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  1. The Punisher is the 2004 feature film adaptation of the Marvel Comics comic book series. Thomas Jane stars as Frank Castle, a former Special Forces operator and FBI agent whose entire family is massacred by gunmen employed by Howard Saint, a Floria crime lord and money launderer. Castle soon returns to seek vengeance on Saint and his followers. An extended cut of the film was released on video in 2005. This was the second of four different adaptations featuring the Frank Castle character including 1989's The Punisher, 2008's Punisher: War Zone and the 2017 MCU Netflix standalone web series.
  2. „Insgesamt scheitert ‚The Punisher‘ leider in zu vielen Punkten und platziert sich damit knapp unter das Mittelmaß. Auch wer nur Action erwartet, wird enttäuscht sein – denn hier hatte scheinbar niemand neue Ideen. Das Finale besteht im Großen und Ganzen daraus, dass der Punisher in einem Raum eine Mine platziert, nach der Explosion in den Raum stürmt und die nach und nach aufwachenden Gangster ziemlich unspektakulär erschießt. Vieles wirkt lächerlich, etwa der zielsicher im Bauch des Punisher versenkte Shotgun-Schuss aus einem halben Meter Entfernung, den die Kevlar-Weste wie selbstverständlich aufhält. Sowas lässt sich auch nur schwer in die Sparte ‚Na gut, Comicverfilmung‘ schreiben und lässt an der Menschlichkeit der Figur zweifeln, die doch gerade das Besondere am Punisher ist. Das alles ist umrahmt von einem unspektakulären bis nervigen Soundtrack, der vielleicht den Rock aus dem Abspann gebraucht hätte.“
  3. Marvel's The Punisher Dizi, daha önce Daredevil dizisine konu olan Frank Castle'i merkezine almaktadır. Karakteri The Walking Dead dizisinden de hatırlayacağınız Jon Bernthal canlandırmaktadır. Kendisine Punisher/İnfazcı adını veren Frank..
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  5. als using the ruthless methods you've ever seen. Relive special Punisher in-game moments from The Punisher..
  6. The Punisher is a 2004 American vigilante action film based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name, starring Thomas Jane as the antihero Frank Castle and John Travolta as Howard Saint..
  7. The Punisher movie reviews & Metacritic score: Marvel's unstoppable vigilante hits the big screen. After losing his family in to mob violence, undercover FB... However the dialouge between characters was incredibly poor at times andThomas Jane was a good lead and a great pick as the Punisher

The Punisher, Movie, 2004. Pictures provided by: antp, incog, sthor, afonso. All the cars in the giant falming Punisher symbol scene were probably found at a junkyard because a majority of them look smashed up anyway The Punisher 1080p Full HD izle, The Punisher Full izle, The Punisher Türkçe Altyazılı izle. Karakteri The Walking Dead dizisinden de hatırlayacağınız Jon Bernthal canlandırmaktadır. Kendisine Punisher/İnfazcı adını veren Frank, öldürücü yöntemlerle suçla mücadele eden bir antikahramandır Währenddessen beginnt er, seinen Rachefeldzug gegen Howard Saint und dessen Imperium einzufädeln. Er schnappt sich den Kleinganoven Micky Duka, der in Saints Diensten steht, und entlockt ihm mit einer „Eis-am-Stiel“-Folter die größten Schwachpunkte des Unterweltbosses: Seine Geschäfte, seine rechte Hand und Freund Quentin Glass und seine geliebte Frau Livia. Danach zwingt Castle Duka zur Zusammenarbeit.

Howard Saint (John Travolta) is seen using a Beretta 92FS Inox "Flash-paper" gun, which is designed to imitate the flash and smoke of a blank gun minus the loud sound and dangerous wad which fires from the barrel. Instead of swapping to a real Beretta, it appears to stay a flash-paper gun throughout the film, and as such is listed separately from the real Inoxes used. Doch in Wahrheit wurde er ins Meer geschleudert und überlebt. Am Strand wird er von einem einheimischen Fischer gefunden, der ihn wieder gesund pflegt. Castle kennt nun nur noch ein Ziel: Er will Howard Saint und seine Leute für den Mord an seiner kompletten Familie zur Rechenschaft ziehen. Er stattet sich mit dem Waffenarsenal seines toten Vaters aus und findet außerdem sein schwarzes Shirt mit dem großen Totenkopf wieder, welches sein Sohn ihm Tage zuvor geschenkt hatte.

The Punisher (retitled Frank Castle: The Punisher after issue #66, sometimes referred to as The Punisher MAX) was a comic book ongoing series published under the MAX imprint of Marvel Comics, featuring vigilante anti-hero, the Punisher The next day, as Frank eats at the cafe Joan works at, a man comes in and starts playing a song for him. The man, Harry Heck, tells Frank the song will be played at his funeral. Taking the hint, Frank leaves the cafe, and after a car chase manages to kill Harry. A little more than annoyed, he goes to the next shipment of cash Saints is holding. Johnny and several men are there to ensure security, and aboard the ship Johnny finds a bomb with the sign "Front Toward Enemy". Johnny jumps off the boat just in time as it explodes, burning all the cash, and he sees Frank standing on a hill overlooking him. Wäre der Film nach dem Original-Skript gedreht worden, wäre er – ohne Kürzungen aufgrund des Budgets und aufgrund von Gewalt – 2 Stunden und 56 Minuten lang gewesen.[2]Several of Micro Uzis are seen used by Saint's men when they massacre Castle's family. Most notably seen using them are Dante (Marc Macaulay) and Spoon (Terry Loughlin) when they both fire their Micro Uzis at Maria Castle's (Samantha Mathis) car, and manage to flip it with them.

