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The ventilation system in the tunnel also plays an important role in controlling the environment in the tubes to ensure safe and tenable conditions during rescue and evacuation in case of an incident. Depending on the needs, the system can be both automatically controlled by the SCADA system and manually activated and controlled by LCC Operators. The macro-economic impact of the Port of Hamburg is closely linked to container handling both in terms of quality and quan-tity. Container handling shows the most dynamic growth of all cargo..

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  3. The Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link is a priority project under the EU TEN-T (Trans-European Transport Network) programme and In all probability, the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link will be built as a 17.6 km..
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  5. The Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link crossing is a key component in the main north-south route between It is the longest combined road and rail bridge in Europe. Works started in 1995 and the link was..
  6. The construction of Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link -World Longest Immersed Tunnel - connecting the CNN's Thom Patterson talks about the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link, a proposed 11-mile underwater..
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  1. The same tunnel concept is seen in the Danish-Swedish Øresund tunnel. The Øresund tunnel has denser train traffic than the future fixed link and there has not been any train accidents or evacuations during the 15 years the link has been in service. Femern A/S uses the good experiences from this successful fixed rail and road link. Many experts that were involved in the Øresund project are now working on the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link tunnel.
  2. Revit can link in a CAD DWG or DXF file. This is good. In practice, however, CAD links do not work reliably. From the inability to share coordinates, having missing geometry, lagging of the Revit file..
  3. In relation to the requirement specifications, RAMS requirements have been developed for the parts of the system, which enters into the railway connection in order for the contractor to produce design and documentation to comply with the overall RAMS requirements for the tunnel. Additionally, the assignment has included responsibility for coordination of interfaces in correlation with projects for tunnel civil works, portals, and railway systems. 3D modelling has been used for space coordination and coordination with the civil works project.
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  5. 3 The Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link Geotechnical, geodetic and environmental preparations almost 12 Concluding remarks The geodetic infrastructure for the fixed link across Fehmarnbelt has been..
  6. Between the two road tubes there is a service gallery that also serves as an evacuation tube. Apart from specific rail and road tunnel demands, there are a number of demands for the tunnel construction in general. For example, structural collapse due to ships sinking, corrosion, structural failure, fire and explosions has been addressed through the structural design. EU Eurocodes are followed but in line with the specific rail and road standards and regulations.
  7. Johnny Restrup-Sørensen graduated in 1980 with a M.Sc. degree in Civil and Structural Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark. In 1999, he received an Executive MBA degree. Johnny has a track record of more than 30 years’ employment from management positions in public and private enterprises, mainly within the railway business. He has extensive experience from his work on large-scale infrastructure construction projects. These include positions as Project Director at the Øresund Fixed Link and Chief Resident Engineer at the Sua Pan Branch Line project in Botswana. Johnny is currently Contract Director at Femern A/S responsible for the management of the Fehmarnbelt railway project.
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3 Tables with fixed length. 4 Combining rows and columns. 5 Multi-page tables. When formatting a table you might require a fixed length either for each column or for the entire table RAMBØLL ARUP TEC Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link - Tunnel Design Services DIFFERENCES TUNNEL AND OPEN ROAD OR BRIDGE. • Wind • Slippery road surface • Rain • Fog • Darkness Being a forward feature selection method like Least Angle Regression, orthogonal matching pursuit can approximate the optimum solution vector with a fixed number of non-zero element

link Share this view. Unfortunately, there's no fixed number of steps that yields a stable result. Different data sets can require different numbers of iterations to converge The Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link is a tunnel which is being constructed between Germany and Denmark across the Fehmarnbelt and is one of the larger construction projects in Europe at the moment The Fehmarnbelt Link will allow trains and cars to cross the strait in just seven and ten minutes respectively. At the moment, a ferry takes about an hour to make the crossing The Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link consists of an immersed tube tunnel project with associated landside works between Lolland in Denmark and Fehmarn in Germany. The tunnel is of a unique scale and will..

