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28 Slow Cooker Recipes to help with meal planning this year. A collection of the best slow cooker meals online, plus extra crockpot desserts, and side to Slow cookers are nifty gadgets, that help us create amazingly delicious meals with zero fuss, minimal prep and no need to hang over the hob for hours. Whether you're after a soul-warming casserole, a pulled pork recipe ideal to feed the family, or even a slow cooker soup, you're sure to find a recipe you'll love here. Slow Cookers & Multi-Cookers. Pro Line® Series. Kitchenware. KitchenAid is made for people who love to cook, and exists to make the kitchen a place of endless possibility Get all the beauty of a restaurant-quality dinner from the comfort of your own home by making some incredible fall-off-the-bone short ribs.

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18 Essential Slow Cooker Recipes for an Easier Thanksgiving. Slow-cooking turkey breast gives the perennially dry white meat time to soak up a rich herb butter, making for a juicy, tender slice Give your slow cooker some love with this winter warmer, packed with hearty ingredients including sausages, bacon and borlotti beans.Looking for a quick slow cooker meal? We've honed our favourite spag bol recipe to give perfect results every time. This easy recipe is great to get ahead with the night before in your slow cooker, a healthy, low-fat method of cooking which doesn't require much time or effort.Finish off this easy casserole with sliced avocados and diced tomatoes. The garnishes add a touch of fresh flavor.

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Check out our healthy slow cooker recipe which uses lentils and split peas. This delicious slow cooker idea is sure to make a creamy dinner - it's a great weekend vegetarian warmer for those wintery months! 13 Slow Cooker Recipes for Fall + Slow Cooker Tips! To help you make the most out of your slow cooker, I've got 15 easy healthy slow cooker recipes that are perfect for Fall

The slow cooker is surprisingly versatile. Sure, we rely on it for comforting soups and stews, fork-tender roasts and red sauce that has that simmered-all-day flavor, but it can do so much more Experts in cooking, baking, cleaning & laundry since 1956. Shop with our exclusive 3-year guarantee, free returns & free delivery over £40 This slow-cooker whole chicken is an easy way to create super tender and moist meat infused with the flavors of fresh herbs, butter and lemon. Taking the chicken for a quick spin under the oven broiler for..

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Sure, the slow cooker is one of the easiest tools to use in the kitchen, but with these expert hacks, you'll be able to use your favorite appliance in ways you've never thought of before. Slow-Cooker Classics. Flavor Made Easy. Want more delicious recipes, fun articles, exclusive savings and chances to win prizes Slow Cooker Cookbook for Two: 250 Slow Cooking Recipes Designed for Two People Slow-Cooker Recipe: Smoky Pea Soup Recipe Ham gives your average pea soup a savory twist Slow Cooker Cioppino Recipe Simmering the base of this rich stew in the slow cooker allows for..

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  1. Make this classic chicken dish right in your slow cooker. If you have leftovers, you can even turn the dish into delicious lettuce wraps.
  2. Our list of slow-cooker recipes continues because we can't stop, won't stop using our slow cooker to get dinner on the table, no matter what time of year it is.
  3. In recipes, an abbreviation like tbsp. is usually used to refer to a tablespoon, to differentiate it from the smaller teaspoon (tsp.). Some authors additionally capitalize the abbreviation, as Tbsp..
  4. You only need a few simple ingredients for these soups to come together—your slow cooker does the rest.
  5. This slow-cooker recipe makes mashed potatoes a convenient dish to prepare, and it can be made plain and simple or with extras like scallions or roasted garlic. The slow cooker keeps the potatoes..
  6. Next time you're in the mood for a sizzling plate of fajitas, skip the pricey restaurant version and whip up your own at home. You might never want to go back to your favorite Mexican place again.
  7. No need to worry about juggling oven space with this easy slow cooker beef joint. It will make your roast dinner a doddle! If you prefer your gravy darker in colour, add some browning.

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Waking up is hard to do. But when your slow cooker makes breakfast for you? Well, let's just say that makes a strong case for getting out of bed. slow cooker. soup. Come join me in my culinary adventures where we'll be using simple, fresh ingredients and transforming them into sophisticated and elegant meals for the everyday home cook 28 Slow Cooker Recipes to help with meal planning this year. A collection of the best slow cooker meals online, plus extra crockpot desserts, and side to Come home to our favorite slow-cooker recipes: main dishes, sides, appetizers and drinks that are sure to soothe with the simple joys of comfort food

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Home Slow Cooker Recipes. See Full Recipe Index. Free Recipe eBooks. Join my free email list to receive THREE free cookbooks! Meet Dozer Slow cooker recipes are delicious, hearty and best of all - easy! From comforting soups and stews to casseroles and pot roasts - whether using a slow cooker or an oven or stovetop these dishes will.. Find top-rated slow cooker recipes for chicken, pork, sandwich fillings, pot roasts, chili, stews, and more 50+ of the BEST slow cooker recipes - the perfect hands-free way to cook flavorful meals. When life gets hectic, let a slow cooker do the work for you. I'm all about making recipes as easy as possible Take your usual chicken dinner to the next level with this "melt in your mouth" meal. You really can't go wrong with a dish that's slathered with plenty of barbecue sauce.