Seen next to the M203 launcher in Castle's arsenal is what appear to be an early model standalone RM Equipment M203PI grenade launcher. Only the rear of the launcher is clearly visible, but the retractable stock which conforms to the rear of the pistol grip identifies this as an early M203PI standalone launcher. The Punisher is a 2004 American action film based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name, starring Thomas Jane as the antihero Frank Castle and John Travolta as Howard Saint, a money launderer who orders the death of Castle's entire family

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Season 1 (The Punisher). Marvel's The Punisher Spacker asks Frank to help because the man after Joan is in her apartment. At first, he closes the door on him but reopens it seconds later and goes to the apartment, where he finds Joan and Bumpo there preparing a meal. They invite him for the meal, and after saying what they are thankful, they eat. Afterward, Spacker and Bumpo leave for dessert and Joan tells Frank to make good memories so that he is not always only driven by the bad. He tells her he is not what she's looking for, and leaves. Seeing that, Spacker and Bumpo try to cheer Joan up by making dessert and dancing to opera music. The music drowns out the fight happening in Frank's apartment as "the Russian" and Frank engage in a vicious fight. The fight eventually leads into the others' apartment, terrifying Joan and the others. Frank soon emerges victorious (by scarring his face from hot boiling and water and tackling him), but injured, and the three neighbors try to patch him up.

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the punisher. şükela: tümü | bugün. trailer teaser'ı düşmüş. türkiye'de infazcı* ismiyle gösterime giren 2004 yapımı film. (bkz: rebecca romijn stamos)hastasıyız. --spoiler-- -tanrı seninle olsun. -tanrı oturup yaptıklarımı seyredecek. --spoile One of the weapons seen in Castle's arsenal is a 3rd Generation Glock 17 with stainless slide. Sadly, he is never seen using it despite being seen preparing it before leaving to assault Saint's club. A Tokyo Marui M9 Tactical Master airsoft pistol is seen in the hands of a U.S. officer. He is seen loading it up and then it disappears, being replaced by a simpler M9. The Punisher (2004) Scenes. Lex Luthor. 28 видео. Frank Castle´s Retirement - The Punisher Extended Cut (2004) Candelaria, one of the Castle family's friends, rescues Frank and after he recovers takes him back to the Castle house. Frank picks up the guns his father had been showing him, as well as the T-shirt with a skull that his son had given him. Filled with anger, he is determined to have revenge and returns to America. He moves to a poor run down neighborhood, where he starts modifying guns, the apartment he lives in, and his car. Frank's actions catch the interest of his friends, the opera-loving fat Bumpo, the piercing-covered skinny Spacker Dave, and the tired lovely Joan.

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Trivia: When Castle first begins firing, he racks the shotgun, ejecting a live round from the chamber, which would have greatly helped him out when he faces the men as they exit the truck. The Punisher has been a comic icon for quite some time. Even though there have been several attempts at a Punisher movie, none have captured this multifaceted character completely, and now it's Marvel Studio's turn to take a crack at this hardened character One night in Tampa, Florida, Mickey leads the young Bobby Saint to an arms deal. The deal is brokered by a man named Otto Krieg, who speaks with an accent due to his knowledge of six languages. The exchange goes bad when FBI suddenly burst into the scene, and agitated, Otto pulls out a gun. The police fire back, killing everyone except the cowardly Mickey, who is terrified when he sees Bobby's body. When Castle goes to the Saint Building to dump all his money into the street, he takes a Mossberg 590 Compact Cruiser, which is the perfect gun to stash in his trench coat. He uses the gun to force Saint's money launderers to dump the money from the top floor and "rain 100 dollar bills". 2012 präsentierte Thomas Jane auf der San Diego Comic Con den selbstproduzierten 10-minütigen Kurzfilm The Punisher: Dirty Laundry, in dem er nach acht Jahren wieder in die Rolle des Antihelden schlüpft. Jane erklärte, er habe den Film produziert, weil er nach wie vor eine große Leidenschaft für die Figur des Punishers habe. Neben Thomas Jane ist unter anderem auch Ron Perlman in einer Nebenrolle zu sehen.[12]

The Punisher is an action game released in 2005 by THQ Inc. The game was released for PC (Windows), PlayStation 2 and XBox consoles. Game based on the adventures of Marvel's comic hero - Frank Castle known as The Punisher. The action of the game is presented from the third person view Fortan beginnt Castle, Saints Geschäfte zu manipulieren und sein Geld zu vernichten. Dieser weiß nun, dass Castle überlebt hat und setzt den Gitarre spielenden Auftragskiller Harry Heck auf ihn an. Nach einer Autoverfolgungsjagd kann Castle Heck in letzter Sekunde mit einem modifizierten Springmesser töten. The Punisher HQ. 112K likes. This page is dedicated to all fans of this character. Visitem o grupo (PT/BR)... Punisher is a comic book character his name is Frank Castle One of the enemy soldiers is seen firing an M16 with an A1 sight but with an A2 receiver, making it a Colt Model 715. Боевик, триллер, драма. Режиссер: Джонатан Хенсли, Jonathan Hensleigh. В ролях: Томас Джейн, Thomas Jane, Джон Траволта и др. Бывший оперативник Фрэнк Кастл наконец получает должность агента под прикрытием