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The railway line is designed for mixed traffic with a maximum speed of 200km/h. The maximum operational speed of freight trains is set to 140km/h. Freight trains up to 1,050m-long are planned to be allowed and passenger trains are expected to be 400m-long. Most of the time in normal operation there will only be one train at the time in a tube. Die Zahl der Corona-Infektionen steigt weltweit an. Diese Echtzeit-Welt-Karte zeigt aktuelle Zahlen in Deutschland und Europa Ramboll, Arup and TEC have won the tender for client consultancy on the upcoming Fehmarnbelt fixed link between Denmark and Germany CNN's Thom Patterson talks about the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link, a proposed 11-mile underwater tunnel that would link Denmark to Germany

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Femern A/S has implemented an overall operational risk analysis for the combined, Fixed Link tunnel infrastructure rail and road, following the EU CSM-RA Regulation. The aim is that the risk shall be equal to, or lower than, the acceptance criteria, which are set up based on the National Reference Values (NRV) as given in 2012/226/EU. For all the defined safety targets set for the Fixed Link, it is documented via the risk analysis applied for the present design stage that the risk is acceptable and that the tunnel is comfortably below the acceptance criteria for both rail and road. Note that even with these compatibilities, there are no guarantees that an external parser will work correctly with ESLint and ESLint will not fix bugs related to incompatibilities with other parsers The basic idea concerning safety is to prevent any serious accidents happening at all. And if any do occur, to have comprehensive emergency systems and services able to respond quickly to any conceivable situation.The fact that the rail and road tube tubes are adjacent and connected by some 360 emergency exits opens up the possibility to apply a number of efficient safety-improving solutions; especially as they are designed to accommodate rescue operations and to allow the quick evacuation of train passengers. Fehmarn Belt. Review of a fixed link crossing. VIEREGG - ROSSLER GmbH (2008). Expert report on the traffic forecasts and cost calculations of the Proposed Fixed Fehmarnbelt Link

directe link van CBS Statline Fixed costs are costs that do not change with varying output (e.g., salary, rent, building machinery). Sales price per unit is the selling price (unit selling price) per unit Safety has been incorporated into the project in detail – from the very first drawings when the treaty on the fixed link was signed by Denmark and Germany in 2008 – and up to the present day where bids for the tunnel from international consortia are being evaluated by the client, Femern A/S.

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  1. Fixed-Point Conversion Design and simulate fixed-point systems using Fixed-Point Designer™. You clicked a link that corresponds to this MATLAB command: Run the command by entering it in the..
  2. The railway part of the tunnel consists of two tunnel tubes that will each carry traffic in one direction. For its design, the EU technical specifications of interoperability (TSI), European standards and national safety requirements are applied. These – for example the TSI Safety Railway Tunnels (SRT) – combined with codes of practice contain the mandatory safety requirements for railway tunnels.
  3. java.util.Timer.scheduleAtFixedRate() Method - The scheduleAtFixedRate(TimerTask task,long delay,long period) method is used to schedule the specified task for repeated fixed-rate execution..
  4. Safety for end-users is an integral part of any project, not least the project of building the 18.2km-long Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link between Fehmarn in Germany and Lolland in Denmark. It encompasses every aspect of the tunnel project. Apart from ensuring that all specific railway and general safety demands are met, there is also the challenge of adhering to high German, Danish and EU safety standards. Johnny Restrup-Sørensen, Contract Director for Railway at Femern A/S, explains how the demands actually help to achieve the goal of building a modern and very safe tunnel…
  5. The Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link is a permanent and direct road and rail connection between Scandinavia and continental Europe crossing the 20 kilometre wide waters of the Fehmarnbelt and is expected to..
  6. The Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link will close a major gap in the European transport network while fostering development of new nature and recreational landscapes. #dredging pic.twitter.com/XGDCx4iY7b
  7. Link, Like, Share. Accompanying Blender 2.8's snap to object system is snap during transform. When engaged this allows selections, e.g. meshes, keyframe markers etc., to move or transform by fixed..

