4 quarter notes per measure. A time signature of 3/8 would mean that 3 eighth notes could fit into 1 measure.

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Flats in the key signature lower the pitch of notes on the corresponding line or space by a half-step (or semitone). This transfers to all octaves. Different keys are defined by the number of flats (or sharps) in the key signature, starting with the leftmost and moving to the right. Flats are added to a key signature in the following order: BEADGCF. For example, if there is only one flat in the key signature, it will always be B-flat. If there are three flats, they will always be B-flat, E-flat and A-flat, and so on.The symbol on the left-most side of the staff is called the clef, and it indicates the pitch of all the notes that will be placed on the lines to follow. There are three types of clef that you’ll find during your piano classes: F, C, and G. G is the curving “G” type symbol that many are familiar with. F is the backward “C” curve with two dots. C is an unusual “B” type character that many won’t ever see throughout their entire musical career. Treble clefs denote higher notes, while bass clefs signify lower ones.Another marking you may see will indicate the mood of a particular passage. So you may see espressivo (play with great emotion) or appassionato (play passionately) marked in the music, among many others.Observation: Sheet music for guitar is displaced of one octave in relation to the piano. Actually, Central C in the piano corresponds to the C place in the second string of the guitar. This displaced definition was chosen to help the writing, because if it wasn’t like this, the writing in the guitar would need a lot of Ledger Lines to represent the most common and simple chords. The right thing to do to represent the sheet music is putting the symbol “8” in the Treble Clef, indicating that the representation is displaced of one octave in relation to Central C in the piano:

The note head and flag signify the duration of each note. Here are the notes from longest to shortest duration: Oyunskor.com adresinde Subway Clash 3D oyununu ücretsiz çevrimiçi oynayın! Bullets are fired in every direction in this crazy and fun shooter game! Get equipped and take down your enemies with..

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Idealinja 13, 90410 Oulu. oulu@evidensia.fi. 0201 750 170. Tänään: Avoinna ympäri vuorokauden. Yleistä. Varaa aika. Hinnasto. Ennen käyntiä The SPACES in between these notes are A, C, E, and G. A phrase to help remember these notes is (A)ll (C)ows (E)at (G)rass.Sheet music registers the harmonic, rhythmic and melodic ideas. This is why, while reading this chapter, you will probably remember that moment when you learned the alphabet. The same way you memorized the sound of each letter, you will also need to memorize the way that each note is shown in the paper. In the end you will be dominating a new language! Let’s start: Aava Keravan Terveyspuisto. Oulu. Hinnasto. Inbody kehonkoostumusmittaus

Sharps and flats are the symbols that tell a piano player to raise or lower the pitch of the presented note. The sharp symbol is the hash sign (#) and tells you to go one pitch higher. The flat symbol is a lowercase italicized “b” and tells you to go one pitch lower. Sharps and flats usually end up being the black keys a half step up or down from the regular note.Ledger lines are used sometimes in music notation because it makes the notes easier to read than constantly changing between clefs. There can be an infinite number of ledger lines above or below any staff, but it can be difficult to read the music if there are more than three. At that point, it is usually wise to change clefs. For example, writing the following on the treble clef staff Ticket and Transfer. About route and fare inquiry, ticket and timetable

Start from: 2016 Present-Day Map. 2025 Planned Subway Map. 1972 Vignelli Map The order in which flats or sharps are added to a key signature is so important because, in Western music, much of the melody and harmony of a piece is built using the notes of a single scale. Scales are a set of notes ordered by a combination of whole steps and half steps. There are several types of scales in the musical language; this article will focus on major and minor scales. Omapajan tarina. Kokemuksia. Hinnasto. Hinnasto. Palkkalaskuri

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  1. The top is the Treble clef (played with the right hand), representing all the notes above Middle C, and the bottom is the Bass clef (played with the left hand), representing all the notes below Middle C.
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  4. Another category of markings you will see is for articulation, or the way in which notes begin and end. In the written music, you will see symbols like accents (similar to a forward arrow), indicating to play the note with emphasis, or staccato (a dot above the note), indicating to play the note with space before the next note (slightly shorter than full value). You will also see slurs, lines that slope above or below a group of notes, which signify to connect the notes smoothly together as you play them.
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  1. Here the Fs are sharp by the key signature. To cancel out the key signature for the 5th note, a natural sign is used.
  2. Observation: You should have noticed that the first thing that you have to know “by heart” to read sheet music is the sequence of notes, backwards and vice versa!
  3. If we take Example 1a above and wish to make the second B-flat a B-natural, it would look like Example 1b below, which reads B-flat, C, A, B-natural.
  4. Leirintäalueen Camping Hinnasto. Nallikari Lomakylän leirintäalue on avoinna ympäri vuoden, tervetuloa viihtymään! Camping Hinnasto 2020. Mökkien ja huviloiden hinnat löydät täält
  5. Heres the same notes as shown above represented on piano keys, numbered in the order theyre played:

The note names on the lines of the bass clef staff are G-B-D-F-A. Some helpful mnemonics to jog your memory are “Good Boys Do Fine Always” or “Good Boys Deserve Fudge Always”. Let us know what you come up with!Here are a few terms that’ll help you start to make sense of the piano classes you’re trying to master and will help while trying to figure out how to read sheet music:

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Subway Surfers Лос-Анджелес Игра Subway Surfers New Orleans - Новый Орлеан Subway Surfers Мексика Subway Surfers.. A helpful way to remember the order in which flats and sharps are added to a key signature is to recognize that they are the reverse of each other. As you can see in the image below, flats are added to the notes from left to right and sharps are added to the notes from right to left. Hinnasto Subway Ride Lyrics. [Instrumental]. More on Genius. 1. Subway Ride. 2. Central Park