Harry Heck (Mark Collie) is seen using what looks like an Armsel Protecta to fire shots at Castle's Pontiac GTO, but he luckily has metal shields that slide up over the windows to protect himself. Special agent Frank Castle had it all: A loving family, a great life, and an adventurous job. But when his life is taken away from him by a ruthless criminal and his associates, Frank has become reborn. Now serving as judge, jury, and executioner, he's a new kind of vigilante out to wage a one man war against those who have done him wrong. Written by Mystic80 The Punisher (2004) Streaming. The Punisher streaming ITA The Punisher 1.Sezon izle. Dizi, daha önce 'Daredevil' dizisine konu olan Frank Castle'i merkezine almaktadır. Karakteri The Walking Dead dizisinden de hatırlayacağınız Jon Bernthal canlandırmaktadır. Kendisine 'Punisher/İnfazcı' adını veren Frank, öldürücü yöntemlerle suçla mücadele eden bir..

When the FBI raids the weapons transfer, Otto Kreig (Frank Castle under-cover) draws a custom two-tone Colt Officer's ACP with Novak-style sights, flared magwell, slanted slide serrations, skeletonized hammer and trigger, and ambidextrous safety, before being "killed". Im Jahr 2008 erschien eine Fortsetzung mit dem Titel Punisher: War Zone. Die Rolle des Punisher übernahm Ray Stevenson. Grund dafür war, dass Thomas Jane das Drehbuch nicht gefiel. Der Regisseur des ersten Teils Jonathan Hensleigh sprang ebenfalls wegen des schlechten Skripts und Budgetkürzungen ab. Der Film floppte in den USA und erschien in Deutschland deswegen gleich auf DVD und Blu-Ray.

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A covert counter-terrorist unit called Black Cell led by Gabriel Shear wants the money to help finance their war against international terrorism, but it's all locked away. Gabriel brings in convicted hacker Stanley Jobson to help him. Frank meanwhile confronts his former police colleagues in front of several reporters, asking why nobody was arrested for his family's death. Learning that the police were too afraid of taking the Saints head-on, Frank takes matters into his own hands. He sneaks into the Saints' bank building and orders the bankers by gunpoint to fill up a suitcase with money. The rest of it, he throws out the window, which draws in a noisy crowd trying to catch the money. Frank confronts two of Howard's hitmen and kills them, he escapes easily into the crowd. When the news spread, Spacker and Bumpo look up Frank's information and are instantly wary. Meanwhile, Howard is furious at the news and receives a warning by the Cuban brothers that if they lose more money they were switching bankers. Back in Frank's apartment, a drunk man bangs on Joan's door demanding to be let in. Bumpo and Spacker are scared, but Frank scares him away, and the neighbors warm up to him. The Punisher - FBI agent Frank Castle had it all: a loving family, a great life, and an adventurous job. But when all he held dear is taken away by a ruthless crime lord, Castle returns from the dead as The Punisher, serving as judge, jury and exec

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Tokyo Marui M9 Tactical Master

When Castle is "safe-guarding" his apartment, he places a stainless steel Smith & Wesson Model 66 into a custom made drawer launcher, which kicks out the drawer when the counter is tapped. Castle tries to grab this gun when he is attacked by "The Russian" (Kevin Nash), but he grabs a weight and smashes the barrel flat. Blade forms an uneasy alliance with the vampire council in order to combat the Reapers, who are feeding on vampires. Featured Characters: The Punisher (Frank Castle) (First appearance). Supporting Characters: Frank Castle Sr. (Only appearance; dies). Maria Castle (First appearance). Will Castle (First appearance). Betty Castle (Only appearance; dies). Joan (Only appearance). Dave (Only appearance) Behind the scenes note: The weapons used in the flashback animated sequence were a mix of airsoft, metal replica, and a few real guns. The soldiers shot on green screen were airsofters, not actors, and not real military. Some of the hitters who help massacre Castle's family are armed with Intratec TEC-9s, which clearly have sling swivels (although these shots don't show them), which a TEC-DC9 lacks. They were likely converted to full-auto by the armorer for the film.

Share this Rating. Title: Каратель (2004). Crazy Credits. The Marvel Comics logo features comic-book images of the Punisher in its pages; after it fully forms, it is shot three times and bleeds white paint which forms the Punisher's skull, and the film's title Frank kidnaps Mickey and threatens to burn him if he does not tell him about the Saints. Mickey first refuses, so Frank fakes the torture (using an ice pop) and Mickey starts screaming (which badly frightens Frank's neighbors). Mickey eventually gives in, telling him that Howard Saint relies on two Cuban brothers who control all gambling and prostitution up and down the Gulf coast. They give the money to Howard, who transports it to his banks in Grand Canyon and "washes it". Frank releases Mickey, who discovers he was never really hurt, and freely talks about the Saints - whom he claims he hates. With the information about the family's schedule and their closest friend Quentin Glass, Frank starts following them and taking photos. He learns about Howard's golf schedule, Livia's movie nights, and Quentin's secret homosexual affair. Afterward, he drags his own gravestone out of the graveyard and plants it in Howard's golfing spot with the date of death removed.