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Products including folding pocket knives, fixed blade knives, hunting knives, EDC pocket knives, multitool knives, wood pocket knives, titanium pocket knives, and tactical pen Infrastructural investments • Fixed link. Price: 4,5 billion Euros • Direct + indirect jobs 30.000-60.000 man The potential effects of the fixed Fehmarnbelt link on real estate prices •. The cultural sector • The Fixed Link will be equipped with the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) consisting of the European Train Control System (ETCS) and the railway telecommunication system GSM-R. The railway traffic in the tunnel will be monitored and controlled from a Train Traffic Control Centre (TCC) situated in Copenhagen, whereas the road tunnel and the tunnel in general will be monitored from a Link Control Centre (LCC) near the tunnel entrance on the Danish side of the Fehmarn Belt. In the LCC, the technical installations for both the railway and road tunnel are being monitored and controlled via a SCADA system. The TCC and LCC are interconnected. A fixed link over the Fehmarnbelt will reduce travel times for motorists to 10 minutes compared to In tandem with construction of the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link, a beach park will be built only a few.. more results. all translations of Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link. Get XML access to fix the meaning of your metadata. Please, email us to describe your idea

[...] project 'The fixed Fehmarnbelt rail/road Link' Answer [...] from the Commission (7 December 2006). Fehmarn Belt fixed rail/road link Introduction. Hi, I'm Glenn Fiedler and welcome to Game Physics. In the previous article we discussed how to integrate the equations of motion using a numerical integrator In case of total breakdown in the Danish power supply grid, the German traction power supply system in Fehmarn, owned by Deutsche Bahn, can be switched over to provide an emergency power supply, in order to move stranded trains out of the tunnel tubes.

The Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link will be funded in part by the European Community in that it is considered among the priority projects of the TEN-T network (Trans-European Transport Network) and will consist.. Trending @ BSE. Quick Links. RSS feed is a XML file that provides summaries, including links to the full versions of the content.It is available through RSS feed reader or through some browsers The Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. The planned Fehmarnbelt fixed link is an immersed tunnel under. Translations in context of FehmarnBelt in German-English from Reverso Context: Studien noch nicht abgeschlossen Studies ongoing, construction works Fehmarn Belt fixed link to start in 2015

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Read here http://top.ebook4share.us/?book=8792416160[PDF] The Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link: Regional Development Perspectives Download Online The Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link (Danish: Femern Bælt-forbindelsen, German: Fehmarnbelt-Querung) is a planned immersed tunnel that is proposed to connect the Danish island of Lolland with the German.. Subconsultants:ViaNova TransIT (NO)Gary Davis Associates Ltd (UK)Mott MacDonald (UK)AECON Group (UK)Pöyry Infra Ltd (CH)Global Lightning Protection Services A/S (DK)Lars Buhrkall (DK)

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  1. Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link. Tunnel linking Scandinavia and Europe. FEM Consult (Joint Venture between ÅF - Hansen & Henneberg A/S and Pöyry Infra GmbH) has since 2012 been Femern A/S's..
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  3. The Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link is an immersed tunnel or bridge that is proposed to connect the The conceptual design envisages a bridge across the Fehmarnbelt to be 17.6 km from coast-to-coast

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construction for the Fehmarnbelt Fixed. Link. The Basic Principles. The Geo Strategy constitutes an integral. Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link. A geological model mainly based on geotechnical parameters A fixed link between Germany and Denmark will not be affected by inclement weather, waiting The Fehmarnbelt link's construction site will be designed so that any disruption to our neighbours and to.. In Denmark, the emergency management authorities are liable to use the SINE radio system, which applies the TETRA standard. In the Fehmarn region of Germany, the analogue BOS-system is in use, which will be replaced in the future by a digital system, based on TETRA.

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Zaloguj się The Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link will connect Denmark and Germany and will be the world's longest immersed road and rail tunnel with a length of more than 18 kilometres

Fixed-Mobile Convergence Subs Forecast Fixed Link across Fehmarnbelt 4.2 New Government Agreement Page 10 and 11: Fixed Link across Fehmarnbelt In Ch Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link / Baltic Sea Tunnel The bridge will have a total length of approximately 19 km and will be constructed as a triple-span cable-stayed bridge with each of the three spans being 724 m.. The Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link is a planned immersed tunnel that is proposed to connect the Danish island of Lolland with the German Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link. Connected to: {{::readMoreArticle.title}} Fixed Ratio Axes with Compressed domain¶. If an axis needs to be compressed (either due to its own scaleanchor and scaleratio or those of the other axis), constrain determines how that happens: by..

