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  1. Just run the Start Killer and the Start Button will be killed. Since version 7.0 Start Killer removes the start button on the Windows 10 as well as on other Windows versions
  2. The other area is the darker strip on the right. These are shortcuts for locations on your computer. We'll explore these options in later sections, especially the Control Panel and Computer options. But one more thing to notice in the dark area on the right of the Start menu is the Shut down button. Clicking this will obviously shut down your computer, but click the arrow to the right of the Shutdown button to see the following options:
  3. Windows 7 comes with a new look and a lot of things changed. If you miss the old versions, maybe you want to change the Start Orb or Start Button with a custom one. You can backup and restore if needed. When you are used to the use of Windows 7, you will still want to personalize the display function then Windows 7 Start Button Changer is the best option for you. This is a tool which is lightweight that just uses a plug and use option. It is a simple application which comes in handy to aid in all manner of display features. You can use the customization settings of the application which aids in handling the personification operations.
  4. Log in to your PC from using the new user profile. Check whether the start menu and button are working or not. If you still find the same issue follow the next step.
  5. istrator. It will automatically fix the problem.
  6. Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth3. Use powershell to fix windows start button: “Appx PowerShell cmdlet” can be used to fix windows problems.
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The Start button is a small button that displays the Windows logo and is always displayed at the left end of the Taskbar in Windows 10. To display the Start menu or the Start screen within Windows 10.. Its a real pleasure to release Windows 7 Start Button Changer. This freeware portable app allows you change the Windows 7 Start Orb or Button easily. Download en Pressing the Start button will start the calculation. When it finishes and if it has found a solution en If you are using the Windows 2000 operating system, click the Start button and click Eject PC

Free. Size: 0.6 MB. Windows. Windows 7 Start Button Changer is a simple and lightweight application which enables you to enhance the appearance of your Windows 7 system by changing.. Enable Start Button: Once it is installed, Classic Shell will generally always be running. The Start menu will still be available via the Windows key, but the Start button itself will not be present Instant sound effect button of Windows XP Start. omarjunior, Pokerade221, 0940520, dasilvaj4, Krm, +1271 favorited this sound button Start button in Windows 10 play very important role, but what if Start button not working in Windows 10? It is really annoying and I can bet on this. It sounds like a simple issue, but it is counted as one.. This is a compilation of featured Windows 7/Vista Start buttons. To download a button, right click the image -> Save image as/Save picture as. Then open Start Menu Settings and go to the 'Start Menu..

We have four recently opened documents that we can click on. These will then open in Word. In Windows 10, 8.1, we have new features that can be used in order to personalize the Start So, if you want to change color of start button and menu in Windows 8.1 just go to your Start Screen and.. For Windows 8 users, Start Button 8 offers a way to get back the traditional start menu. It doesn't block access to the Windows 8 Modern UI but it does make it a bit more cumbersome to get to In the picture are examples of the different Start buttons in Windows. The gray Start at the top was the first Start, featured in early versions of Microsoft Windows. In the second picture, this green Start made a brief appearance in Windows XP. Next, the "Start" text was removed and made into the Start Orb with the Windows logo in a circle and used with Windows Vista and Windows 7. In Windows 8.1 and 10, the orb was removed and only shows the updated version of the Windows logo. Related: windows 7 start menu, windows 7 service pack 2, windows 8 start button, windows 10 Tweaks.com Start for Windows 8. Bring back the Start Button while preserving the new modern..

Software can be launched by clicking on an icon with the left mouse button. However, the yellow folders will expand when you click on them, revealing more options available to you. For example, clicking on the yellow Games folder will reveal the following:As you can see, there are five options on the menu. The first is useful if you share your computer with others, and have set up multiple accounts. Click Switch user to see other account names. A user can then enter details without the need to shutdown the computer and start again. The Log Off option logs you out of your account. Again, the computer doesn't shut down. Instead, you'll see a screen where you or others can log back in again. The Lock option prevents others from using the computer until you enter your password again. (You'll learn how to set up multiple users accounts in a later section.)