THE PUNISHER. Audio Commentary by Director Jonathan Hensleigh. Alternate Opening Sequence. Creating the Look of the Punisher featurette. Audio Commentary with Director Lexi Alexander and Cinematographer Steve. Gainer Zuletzt kehrt er ins Mietshaus zurück und versucht dort, sich selbst zu töten. Doch als er an seine Frau Maria denken muss, erkennt er, dass ihm ein anderes Schicksal bestimmt ist. Er bedankt sich bei seinen Nachbarn für alles und hinterlässt ihnen, bevor er geht, Stapel mit Geld, welches er bei Howard Saint erbeutet hat. The assassins arrive just in time for another family outdoor beach party. Frank had gone inside with his father to look at some guns, but they hear the gunshots. Though they fire back, they are unable to rescue anyone. The assassins completely slaughter the family, and though Maria and her son managed to escape onto a car and drive away, the assassins eventually catch up and run them over. Frank, distracted by a knife fight, arrives too late and only sees their bodies. The assassins return and Johnny beats and shoots Frank himself, telling him "My father and mother send their regards". Quentin then torches the place, and they leave Frank for dead, not knowing that the explosion actually blasted Frank into the water. They return to the Saints & Sinners club, where they toast to "a score settled", and Howard gives Livia a pair of diamond earrings to celebrate. View the Mod DB Punisher Fan Club video The Punisher (2004): Movie Trailer The Punisher (Japanese: パニッシャー Hepburn: Panisshā?) is a 1993 beat 'em up arcade game developed and released by Capcom. It stars the Marvel Comics' anti-hero the Punisher and co-stars S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Nick Fury as the second player's character as they embark on a mission to kill the..

An extra on the extended cut is an animated segment built to illustrate the deleted scene of Frank Castle serving in the Gulf War, during a battle in Kuwait. The following guns are seen in this segment. Castle is seen in the extended cut giving Jimmy Weeks (A. Russell Andrews) a Smith & Wesson Model 627. Weeks takes the gun and tries to kill Castle, but the gun is empty. Castle gives Weeks a single bullet and watches as he commits suicide for ratting him out to Saint and having his family killed because of it.

The Punisher has most often been defined best over the years as a loner and someone who other characters don't often align themselves with. The Punisher waited for his own original series debut until 1986 after Mike Zeck and Steven Grant suggested that he was worthy of a title and thus began.. Frank Castle is staying in a bad neighborhood, where he encounters a gang that terrorizes its residents. Wikipedia. The Punisher (2004 film). The Punisher does not just go around blowing people away using such things that Batman or James Bond would have or would even be in envy of; he uses guile and cunning just as much as he does weaponry and physical combat 2004 American comic book action film directed by Jonathan Hensleigh

Among the weapons in his arsenal, Castle has a handful of M67 hand grenades, one of which he keeps attached under the sink in his bathroom. He also keeps a switch near by which shuts the door so he can throw the grenade out and shut the door to protect himself from the blast. This technique proves ineffective when he tries it on The Russian, who uses a pipe like a baseball bat and whacks the "baseball" right back into the bathroom. Castle just barely makes it into the bathtub to avoid the blast. Каратель / The Punisher (2004). В избранное: Год: 2004 Страна: США, Германия Режиссёр: Джонатан Хенсли В ролях: Томас Джейн, Джон Траволта, Уилл Пэттон, Эдди Джемисон, Ребекка Ромин, Бен Фостер, Джон Пинетт, Лаура Хэрринг, Джеймс Карпинелло, Марко Ст. Джон Бюджет..

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The Punisher - Un film di Jonathan Hensleigh. Le citazioni dal fumetto e da altre pellicole si sprecano, ma ciò che manca è l'anima, il carisma e lo spessore. Con Thomas Jane, John Travolta, Rebecca Romijn, Ben Foster, Eddie Jemison, John Pinette. Azione, USA, 2004. Durata 124 min Both Jimmy Weeks and an unknown soldier are seen using M16A2 rifles fitted with M203 grenade launchers. Nachdem Castle wieder bei Kräften ist, beschließt er, die Sache nun endgültig zu beenden. Er bricht in Quentins Haus ein und platziert dort einen Ohrring von Livia Saint. Außerdem lässt er seinen getarnten Gehilfen Micky Duka Andeutungen gegenüber Howard Saint machen, dass seine Frau und sein wichtigster Vertrauter eine heimliche Affäre miteinander haben könnten. Zumal Duka Saint vortäuscht, an einem bestimmten Tag Glass in diesem Hotel gesehen zu haben, an dem ganz offensichtlich auch Livia dort war. Castles Plan geht auf, Saint wird misstrauisch. Tatsächlich durchsucht er nun Quentins Haus, findet den Ohrring und ist nun überzeugt davon, dass er betrogen wurde. Wütend bringt er beide um: Zuerst sticht er Quentin nieder, der in Wahrheit jedoch homosexuell war, und wirft seine Frau kurz danach von einer Brücke vor einen fahrenden Zug. Фантастика, боевик, триллер. Режиссер: Джим О'Хенлон, Джереми Уэбб, Джет Уилкинсон. В ролях: Джон Бернтал, Эмбер Роуз Рева, Бен Барнс и др. Сериал повествует историю про Фрэнка Кастла. Бывший военный, он возвращается домой и заводит семью. Жена, дочь, работа The Punisher-2004. Added by hd movies. Also Known As: Наказателят, Kat Czech, Punisher - O Vingador, El castigador, Каратель, The Punisher, Panišer, Punisher, A megtorló, Tuomari, O Justiceiro, O timoros, Punisher - Tuomari, Karistaja, Infazci, Le Punisher : Les liens du sang..