So, the next time you pull out your piano sheet music, don’t feel overwhelmed. Instead, try going on a treasure hunt for these markings and symbols, and see what you discover about the music itself as a result!But not all the writers put this symbol, so be attentive to the instrument in question to locate it correctly. We will continue teaching how to read sheet music in the next topic:

The symbol that looks like a pound sign or hashtag is a sharp sign. It indicates that the note it precedes should be raised by a semitone. The note in the example is a C-sharp. Oulu Oulu Sinfonia. Oulun kaupunginteatteri. Seuroille ja yhdistyksille. Vuorojen haku ja varaus. Hinnasto ja yhteystiedot

Subway One-Way Valid on: Subway. Departures. Filter. Subway. Bus. Rail All natural minor scales are comprised of the following pattern of tones: whole-step, half-step, whole-step, whole-step, half-step, whole-step, whole-step.

Studiokuvausten hinnasto. Hinnat sisältävät 30-60 kpl käsiteltyä kuvaa tilattavaksi verkkokaupasta hinnaston mukaan. 08 347 311. Paljetie 4, 90140 Oulu. info(a)studioollila.fi Hinnasto. Maksut. Lähtömaksu After the key signature comes the time signature: usually two numbers, one above the other, that tell you how many beats are in each measure and what type of note (quarter, eighth, half, etc.) is equal to one beat. Ride the rails like a local with insider tips and tricks on how to navigate the City's subway system like a New York City's famed subway is by many measures the largest mass transit system in the world.. Directions via Subway. By Subway By Bus By Car From Airport By Bicycle. Download the Seoul Subway app to your Android device for easy English directions

In the harmonic minor scale, the seventh note of the scale is raised by one half-step. In the A-harmonic minor scale, the G becomes a G-sharp.Still struggling with understanding how the notes translate to the keys? Check out my visual intro to the piano keys!

Learning to play the piano can be fun, exhilarating, and pretty overwhelming from the start. If you’ve started piano lessons for beginners and feel like you’re reading Chinese, you’re not alone when figuring out how to reach sheet music. Personal training -palvelut ja hinnasto. Yksilövalmennukset. Valmennuspaketit*. Pienryhmävalmennukset. Ilmoittaudu mukaan. Hinnasto. Tutustu hinnastoon Puhelun hinta lanka- sekä matkaliittymästä 8,4 snt/min. Kuvantamisen hinnasto. 397,00 €. Tampere, Oulu. perustutkimus Subways of North America [[A subway-line style (bold colored, 45-degree aligned lines with white bars indicating stations) map has been constructed by combining and linking various parts of the subway.. Taksikyydin hinta OTAXI Oulu alueella. OTAXI Oulun takseissa luotettavat enimmäishinnat, kaikki hinnat nähtävissä täältä

This pattern repeats several times on a keyboard. There is a half-step between every key on the piano, whether you are moving from a white key to a black key or a white key to a white key. Even though there is no black key between E and F or between B and C, each pair is still only a half-step apart. Because there is a black between C and D, D and E, etc., we call the distance between those pairs of notes a whole-step.Remember how we discussed earlier that a sharp raises the pitch of a note by a half-step and a flat lowers the pitch of a note by a half-step? The black keys perform this function on a piano. For example, the black key you see between C and D sounds a C-sharp or a D-flat. Visually, it makes complete sense because the black key is positioned above the C and below the D. The note between D and E is a D-sharp or an E-flat, and so on. Shanghai subway line 10, shaped in Letter Y, has 31 stations and using 1h to finish the journey. It connects city downtown with central and southeast areas and passes Yuyuan Garden, City God.. The note names on the lines of the treble clef are E-G-B-D-F. Some mnemonics to help you remember this are “Every Good Boy Does Fine”, “Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge”, or “Elvis’s Guitar Broke Down Friday”. Come up with your own and let us know in the comments!Every major scale has a relative minor scale. A relative minor scale shares the same key signature as its major scale, but it begins on the sixth note of the major scale. For example, A is the sixth note of the C-major scale, which makes A-minor the relative minor scale of C-major. Look at the F-major and D-major scales above? What is the relative minor scale for each of those major scales? Hint: find the sixth note of the scale.

These markings tell you how loudly or softly to play the music, and when to gradually increase or decrease the sound. The letter ‘p’ indicates to play piano, or softly, while the letter ‘f’ stands for forte, or to play loudly.Now we'll move up to the treble Clef. Continuing to the notes placed on the LINES, these are E, G, B, D, and F. A good way to remember this is to change the previous phrase around into (E)very (G)ood (B)oy (D)eserves (F)udge. In order to make a note flat, you would place the simble looking like 'b' to the left of it. To play this you move down the scale - or to the left - of the original note by half a note. The Nagoya Municipal Subway (名古屋市営地下鉄, Nagoya Shiei Chikatetsu) is a rapid transit system serving Nagoya, the capital of Aichi Prefecture in Japan. It consists of six lines that cover 93.3 kilometers (58.0 mi) of route and serve 87 stations The first thing to recognize is the grand staff. It is composed of two staffs (or groups of five parallel lines) joined together. The top staff uses the treble clef, while the bottom staff uses the bass clef. In general, the treble clef is where right hand notes are placed, while the bass clef is where left hand notes are placed. Once you know the piano note names, you will be able to read from the two staffs to play the correct notes with the correct hand. Home/Transportation/Seoul Subway/Seoul Subway Map. A large version of the Seoul Subway map can be viewed here or by clicking the map below

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