Windows 8.1 Start Button Changer is a freeware from door2windows which lets you easily change the start button in Windows 8.1. To revert to the original start button, click the Restore button Sometimes, Windows start button does not work in Windows 10 desktop or laptop and as a result start button is not working issue may appear Windows 10 re-introduced the Start menu in a revised form. It uses a two column design similar to Windows 7's version, except that the right side is populated by tiles, similarly to Windows 8's Start screen. Applications can be pinned to the right half, and their respective tiles can be resized and grouped into user-specified categories. The left column displays a vertical list, containing frequently-used applications, and links to the "All apps" menu, File Explorer, Settings, and power options. Some of these links, and additional links to folders such as Downloads, Pictures, and Music, can be added through Settings' "Choose which folders appear on Start" page. The Start menu can be resized, or be placed in a full-screen display resembling the Windows 8/8.1 Start screen (although scrolling vertically instead of horizontally).[5][6] The Start menu also enters this state when "Tablet mode" is enabled.[7][8][9][10] Windows 7 Start Button Changer (W7SBC) is a stand-alone and portable application. Unzip it, run the application, and click on Select & Change Start Button to swap your icons. W7SBC comes with 10..

The download also includes some 10 Sample Start Orbs, whose creators have been duly credited there. If you need more, you can always search for them on DeviantArt on on the internet. Choose from 82,277 Windows Start Button graphic resources and download in the form of PNG, EPS, AI or PSD Mit Software den Windows 8 Start-Button zurückholen. Musste man kurz nach dem Release der Developer-Preview von Windows 8 noch recht umständlich in kryptischen Skripten rumfuschen.. Worried from the error windows 10 start button not working? Well If you've got any antivirus apps or firewall installed on your mobile phones, immediately uninstall or disable them

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  1. Windows 7 Start Button Changer is licensed as freeware for PC or laptop with Windows 32 bit and 64 bit operating system. It is in system tweak category and is available to all software users as a free download.
  2. Features variations of the Windows Modern Start Button for normal and small size Windows Task Bar on top, bottom, left and right side. _ Feel free to reference and share with all..
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  4. Showing 1 to 7 windows softwares out of a total of 7 for search 'windows 10 start button changer'Show only free software
  5. taskkill /f /IM explorer.exe start explorer.exe exit Save the file as “windows-start-button-fix.bat” and that’s all.
  6. Start Menu 8 for Windows 8 will return a convenient way of launching programs and shutting down your PC. Start Menu 8 is special! We never tried to replicate the ugly menu of Microsoft Windows

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When i click on the start button, nothing happens. Also same when I right click on icons in my taskbar. I have checked that my HP drivers etc are all up to date and Windows update is up to date When we installed Windows 8 in our office, the first thing we noticed was the absence of the familiar Start button in the lower-left corner of the desktop Clicking the start button in Windows 8.1 merely takes you to the Windows 8 start screen - the one with all those tiles. Microsoft might decide to bring the start menu back in a future update, but why.. Windows 8 delivered a number of major design changes, but none has been quite as controversial as the removal of the Start button and Start menu. Microsoft claims this was in part because people just.. How to Fix Windows 10 Start Button, Start Menu, Search Not Working? in this video we will be showing you how to fix start button, start menu and windows 10 search feature

Right-clicking on the Start button invokes a context menu. This menu in Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 is called the Quick Link menu[19] and grants access to several frequently used features of Windows, such as accessing desktop or File Explorer.[20] Notice the small pin icon to the right of the Recent list. Clicking the icon will pin that document to the Word shortcut menu. This is useful if you open one particular document all the time.

The Windows 7 Start Button Changer application was developed to be a small tool that will allow you to change the Windows 7 Start Orb or Button easily To restore the default Start Orb and explorer from the backup, click Restore Original Explorer Backup. Windows Vista and the Windows Vista Start button are trademarks [...] [...] Windows 7 computer's DNS settings, click the Start button or the Windows icon on the lower-left part of your screen The program will backup you original explorer.exe, change the start button and restart explorer.exe. 5. Fix windows 8.1 and 10 start button using batch file: You can create windows-start-button-fix.bat file to solve “start menu not opening” problem. Windows batch file is a good alternative of windows command tool. If you create a .bat file and put it in your desktop, it will be very easy for you to execute it.