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Kurz vor dem anvisierten Kinostart kam es zu Problemen mit der FSK: „der Prüfungsausschuss versagte dem Film das Zertifikat 'keine Jugendfreigabe', wegen exzessiver Gewaltdarstellung und rechtsstaatlich bedenklicher Tendenzen bei menschenverachtender Grundhaltung“.[3] Erst nach einer Kürzung von rund 90 Sekunden konnte der Film mit dem Zertifikat „keine Jugendfreigabe“ (entspricht dem früheren „FSK ab 18“) ins Kino gebracht werden. Allerdings lief zeitgleich eine englischsprachige Fassung in deutschen Kinos, die komplett ungekürzt war. Auf DVD erschien der Streifen dann allerdings uncut (gekennzeichnet als Extended Version), mit ca. 118 (PAL-) Minuten. Da die FSK dem ungekürzten Film ihre Freigabe verweigerte, bekam er ein SPIO/JK-Signet. Diese Extended-Version des Actionfilms wurde am 31. März 2005 auch erwartungsgemäß indiziert.[4] Der Verleih brachte dann im Jahre 2006 die geschnittene Kinofassung auf DVD heraus, die im Handel frei angeboten werden kann. Im August 2019 wurde der Film in der ungeschnittenen Fassung vom Index gestrichen und ab 18 freigegeben.[5] Punisher vs Harry Heck | The Punisher (2004). تریلر فیلم The Punisher 2004. سایت سابکده - مرجع دانلود زیرنویس Frank Castle (Thomas Jane) uses a pair of heavily customized M1911A1s as his main sidearms in the film. His father Frank Castle Sr. (Roy Scheider) devoted some dialogue to the guns, commenting on how he bored the chambers, customized the triggers, and added some thread-on compensators. Some other notable features are their Novak night sights, the Smith and Alexander extended magazine wells, combat hammers and combat triggers, Kings Gun Works extended slide stops and extended slide releases, as well as Ed Brown Memory Grove beavertail grip safeties and front cocking serrations. The leg holster is a custom Blade-Tech Tactical Thigh Holster. Director: Jonathan Hensleigh. An ordinary lawman goes outside the law to carry out his own brand of justice in this dark-themed thriller. Frank Castle (Thomas Jane) is an FBI agent who deeply loves his wife and son, but is also strongly devoted to his work One of the arm dealers is armed with a Cobray M11/9 when the FBI raids the exchange. Bobby Saint points his gun at him by mistake and is shot by him in return.

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Read Common Sense Media's The Punisher review, age rating, and parents guide. What's the story? Based on the comic book, THE PUNISHER centers on heroic undercover agent Frank Castle (Thomas Jane). The target in his last big case unexpectedly brings a friend along to the takedown.. Some U.S. soldiers are seen with a folding stock Remington 870 shotgun and Castle grabs one and charges an enemy position with it.

In Paris, a young employee in the office of the US Ambassador hooks up with an American spy looking to stop a terrorist attack in the city. Der Film gewann bei den Taurus Awards 2005 den Preis in der Kategorie Bester Feuerstunt (Best Fire). Zudem erhielt er Nominierungen in den Kategorien Bester Fahrzeugstunt (Best Work With A Vehicle), Bester Stunt einer Frau (Best Overall Stunt By A Stunt Woman) sowie Bester Stuntkoordinator (Best Stunt Coordinator And/Or 2nd Unit Director). Bruce Banner, a genetics researcher with a tragic past, suffers an accident that causes him to transform into a raging green monster when he gets angry.

Das Budget des Filmes lag bei 33 Millionen US-Dollar. Insgesamt spielte der Film 115 Millionen US-Dollar ein, davon 55 Millionen an den Kinokassen, die restlichen durch den DVD-Verkauf.[1]Um Zwietracht zwischen Saint und seinen Vertrauten Glass zu säen, leitet Castle nun einen perfiden Plan ein. Er „borgt“ sich den Wagen von Livia für kurze Zeit aus und parkt ihn so auffallend falsch vor einem Hotel, dass er einen Strafzettel bekommt. Damit gibt es einen „Beweis“ für Livias Anwesenheit in diesem Hotel. Zur gleichen Zeit lockt Frank Quentin unter einem Vorwand in dasselbe Hotel. The Punisher is an in-development series for Fox based on the Marvel comics character. This version of the Punisher storyline is adapted for TV by Ed Bernero and Marvel, and sets the story around a NYPD Detective who moonlights as a vigilante.<p><i>NOTE: TV This series project did not.. Response to the punisher 2004-04-19 22:17:49. yes.. its out.. it came out in canada friday the 16th.. its a very good movie and i recommend you all see it.. Response to the punisher 2004-04-19 23:16:34. I was gonna see it opening nite until I realized Kill Bill came out the same night so I saw that The Punisher ist ein US-amerikanischer Film von 2004, der auf einem Marvel Comic namens The Punisher basiert. Eine weitere Verfilmung stammt aus dem Jahr 1989 (The Punisher). Eine andere Verfilmung mit dem Namen Punisher: War Zone erschien im Jahr 2008.