Femern A/S has designated the emergency lane of the road tube adjacent to the inner rail tube to be the railway safe area as, from both rail tubes, it can be reached quick and easy via escape routes on the walkways on both sides of the train and the emergency exit doors. The European requirements demands emergency exits to be located at least every 500m; in the Femern Tunnel they will be placed every 100m – therefore increasing safety even more. By doing so, there will be no more than 50m to the nearest emergency exit at any point. The selective search algorithm is a fixed algorithm. Therefore, no learning is happening at that stage. This could lead to the generation of bad candidate region proposals Intruder monitoring will be installed outside tunnel entrances to ensure no unauthorised access to the tunnel. PuppyLinux JoesWindowManager[dead link 2020-03-29 ⓘ]. Puppy Linux JWM themes exchange

Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link on WN Network delivers the latest Videos and Editable pages for News & Events, including Entertainment, Music, Sports, Science and more, Sign up and share your playlists The Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link will connect Denmark and Germany and will be the world's longest immersed road and rail tunnel with a length of more than 18 kilometres. The activity scope for Van.. A hot axle box detection system will be installed ahead of the portals to minimise the risk of a train with overheated axles and wheels entering the tunnel.

The Danish Parliament has passed the construction act for the tunnel, and construction can begin when contracts are signed and the necessary German approvals are in place. Fixed the stupid error with the RemindMe= bug that users experienced when they pressed Hello, Colin! Your site is down. Please give there link to Relink Bitmaps. Thank you for this excellent tool Traffic will be stopped and controlled in both road and rail tubes in case of a serious incident. Evacuation of passengers will then be conducted and assisted by train personnel. When escaping passengers have reached the road tube, dedicated rescue buses will bring them out of the tunnel. Le Fantastic Fixed Gear Calculator vous est gentillement offert par l'quide de SURPLACE, ouai ouai on est sympa. Toutes les donnes relatives aux circonfrences de pneu proviennent du.. Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link połączy Skandynawię z Europą Środkową najkrótszą trasą. Tunelem pomiędzy duńską wyspą Lolland i niemiecką wyspą Fehmarn, zostaną poprowadzone tory kolejowe..

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The Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link will connect Rødbyhavn in Denmark to Puttgarden in Germany and is In 2008, Denmark and Germany signed the state treaty on a fixed link across the Fehmarn Belt and.. Share links and earn money on every visitor who clicks on your link - Learn More. - Linkvertise is the best paying link shortening site in German-speaking countries! We do not use popups or annoying.. 2016. Structures and Projects. Fehmarnbelt Crossing Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link. planned immersed tunnel connecting Denmark and Germany. Fehmarnbelt Bohrinsel 2015.jpg 2,415 × 1,698; 1.23 MB. Fehmarnbeltbrücke.svg 428 × 306; 36 KB The Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link (Danish: Femern Bælt-forbindelsen, German: Fehmarnbelt-Querung) is a planned immersed tunnel that is proposed to connect the Danish island of Lolland with the..

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Safety influences all aspects of the tunnel from civil works requirements to the descent and curvature of the tunnel, emergency power supply, emergency exits, ventilation, fire extinguishing equip – ment, signalling systems, lighting, tunnel surveillance as well as rescue plans and safety personnel. div class=navbar navbar-inverse navbar-fixed-top> < The Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link is a planned 18-km immersed tunnel between Rødbyhavn in Denmark and Puttgarden in Germany, making it the longest immersed tunnel in the world

Zarejestruj się The interface towards Third Party included negotiation of power utility supply to the Link on both German and Danish side with the responsible utility companies, including detailing of substation layout, physical constraints, etc. Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link ( Danish : Femern Bælt-forbindelsen , German : Fehmarnbelt-Querung ) is a planned immersed tunnel..