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Viva brings back your legendary Start button as present in previous Microsoft OS versions like Windows 7 and XP. Viva also has a quick link to the Windows 8's start up tiles menu.. In the next part, you'll learn how to set up a new user account, so that others can share the computer. 1. The Start or Start button was first introduced with the release of Microsoft Windows 95 and is found in all releases of Windows since. Start allows you to access your computer programs and configure.. Post subject: Windows Start Buttons Posted: Wed May 02, 2007 12:29 am. Nevertheless, the Unicode Debug one is a valid Windows start button. Is there only interest in the buttons of English..

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The Start menu may be launched either by pressing ⊞ Win (the Windows key) on a keyboard or its equivalent on a tablet device, pressing CTRL+ESC on a keyboard, or by clicking on the visual Start button. With the exception of Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, the Start button can be found on the taskbar. On versions before Windows Vista, the Start Button consisted of the word "Start" and the Windows Logo (the word "Start" was localized for each different language version of the system, for instance, reading Avvio in Italian[citation needed]). On the Windows Vista and Windows 7 desktop, the word "Start" has been replaced by a blue Windows "orb" logo.[16] However, the user can revert to displaying the word "Start" and the Windows Logo by setting the theme to Windows Classic. The Start button on Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 is initially moved from the traditional taskbar to "charms", a hidden secondary taskbar located to the right of the screen (accessed by swiping in from the right on multitouch devices, or positioning the mouse in one of the right corners of the screen and sliding up or down). The Start screen is accessed either by that button or by clicking the lower left corner of the screen. Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 restore the button back to its original place without removing the new button in the charms.[17][18] The Start screen no longer supports several previously available features. A list of recently launched program or shortcuts to special folders no longer appears on the Start screen. It no longer supports more than one level of nesting for groups in All Programs view. Drag and drop support for adding new items to the menu as well as reorganizing the contents of All Programs view is no longer available. In addition, for the first time in the history of Windows, the Start menu in a stock installation of Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8.1 or Windows Server 2012 R2 does not provide any facility for shutting down, restarting or activating sleep mode or hibernation, forcing users to use the settings button in the charms bar to perform these actions. An April 2014 update for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 restores the latter. On Windows XP, it was possible to disable the Start button with the following code For a public-access computer configuration, I need to be able to do this on Windows 7. The Start button must be.. In the initial release of Windows 8, the Start button was replaced by the Start Screen. Later versions of Windows 8, more commonly referred to as Windows 8.1, has a Start (shown in the image) that opens the Start Screen instead of the Start menu. Start button not working - this is a rather popular issue in Windows 10 reported by users on various forums. Here is how to fix not working Start button, Taskbar and Action Center in Windows 10

4. Start in general refers to the beginning of something. For example, if you're new to computers, Computer Hope is an excellent place to start to learn more about computers.TweakUI, an unsupported utility program from Microsoft, offers additional customizations, including speeding up the response time of the Start menu, window animation, and other hacks.[23][24] On Windows XP and Windows Vista, it is possible to prevent specific programs from appearing in the recent programs list (the left pane of the Start menu) by modifying the Windows registry.[25] 2. Start is a Windows command line command that enables a user to start a separate window in Windows. See the start command overview for further information.

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In the image above, we're searching for anything related to the search term "york". Window 7 has found 15 documents, 3 pictures, and 215 files. In the files section, you can see little envelope icons, meaning Windows has searched all our emails as well. See these windows classic shell start button icon, classic shell start button windows 7 and classic shell start 17.01.2015 · This is best Windows Start Button Icon BMP Menut design material gallery Arguably, the most important part of the Taskbar is the Start button. The Start button is where a lot of the action takes place in Windows 7. The Start button can be found in the bottom left of your screen, and looks like this:The next time you want to change the start orb and you start the app, we will get a screen with option to restore the original or select and change the orb. Windows 7 Start Button Changer Özellikleri ve Kullanımı. Bu program sadece Windows 7 kullanan bilgisayarlar için üretilmiştir. Bu programın görevi yalnızca Başlat butonunun görünümünü yani şeklini..