The Punisher received mixed or average reviews with a Metacritic number of 69 from a range of 38 to 100. The general opinion of The Punisher is that whilst the interrogation mini games are uniquely violent; this is the game's only unique feature surrounding an average third person shooter with a.. One of the money launderers (Jack Swanson) in the Saint Building tries to draw a Ruger SP101 revolver when Castle walks in.

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The Punisher is a 2004 American action film based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name, starring Thomas Jane as the antihero Frank Castle and The film's story and plot were mainly based on two Punisher comic book stories: The Punisher: Year One and Welcome Back, Frank, along with.. Some of the U.S. soldiers are seen firing Colt Model 723 carbines. Some of the enemies are seen using them as well. Action, crime, thriller. Director: Jonathan Hensleigh. Starring: John Travolta, Laura Harring, Rebecca Romijn and others

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  1. An enemy soldier is seen firing an Norinco Type 69 RPG with an over-sized warhead. It can be most easily identified by its single grip and carry handle as opposed to the dual grips on an RPG-7.
  2. Frank Castle, Sr. (Roy Scheider)'s gun case, in addition to the twin M1911s, contains a Colt Single Action Army 5 1/2" Artillery.
  3. ently features Castle holding an M16A2 fitted with an M203.

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  1. Action, crime, drama. Director: Jonathan Hensleigh. When undercover FBI agent Frank Castle's wife and son are slaughtered, he becomes 'the Punisher' -- a ruthless vigilante willing to go to any length to avenge his family
  2. Action, crime, drama. When undercover FBI agent Frank Castle's wife and son are slaughtered, he becomes 'the Punisher' — a ruthless vigilante willing to go to any length to avenge his family. Running time: 2:04:00
  3. Get a punisher mug for your cousin Helena. Based off the comic book Punisher. These people though rarely get into any type of combat situation. Most of the time become murderers and get arrested or killed
  4. Howard Saint goes to confirm his son's body, and when the police proved unwilling to share information with him, he orders his own men to find out everything about Otto Krieg. At the funeral of his son, Quentin informs Howard that Otto Krieg was a fake, that his real name is Frank Castle. Howard orders him killed, but his wife Livia adds that the whole family must also die. Howard agrees while Johnny decides to go to Puerto Rico with the other assassins.
  5. Die deutsche Synchronbearbeitung entstand bei Hermes Synchron in Potsdam.[8] Das Dialogbuch verfasste Elisabeth von Molo, die zugleich Synchronregie führte.[8]
  6. al underworld, he'll become known as The Punisher. Watch trailers & learn more. A big bounty inspires New York's worst to pursue the Punisher. A restless Amy seeks help from a fellow grifter. Russo and Krista consider the future
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The Punisher ist ein US-amerikanischer Film von 2004, der auf einem Marvel Comic namens The Punisher basiert. 2012 präsentierte Thomas Jane auf der San Diego Comic Con den selbstproduzierten 10-minütigen Kurzfilm The Punisher: Dirty Laundry, in dem er nach acht Jahren.. Каратель. The Punisher. Статус: Завершен Последние твиты от D.K. the Punisher (@dkthepunisher). multi-platinum producer/songwriter 4 Justin Bieber/Jill Scott/SiR/Jay Rock/Little Simz/Ro James/Isaiah Rashad/Anderson .Paak booking: dkthepunisher@gmail.com. Baltimore -- Los Angeles

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The Punisher (2004). mijn stem. 3,11 (1556). The Punisher is niet één van mijn favoriete creaties uit de Marvel stal (ik ken hem dan ook enkel uit de verhalen waar hij een guest appearance doet), maar de late jaren '80 verfilming met Dolph Lundgren in de hoofdrol was best nog wel leuk „[…] Bemerkenswert an dieser Comic-Verfilmung ist die Zeichnung der Figuren. Während sich im Superhelden-Genre die Charaktere klar in gut und böse katalogisieren lassen, gibt es hier durchaus Grautöne. So ist Ex-Cop Castle bei der Wahl seiner Mittel nicht weniger zimperlich als seine Gegenspieler und bewegt sich dabei nicht selten außerhalb der Legalität. Kaum denkbar, dass Peter Parker, Bruce Wayne oder Clark Kent so agieren würden. Zur erfrischenden Andersartigkeit dieser Comic-Verfilmung tragen auch seine Stars bei. Zwar spielt John Travolta den bösen Buben fast schon gelangweilt routiniert, mit der ungeschminkten Rebecca Romjin-Stamos und Thomas Jane (‚Deep Blue Sea‘) präsentieren sich aber zwei frische Gesichter, die man künftig gerne öfters sehen möchte. Fazit: Gelungene Comic-Verfilmung mit guten Stunts, einer überzeugenden Story und viel Humor.“ Lincoln (Tom Nowicki) uses an Ithaca 37 shotgun with nickel plating and a pistol grip throughout the film. It is not a Stakeout model, as it is too long. When using it to shoot Castle's vest in the dance club, he puts two 12 Gauge rounds into his body armor from less than 10ft away. Though this might seem impossible, a level IIIA Vest can easily withstand shots as powerful as 00 Buckshot.