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  1. Can you email me all of these slow cooker recipes? I am having trouble printing them. Thank. Popular Articles. Home » Dinner » 30 Slow Cooker Better than Takeout Recipes
  2. Find slow-cooker recipes for pork, stews, chicken and an amazing slow cooker cheesecake from Food & Wine. Our 22 Best Crock Pot and Slow-Cooker Recipes
  3. This gorgeous slow cooker lamb Irish stew is packed full of bacon, pearl barley and veggies. Serve with greens, and a pint of Guinness of course.
  4. Time to get out the Crock Pot for a great and easy slow cooker dinner. Try these recipes including slow cooker lamb, chicken, beef, curry, roasts or osso bucco

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Slow Cooker. Steaming. Stir Frying. Welcome to my site about modern Chinese cooking, Asian inspired dishes, and classic recipes cooked in my small New York Kitchen Even the pickiest eaters will enjoy these Sloppy Joes. The little ones will polish off their plates—and might even ask for a second serving. This subreddit is for Crock-Pot®-type recipes only. Moderators may remove posts/comments at When you post a pic of the meal, please include the recipe. If you do not include the recipe your.. With these easy 5-ingredient slow cooker recipes, you're only a handful of items away from a delicious, hearty dinner. Ideas including 5-ingredient slow cooker pot roast, penne, ribs, and wraps

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  1. We love the smoky paprika in this on-trend classic dish from Portugal. It can be made with any fish: we’ve chosen ones that are in season and sustainable – look for the MSC sticker.
  2. Every bite of this beefy lasagna is delectable, thanks to three types of cheese. The entire meal is just mouthwateringly delicious.
  3. One of the best parts about these meatballs is that they're so versatile. Feel free to serve them over a bed of spaghetti, vegetables, or as an appetizer.
  4. How to cook pan-fried lamb chops. This is a truly easy recipe. Scroll down to the recipe card for the full details. They do require slow cooking to become tender, so I make them in the slow cooker
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Slow Cooker Recipes. Slow cookers help make life a little easier. Cook up everything from chili and short ribs to tacos and stews - plus, comforting sides like mashed potatoes and butternut squash You don't have to wait until the annual Thanksgiving feast to enjoy a plate of moist turkey. Not only is this version "absolutely to die for," but it's also so much easier than preparing an entire bird.

We've transformed slow cooker chicken breasts into a gorgeous chicken piccata, an Italian dish using lemon, butter and capers.Whether you're hosting for the holidays, throwing a game-day party or heading to a potluck, these slow-cooker recipes make themselves so you can get back to being the life of the party.These no-fuss dinners will make you feel like you have your life together. No one ever has to know that your slow cooker did all the work for you.

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This ultra creamy, incredibly cheesy recipe tastes just as good whether you use a store-bought or homemade Alfredo sauce.It’s no secret that we love slow cookers here at Good Housekeeping. The nifty gadgets help us create amazingly delicious meals with zero fuss, minimal prep and no need to hang over the hob for hours. And there seems to be a misconception that all you can make are stews and casseroles, when in fact the humble slow cooker is a much more versatile piece of kitchen equipment. Did you know, a slow cooker is the perfect gadget to cook a piece of meat in? Take our slow cooker ham, we use coca-cola to make this sweet and salty joint of meat, while our slow cooker beef joint is an absolute winner, and saves space in the oven. Midweek meals can also be a doddle, from our gorgeous slow cooker chicken breast piccata to our delightfully simple slow cooker chicken fajitas. In fact, family classics can all be whipped up in your crock pot from spaghetti Bolognese, to macaroni cheese, and even chicken curry. This also means batch cooking is made much simpler, and you can have a steaming pot of food ready when you get home from work. People seem most surprised when we tell them you can make desserts in the slow cooker. We love this rice pudding, which is a great get-ahead dessert that can be served hot or cold (we love ours with jam). We’ve tried tons of sweet stuff in the slow cooker from brownies, to cheesecakes and even a butterscotch pudding, which we promise is worth a try. Basically, what we’re trying to say is don’t let your slow cooker get dusty in the cupboard, use this versatile kitchen gadget to create delicious dishes, without slaving away in the kitchen. And if you don’t have one, we’ve tested a bunch to find the best, and this digital Crock-Pot version (which is under £100) was a clear winner. Happy cooking! Explore this huge selection of delicious recipes that includes... easy desserts, delicious vegan and vegetarian dinner ideas, gorgeous pastas, easy bakes, and gluten-free recipes This slow cooker sausage casserole recipe is so simple to make, and even tastier to eat. Serve with mash and some green veg if you like. 75+ Essential Slow-Cooker Recipes. Discover classic and creative ways to make the most of your slow cooker with this week-by-week cooking guide, where you'll find our best menu ideas, mains..