If you have forgotten where you stored or downloaded a particular file, simply type its name (or just part of its name) in the search box. You should then see search options appear: Download all the start button icons you need. Choose between 11284 start button icons in both vector SVG and PNG format. Related icons include play icons, up icons, media icons, arrow icons

The idea of a full-screen Start can be traced back to Windows Neptune, when Microsoft originally considered a "Start page" that integrated with Windows desktop through Active Desktop.[4] This menu has its roots in Windows Mobile and Windows Phone: In Windows Mobile Standard, which runs on smartphones, the Start menu produces a separate screen of icons. Windows Phone was the original host of the design principles of the third generation Start menu. Ist Ihnen der normale Start-Button unter Windows 7 zu langweilig, können Sie ihn einfach ändern. Mit einem kleinen Tool und einer großen Auswahl an Vorlagen gelingt der Wechsel im Nu

If your Windows 10 Start Button is working, you are done, otherwise proceed to step 3 below. STEP 3: Reregister the AppPackages - NOT ALWAYS REQUIRED. There are reports from several people that.. Windows RT 8.1 update KB3033055[12] adds a variant of the Windows 10 Start menu that is visually closer to the design used in early preview builds of Windows 10. It allows applications to be pinned to the top of the left column, with recently used apps listed below (much like 7), and as with 10, allows tiles to be pinned to the right column.[12][13][14][15] it is a tool which needs no installation, the developer comments that you have to back up some of the data just in case the operation goes wrong you will have no challenge in dealing with it. Solved Windows 10 Start button, Start menu not working, won't open, not reacting problems in four different and effective ways fast and easily

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How to cope with start button panic. As you fire up Windows 8 for the first time, to your pleasant surprise you notice that the start-up time is significantly faster than Windows 7, Vista or XP Start button is the button that sits on the left bottom corner of your screen and used to be called If you do, here is an easy way of changing it by using a small tool called Windows 7 Start Button.. Select a picture from the ones available, or click the Browse for more pictures link. When you're happy with your selection, click the Change Picture button at the bottom. Download this free picture about Window Start Button from Pixabay's vast library of public domain images and videos

1. The Start or Start button was first introduced with the release of Microsoft Windows 95 and is found in all releases of Windows since. Start allows you to access your computer programs and configure Microsoft Windows easily by accessing the Start menu.To determine what version of Windows is on your computer, you can review our guide on how to determine Windows version.By default, the Windows Start is at the bottom left part of the desktop screen. However, Start can be placed at the top left or top-right part of the screen by moving the Windows Taskbar. Clicking Start opens the Start menu (except in Windows 8) that gives you access to all the installed programs, as well as other Windows features. Below is a visual example of the Start button and its location in Windows 7. Brand new Inspirion laptop and the start button does not work after one click. Need to reboot then does the I face the same error Windows 10 Start Menu Button Not Working with the below article Revel's BringBack Windows 8 Start button app brings back the Windows 7 Start button you know and love and throws in some convenient customization options, as well as drag-and-drop functionality

Just started using windows 10 technical preview on windows 8.1 and first issue faced was Window Key on Performed same day restore / modified UAC settings and my start button stopped working Start button opens Start menu with pinned items, recently added and/or most used programs, Search box (in Windows Vista, 7 and 10), All Programs or All apps list and shortcuts to common folders and.. I am running Windows 8.1 Pro and have two monitors. I am not using any start menu program such as Start8. On my secondary monitor the Windows button does not work Solved: When I left click on the windows 10 start button to bring up the apps page and icon for bringing up list of programs nothing happens. This - 5578436

The Start screen in Windows 8 technically is the old Start menu, just expanded and enhanced, but losing the icon in desktop What do you think about the return of the Start button in Windows 8.1 Windows 7 Start Button Changer is licensed as freeware for PC or laptop with Windows 32 bit and 64 bit operating system. It is in system tweak category and is available to all software users as a free.. 6. Sign-in to safe mode: If you find any time that even after pressing the windows start button start menu is not opening, just reboot your PC to safe mode and then restart the PC again to  normal mode. Hope, this will solve the problem.