Каратель (Германия, США, 2004): смотреть онлайн фильм

Some U.S. soldiers are seen armed with Heckler & Koch MP5SD3s. Castle is briefly seen firing one, in a MASSIVE continuity error. Your input will affect cover photo selection, along with input from other users. Listen to this article Thanks for reporting this video! The Punisher - Part 5 is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov. Must be level 20 to start this quest. Bring 3 AK-74N. Handover AK-74N rifles to Prapor. Bring 3 M4A1 assault rifles. Handover M4A1 rifles to Prapor. Bring 5 PM pistols. Handover pistols to Prapor. Kill 10 PMC operatives The Glock 17 2nd generation is seen multiple times in the film by nameless thugs but is most notably seen used by Jimmy Weeks (A. Russell Andrews), who they delve deeper into character-wise in the extended cut.

The Punisher Konusu oldukça üzücü ve maceracıdır. The Punisher'ın konusu; Ailesinin yani karısının ve çocuklarının katledilmesinden sonra intikam almak için elinden geleni yapan Frank Castle'ın yaşadıklarını konu alan Marvel's The Punisher'da Castle, New York'un yeraltı dünyasına dair karanlık.. Als die Killer, unter der Führung von Saints rechter Hand Quentin Glass, auf der idyllischen Familienfeier eintreffen, kommt es zu einem grausamen Massaker: Alle Verwandten von Frank Castle werden gnadenlos niedergeschossen. Nur diesem gelingt es, sich zu wehren und mehrere der Feinde auszuschalten. Seine Frau Maria und sein Sohn Will, die sich ebenfalls rechtzeitig verstecken konnten, versuchen nun, vor Saints Männern zu fliehen. Nach einer wilden Verfolgungsjagd werden sie jedoch auf einem Bootssteg eingeholt und von Johnny mit einem Geländewagen überfahren. Castle kommt zu spät und findet nur noch ihre Leichen vor. In blanker Wut stürzt er sich auf die Mörder, doch er wird angeschossen und überwältigt. Nachdem sie ihn noch verprügelt haben, entzünden Saints Leute den Bootssteg und lassen den schwer verwundeten Castle dort zurück. Er kommt bei der Explosion scheinbar ums Leben. The archenemy of The Punisher, Billy The Beaut Russo in the Marvel comics was a handsome hitman hired by Costa crime family to cover up its The version of Russo introduced on Marvel's The Punisher bears no resemblance to his comic-book counterpart. Played by Ben Barnes, he's Castle's..

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The Punisher (2004-2008) #12 book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. Kitchen Irish, ConclusionEveryone gets just what they deserve... Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Start by marking The Punisher (2004-2008) #12 as Want to Rea Director: Jonathan Hensleigh. Starring: Rebecca Romijn, John Travolta, Ben Foster and others download The Punisher tv show in all mobile formats mp4, hd mp4 and 3gp, free download The Punisher tv series in mobile mp4 and hd mp4 format After the murder of his family, Marine veteran Frank Castle became a vigilante known as The Punisher with only one goal in mind - to avenge them The Punisher (2004). Jazyk. Hodnocení

Browse the Marvel comic series Punisher: War Zone (2008 - 2009). Check out individual issues, and find out how to read them Im Film hält Frank Castle sich einen Parkplatz frei, indem er vor dem Wegfahren neben dem Parkplatz am Gehsteig einen eigenen roten Hydranten stellt. Das Parken vor einem Hydranten ist in den USA verboten, also musste der Parkplatz leer bleiben. Hensleigh kannte jemanden, der sich so zwei Jahre lang in Manhattan Parkplätze frei hielt.[2] Developer(s): Volition Inc.Publisher(s): THQGenre: Action, Shooter, ArcadeWikipedia: LinkGame review links: Metacritic: 68/100Game description: Enter the mind of The Punisher, a vigilante driven by more than just revenge

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Watch The Punisher (2004) in high definition for free. Our website will provide you the best quality for all the movies we have and fastest download speed. The Punisher (2004). There is no justice, there is only revenge.Apr. 15, 2004USA, Germany124 Min.R One of the thugs in Saint's dance club is seen using a compact Glock 19 2nd Generation, which based on the angle appears too short to be the same Glock 17 used in other scenes.

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Castle appears to saw down one of his 311As later in the film, and turns it into a sawed-off shotgun. Castle brings this gun with him when he raids Saint's club, holstered on his back, and manages to kill one of the thugs with it. The Punisher (2004-2008) #2. Find this Pin and more on Comics:Marvel by Lavell James. Punisher Vol. 7 # 2 by Tim Bradstreet. The Punisher - Comics by comiXology. One of comics' most provocative writers takes one of comics' most provocative characters in a new direction -- any direction he wants Schließlich schafft er es, Saints Geschäfte ganz zu ruinieren und diesen bei seinen Geschäftspartnern unter Druck zu setzen. Außer sich vor Wut setzt Saint den nächsten Killer, den „Russen“, auf Castle an, nachdem er dessen Versteck ausfindig gemacht hat. Dort kommt es zum heftigen Kampf zwischen Castle und dem Russen, im Laufe dessen das Mietshaus ziemlich ramponiert wird. Es gelingt Castle schließlich, dem bärenstarken Russen einen Topf siedendes Fett ins Gesicht zu schütten und ihn eine Treppe hinunter zu werfen, wobei sich der Killer das Genick bricht. Doch zur selben Zeit trifft eine weitere Truppe von Saints Killern ein. Joan gelingt es noch, sich mit dem vom Nahkampf verletzten Castle zu verstecken. Saints Männer versuchen, aus Dave und Bumbo Informationen über Castles Verbleib herauszupressen. Doch diese bleiben tapfer und verraten ihren Freund nicht, trotz aller Schmerzen, die Quentin Dave durch Herausreissen seiner Piercings zufügt. Setting his revenge in motion, Frank breaks into Livia's car and calls Quentin on her phone, threatening him to go to Winton hotel to get some photos "Mr. Saint would not want to see". He parks Livia's car illegally near the same hotel and gets a ticket for it. Howard, looking for Quentin and failing, is told by Micky that the man was at Winton hotel. He later spots Livia and Quentin talking and laughing together, and leaves slightly unnerved. Die Gewehre, die Mickey und Bobby am Anfang des Filmes kaufen wollen, sind G36C-Sturmgewehre von Heckler & Koch.[2]