The rail safety systems are supported by the SCADA system and network infrastructure that is used for supervising and controlling all technical field devices and sub-systems installed in the road and railway tubes that are of vital importance to normal daily operation of the tunnel and also essential in critical situations. Publisher Web Link Most of these settings are fixed. Once you compile Marlin, that's it. For more detailed information on various topics, please read the main articles and follow the links provided in the option descriptions The Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link (Danish language: Femern Bælt-forbindelsen, German language: Fehmarnbelt-Querung) is an immersed tunnel (in earlier design iterations a bridge)..

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In the event of a rail tube incident the first action is actually for the train driver to attempt to drive the train clear of the tunnel such that the incident can be more easily controlled. If this is not possible and the train is stationary in the tunnel, then first responders and emergency services will enter by either road tube and cross into the incident tube through the emergency exits. The Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link will connect Denmark and Germany and will be the world's longest immersed road and rail tunnel with a length of more than 18 kilometers FS FEHMARNBELT hasFocus() head images implementation importNode() inputEncoding lastModified links normalize() normalizeDocument() open() querySelector() querySelectorAll..

SlideServe has a very huge collection of Fehmarnbelt fixed link PowerPoint presentations. You can view or download Fehmarnbelt fixed link presentations for your school assignment or business.. All five tunnel tubes are connected with emergency exits and the road tubes can be used for rapid evacuation and rescue in case of a railway accident. This feature increases safety in the sense that access in an out of the railway tunnel is easy and a lot less restricted than in many other tunnels around the world. And before real trading, be sure to practice on a demo account. In the archives JTFX_PRO_v2.0.rar (1.854 MB): JTFXPRO 2.0_fix.ex4

The overall risk analyses performed by Femern A/S’ risk specialists shows that the actual risk of a serious accident happening in either the rail or road tunnel is lower than on open land.The tunnel consists of five tubes: two for trains, two for cars – with dual, single direction carriageways and an emergency lane in each – and a separate tube or gallery between the road tubes which serves as an emergency and service corridor.

Planfix allows you to send tasks from one account to another, and to link multiple accounts and store the tasks in one of them. The service allows each company to work on its account, receiving and.. A derailment detection system will be installed ahead of each tunnel portal – on both the German and the Danish side – in order to prevent an already derailed train from continuing into the tunnel. Derailment containment provisions will be provided in the tunnel tubes and outside the tubes at a distance of (minimum) 515m from the tunnel portals. This tutorial shows you how to troubleshoot and fix a quadcopter that doesn't arm. I will also explain the common problems that prevent a mini quad from arming in Betaflight [R-package] CMake fixes to support MSVC ( #2963 ). Use this invite link to join the team. Open bug reports and feature requests (not questions) on GitHub issues

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The Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link will be the third major crossing in Denmark after the realization of the Great Belt (1998) and the Øresund (2000) links The Fehmarn Belt fixed link project conditionally approved by the Danish parliament on 28 April [a] Femern A/S, Financial analysis of the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link including Danish landworks..

The RazorMax™ combines the strength and performance of a fixed blade knife with our patented RazorSafe™ replaceable blade system. Two unique blade styles allow you to switch from 3.5 inch.. Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link (Danish: Femern Bælt-forbindelsen, German: Fehmarnbelt-Querung) is a planned immersed tunnel.. RAMBØLL ARUP TEC Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link - Tunnel Design Services DIFFERENCES TUNNEL AND OPEN ROAD OR BRIDGE. • Wind • Slippery road surface • Rain • Fog • Darkness

The third (the Fehmarnbelt Link) has been decided 2008 on bilateral government level. They are the basis of new regional development regimes. Ferries connect systems, fixed links unite systems Back historyThe vision of a Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link has existed for a very long time, but the project only became a feasible reality in the 1990s... The railway line on the Fixed Link will be part of the Trans-European railway network connecting Scandinavia with mainland Europe. It is an important part of the Scandinavian-Mediterranean corridor (ScanMed) and one of EU’s nine priority network corridors. When completed, Denmark and Femern A/S will have delivered a piece of infrastructure that contributes to the EU vision on interoperability on the railway network. When the tunnel opens, the railway will shorten the journey by train between Hamburg and Copenhagen from the current 4 hours 30 minutes to just 2 hours 30 minutes. The link has obtained EU support and will be built with state guaranteed loans and be paid by fees from end-users. It's time to get backlinks that make a difference. Backlinko is the place for next-level SEO training and link building strategies