I just missed a Nice Windows Button In ROG Style so this is what I created! And I saw I am not the only one that had the has had the Same Ideas Learn how to disable the Windows start button'—use with caution! This small code sample shows how to disable the Start Menu button through code, simply paste it into a BAS module and use

My Start Button, and all my Apps, Cortana, the Action Center - all of them recently quit working. I posted on the Microsoft Community and was getting some.. Windows 8.1's Start Button isn't the Start Button of old. The classic multi-step application launcher Windows 8.1's Start Button is more of a shortcut to the Start Menu — you know, the screen with the.. Fox broken Start Menu in Windows 10 final or preview by following this guide and save yourself from doing a clean The start menu fails to open after upgrading from a previous version of Windows When you click on the Windows start button, it does not open the Windows start menu. This is called Windows start button not working problem. Windows 7 Start Button Changer, Windows 7 işletim sistemi üzerinde yer alan başlat butonunun görüntüsünü değiştirmek için kullanabileceğiniz başarılı ve basit bir yazılımdır

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I have tried & tested it on Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit, personally and it works like a charm. Right click the program icon and ‘Run it as Admin’. The Start menu is a graphical user interface element used in Microsoft Windows since Windows 95 and in some other operating systems. It provides a central launching point for computer programs and performing other tasks

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  1. In Windows 8, Classic Shell adds the Start button back to a user's desktop and provides the same classic customizable Start Menu it does in older Windows builds
  2. Windows 8.1 Start Button Changer allows you to change the start button in Windows 8.1. One of the first to appear is Windows 8.1 Start Button Changer - the name implies pretty much what you..
  3. Ever since the last big update windows 10 has been kind of a mess for me. A bug that makes me restart my computer is the start button not workin
  4. Free icons of Start button in Windows 10 style. Available in png and vector. Download icons in all formats or edit them for your design

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On Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, an update to the Start menu known as the "Start screen" was introduced. It covers the entire screen and no longer features the right column. It shows much larger tiles for programs and, whenever possible, displays dynamic content supplied by the program directly on the tile itself (known as a "live tile"), behaving similarly to a widget.[3] For instance, the live tile for an email client may display the number of unread emails. The Start screen allows users to uninstall their programs by right-clicking on them and selecting "Uninstall". Pinned apps can be placed in groups. The search box is initially hidden but can be viewed by clicking the search button on the charms bar and can also be brought up as it receives a keyboard input. True to its name, the Start screen is the first screen that a user sees upon . The Windows 7 Start Button Changer application was developed to be a small tool that will allow you to change the Windows 7 Start Button Changer 2.0. Размер: 599 Kb. Статус (Цена) : Бесплатно Windows 7-styled Start menu enhanced for Windows 8. The critics agree, Start8 is the best Windows 8 Start menu solution! Parallels chose to distribute Start8 and ModernMix with every copy.. If while trying to change your Windows 7 Start button anything at all happens which you don't know To change your button, click on the Start orb on the right. The program automatically backs up your.. The Start menu was introduced in Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0, but had been worked on at Microsoft since 1992, originally being labelled as "System" to testers of the time. It was made to overcome the shortcomings of Program Manager in previous operating systems.[1] Program Manager consisted of a simple multiple document interface (MDI) which allowed users to open separate "program groups" and then execute the shortcuts to programs contained within. It lacked the ability to nest groups within other groups.

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Users may add Start menu entries by creating folders and shortcuts in the associated "Start Menu" folder, located on the operating system operating media. These appear in a separated section at the top of the Start menu, or, if placed in the Programs sub-folder, in the Programs menu. The location of this folder however, depends on the operating system installed: If you are bored of looking at the same old Windows 7 Start Orb, you can now change it easily. Just click on Select & Change Start Button to select a custom Start Orb. Windows. Category: Desktop. Windows 7 Start Button Changer 5.0 Download auf Freeware.de. Individueller Startknopf für Windows 7. Jetzt kostenlos downloaden Windows 7 Start Button Creator is a free portable tool that allows you to create a Windows 7 start Download Windows 7 Start Button Creator. Apps from door2windows are truly free and DON'T..

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Jit Dutta is a web geek who loves to write articles related to PC and the Internet which helps common people to solve their problems and queries. Email: jit[at]techperiod.com Start10 Buttons. Windows 7-style Start menu with Windows 8 enhancements. Start10™, the first Windows® 10 start menu alternative

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The Windows key quickly brings up the start menu; which is the most common procedure on a Windows computer. This saves time on dragging the mouse to the start menu button on your screen The Start button's function in Windows 8 (and Windows 8.1) was only to open the Start screen. Tick Run at startup and your Start button will be removed every time. Download StartIsGone ..Button in Windows XP: In this step-by-step guide, you'll be able to change the text in your start Select start, or number 578, and change start to whatever you want. It can contain any number..