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  1. Movie, action_films. Режиссер: Джонатан Хенсли. В ролях: Уилл Паттон, Лора Харринг, Саманта Матис и др. Время: 2:04:00
  2. The Punisher (2004 film). From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Punisher is a 2004 American action film based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name, starring Thomas Jane as the antihero Frank Castle/The Punisher and John Travolta as Howard Saint, a money launderer who..
  3. Howard is agitated enough to start throwing things around, and the Cubans are mad enough to march right into his office. The two sides argue, Howard says they have had a good partnership but the business was one without insurance so he refused to cover their losses. Before the brothers leave he warns the them that he has more guns, but that was actually a bluff. Now willing to use all means, no matter the cost, he tells Quentin to call "The Russian."

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  1. A man blinded by toxic waste which also enhanced his remaining senses fights crime as an acrobatic martial arts superhero.
  2. Im eigentlichen Skript war neben dem Weeks-Plot und dem Anfang im Zweiten Golfkrieg die Figur des „Microchip“ enthalten. Da Regisseur Hensleigh die Figur jedoch nicht gefiel, wurde er wieder gestrichen.[2] In Punisher: War Zone taucht die Figur des Microchip auf.
  3. Frank Castle, Sr. (Roy Scheider)'s gun case, in addition to the twin M1911s, contains a LeMat 1861 percussion revolver.
  4. Action, crime, drama. Watch The Punisher Full Movie Online free in HD,When undercover FBI agent Frank Castle's wife and son are slaughtered, he becomes 'the Punisher' -- a ruthless vigilante willing to go to any length to avenge his family
  5. e among his arsenal, and uses one with a beeper detonator to blow up one of Saint's money transporting boats.
  6. ation to avenge those wronged by society's villains
  7. Action. Director: Jonathan Hensleigh. Starring: A. Russell Andrews, Omar Avila, James Carpinello and others. Marvel's unstoppable vigilante, THE PUNISHER, hits the screen in a new action thriller that introduces a comic book hero unlike any other

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  1. g "This time they're not blanks".
  2. A U.S. soldier is seen with a M26 "Lemon" hand grenade on his belt, which the enemy prisoner pulls off his belt and commits suicide with, killing everyone but Castle and Weeks.
  3. Spoon (Terry Loughlin) is seen with a Heckler & Koch USP handgun in his holster when facing Castle in the Saint building. Based on the length of the grip, it looks like the .45 ACP model, the USP45.
  4. This page is a stub. Help us expand it, and you get a cookie. Continue to: Getting Started →Walkthrough →. ↓ Jump to Table of Contents ↓. Getting Started. Controls. Walkthrough. Appendices. Weapons
  5. Bobby Saint (James Carpinello) keeps a stainless steel Walther PPK as his weapon. He is killed before he ever gets a chance to use it.
  6. Some of the FBI agents that make the illegal weapons sale bust are armed with Heckler & Koch MP5A5 submachine guns. One of the thugs in the club is also seen with one.
  7. Advertisement (Log in to hide). The Punisher (2005). Marvel series

Action, crime, drama. Director: Jonathan Hensleigh. အက္ရွင္ကားေကာင္းေတြကုိႀကဳိက္တက္တဲ့ CM Fans ေတြအတြက္ ဇာတ္ကားေကာင္းတစ္ကားနဲ႔ မိတ္ဆက္ေပးလုိက္ပါတယ္။ဒီဇာတ္ကားကေတာ့.. Publication date: 2004. Status: Completed. Views: 203,325. After a classmate commits suicide, young Frank Castle begins the journey that will eventually turn him into the Punisher, a journey that will bring him face to face with the Tyger: a creature not made by God, but just as vital to the world Ever-Core the Punisher is a level 77 - 82 Rare NPC that can be found in Netherstorm. The location of this NPC is unknown Год выхода: 2004. Страна: США The Punisher is a 2004 film about a former Special Forces soldier and FBI agent who starts a one-man war on crime after his family is murdered by gangsters, in retaliation for their boss's own son's demise. Based on the Marvel Comics character. The Punisher 2. 2004 action film directed by Jonathan Hensleigh. The Punisher is a 2004 American action film based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name, starring Thomas Jane as the antihero Frank Castle and John Travolta as Howard Saint, a money launderer who orders the death of..

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