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The road part consists of two tubes each with one way traffic on double lanes and a full emergency lane. For its design, European standards – namely the EU road tunnel safety directive – as well as national safety requirements are applied. SPONSORED LINK. Fixing Faces with zero map area Problem in Maya bedpage is a site similar to Backpage and the free classified site in the world. People love us as a new Backpage replacement or an alternative to backpage.com

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The Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link (Danish: Femern Bælt-forbindelsen, German: Fehmarnbelt-Querung) is a planned immersed tunnel that is proposed to connect the Danish island of Lolland with the German island of Fehmarn, crossing the 18 km (11 mi) wide Fehmarn Belt in the Baltic Sea.. The Fehmarnbelt fixed link in the Baltic Sea will connect the Danish island of Lolland with Germany's Fehmarn island and is expected to boost transportation between central Europe and Scandinavia Global Railway Review is published by: Russell Publishing Ltd.Court LodgeHogtrough HillBrasted, Kent, TN16 1NUUnited Kingdom

All safety related systems forming part of tunnel installations will have short break power supply and the more safety critical systems will have uninterruptable power supply (UPS), for instance the SCADA system, the emergency lighting, and detection and alarm systems. The fixed link will be the largest immersed combined rail and road tunnel in the world. It will also be among the world’s most modern and safe tunnels. Safety is always a high priority issue in railway systems and it’s well-known that rail is considered one of the most safe modes of transportation. Hence it is evident that safety is also an extremely important factor in such a long subsea railway link. English-German translation for: fixed link [across Fehmarn Belt]. feste Querung {f} [des Fehmarnbelt]constr In three ways: by email (if you leave your email address), on our website (if your browser accepts cookies) or by viewing the transactions in the blockchain by the links from your order. Why can I trust.. In the railway tubes, additional to the GSM-R system, there will be a separate emergency telephone system at each emergency door. A call from an emergency phone will reach the Train Traffic Control Centre (TCC) in Copenhagen. The Link Control Centre (LCC) will immediately receive a message via SCADA that says an emergency phone is being activated.

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jeszcze kilka kliknięć i bedziesz mógł cieszyć się z dodatkowych, bezpłatnych funkcji portalu! 95 отметок «Нравится», 0 комментариев — COWI (@cowigroup) в Instagram: «Did you know that the Fehmarnbelt fixed link is Northern Europe's largest construction project? The Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link, ge-. otechnical investigations. 12th Baltic Sea Geo Conf. Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link, Installation and testing of driv-. en steel tube piles and bored cast-in-place concrete piles Medline is a global healthcare company providing quality medical and surgical supplies throughout North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East

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Websites Broken Link Checker. Check your website's broken links. Remove those toxic harmful broken links from your website and give a boost. Paste the URL to check for broken links The fixed link would reduce the journey time from Hamburg to Copenhagen (340 miles) from 4:30 hours ( travel time in 2008, including ferry, waiting time, embarkation and disembarkation ) to 3.. FEM Consult (Joint Venture between ÅF – Hansen & Henneberg A/S and Pöyry Infra GmbH) has since 2012 been Femern A/S’s E&M consultant for the design and tender of the electrical and mechanical systems for the Fehmarn Belt Tunnel; a 18 km long submersed tunnel between Denmark and Germany. The tunnel consists of two tunnel tubes for rail, two tunnel tubes for road and a central gallery between the road tubes. The assignments have included assessment of design basis, specification of design requirements as well as requirements for verification, execution and maintenance. The assignment further includes an option on test, inspection and follow-up on the E&M systems.To reduce the probability of incidents happening inside the tunnel, safety requirements have been adopted for the rail tunnel in compliance with EU and national regulations and rules.

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