Size: 0.5 MB. Windows. Category: Tweak. Change the Windows 7 default Start Orb or Button easily by turning to this lightweight application that requires no advanced PC knowledge Einfach Windows 7 Start Button Changer starten, einen anderen Start Button auswählen und schon ist der neue Start Orb auf Ihrem Desktop zu sehen My windows explored would crash and restart, crash and restart, crash and restart endlessly. At some point, after crashing and restarting a gazillion times it would apparently set, but the start..

Traditionally, the Start menu provided a customizable nested list of programs for the user to launch, as well as a list of most recently opened documents, a way to find files and obtain assistance, and access to the system settings. Later enhancements via Windows Desktop Update included access to special folders such as "My Documents" and "Favorites" (browser bookmarks). Windows XP's Start menu was expanded to encompass various My Documents folders (including My Music and My Pictures), and transplanted other items like My Computer and My Network Places from the Windows desktop. Until Windows Vista, the Start menu was constantly expanded across the screen as the user navigated through its cascading sub-menus. Restart the Start menu process. This method only works for Windows 10 version 1903 and later 4. Click on the End task button located in the bottom right corner. Windows 10 will automatically start..

The Start menu is split into two different areas. The white area on the left is for software programmes that you have installed on your computer. But these are the programmes you have recently used. If an entry has a black arrow it means that documents can be opened by clicking the shortcut. For example, here's what happens when we click our Microsoft Word entry above: Click the Start button and type msconfig in the program and file search box. Press Enter, and the System Microsoft and Windows are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States, other.. Windows 7 Start Button Changer is a freeware portable app that allows you change the Windows 7 Start Orb or Start Button easily. Its a real pleasure to release Windows 7 Start Button Changer

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I'm using Windows 8.1. I don't know why, but the start button doesn't work properly anymore. In order to open the Start screen I have to use the keyboard shortcut, which is really annoying me Later developments in Internet Explorer and subsequent Windows releases make it possible to customize the Start menu and to access and expand Internet Explorer Favorites, My Documents and Administrative Tools (Windows 2000 and later) from the Start menu. Items could also be simply added to the Start menu by dragging and dropping them. If you have an Apple computer with macOS, the Apple menu is Apple's version of the Windows Start and Start menu.If you look at the top of your Start menu you'll see a picture, which is a flower in the images above. You can change this. Click the picture with your left mouse button and a new screen will open. This one:

7. Create new user profile to fix windows start menu not working: Open the elevated command prompt and type the below command to create a new user profile.Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0 replaced Program Manager with desktop and Start menu. The latter was comparable in some respects with the Apple menu in Mac OS operating systems and did not have the mentioned limitations of Program Manager: Being a menu, it allowed nested grouping while keeping only one group open at the time. The menu also offered the ability to shut down and log off from their computer. If the file you're looking for is not there, then click where it says "See more results".Open PowerShell as administrator. Type the following in the PowerShell Window and press ‘Enter’.

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sfc/scannowRestart the PC to fix corrupted windows files. This might help to solve “start menu not working” problem. Custom Start button issues Ok so I was able to customize the start button on my Windows 7 Pro x64 box, but I am having two issues: 1. I can not see the customized start button in Remote Desktop it is.. According to the Microsoft Manual of Style, the button should not be referred to as the "Start button" or "Windows Start button." Instead, when talking about this button, it should only be referred to as "Start." For example, you should write "Click Start to open the Start menu." and not "Click the Start button to open the Start menu." Windows 7 Start Button Changer does exactly what it says on the box: it is a simple program that changes the look of the [Start] button (start orb) of Windows 7. It is a fairly easy application to use.. A number of users have reported problems with their Start Menu. Try one of our solutions to fix it now Like Microsoft Windows 8.1, in Windows 10 ‘start button’ is available for users. In Windows 8, Microsoft removed very popular windows start button. But, due to it’s popularity, the company re-include it again in a new customized fashion. However, those who have upgraded their PC to Windows 10 (from Windows 7, 8 or 8.1) might have faced the problem with the start button. Sometimes, Windows start button does not work in Windows 10 desktop or laptop and as a result “start button is not working” issue may appear. There are several reasons for which the button stops working. Here I cover few possible fixes to solve start button/menu is not working issue. Hopefully, one of them will work for you.

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