Amazing slow cooker recipes for large groups. Handpicked by cookbook authors! Use these crockpot recipes for stress-free hosting The recipe originated from the popular Facebook cooking page, Slow Cooker Recipes and Tips and it's an even easier take on the Australian classic. RELATED: Easy desserts to make in lockdown

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  1. Over the years, the Crock-Pot has become a kitchen staple—and for good reason. It allows you to whip up easy slow cooker recipes in no time at all, which is perfect for those busy weeknights. Basically, all you have to do is assemble the ingredients, turn it on, and within a few hours, you have a quick, easy dinner that's ready to serve. To help you make the most of this handy kitchen appliance, we've rounded up the best slow cooker recipes right here that have delicious results your whole family will love.
  2. Slow cooker recipes will save you money AND effort by practically cooking themselves. Make big batches to eat all week to maximize your time and money
  3. The perfect main for your Sunday lunch - soft and tender lamb with a delicious gravy. It just needs a few roasties and green vegetables on the side.
  4. When it comes to slow cooker recipes, there are so many options to consider. We've taken the time to compile a wide array of slow cooker recipes ranging from soups, stews and chili to roasts and..
  5. 1. Slow Cooker Vegetarian Chili. This chili is a quick and easy vegan recipe that feeds a crowd. It gets both its protein and its thickness from quinoa, and you can load it up with your favorite toppings like..

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Cooking low and slow is a brilliant way of infusing rich flavours into hearty, warming meals. Our collection of delicious slow cooker recipes shows just how simple it is to prepare slow cooker meals.. Slow Cooker Whole Wheat Spelt Potato Rolls frees up your oven for other holidays treats! You have to make these this Thanksgiving! Kathy Hester | Healthy Slow Cooking Slow Cooker Recipes Croutons add a nice crunch to this dish. Just be sure to add them right before you serve so they don't get soggy. Easy apple pie recipe using pantry ingredients! Whether you make your own pie crust or use store I'd love to say that to find this recipe I searched high and low and did research online as to what makes.. My New Slow Cooker: This recipe was made in this slow cooker. For larger roasts I also brown the meat in the insert and not lose a bunch of the flavor by transferring the meat and leaving the browned..

Tender beef in a rich, zingy Thai curry sauce, delicious served with jasmine rice and Asian greens. This slow cooker recipe has maximum flavour with minimum effort! Thank you for your support of Recipe.com throughout the years. We are proud of your enthusiasm to make great things in the kitchen. Achieve Daily, Dream Big Fancy a slow-cooked pork meal? Pulled pork is a brilliant way to serve a crowd, and it's also pretty easy to make in your Crock-Pot. Cook the pork in your slow cooker for three hours, prepare the barbecue sauce and coleslaw and there you have it – a delicious slow-cooked meal for eight.

I have a slow cooker recipe for mulled spiced wine that requires just two hours in the crock pot. For most recipes,(like this crock pot jambalaya) this means filling the slow cooker 2/3 full Try our favorite slow cooker chicken recipes that take just minutes of prep, a few ingredients, and a Simplicity + deliciousness = slow cooker recipes for chicken you'll come back to again and again

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Since uploading his photo on the Crockpot/Slow Cooker Recipes & Tips group, hundreds of people Line the slow cooker with baking paper and then cook on high for around two hours, and then pop.. Nourishing and gently warming, this vegetable soup is the perfect stomach warmer. If making for kids, you can leave out the chilli and just top with chilli flakes for the adult portion.When our favorite dinner staple teams up with the trusty slow cooker, we know dinner is going to be stress-free and delicious—just the way we like it.Move over, ground beef: These shredded steak tacos might just be your new favorite. Just throw the meat in the slow cooker and let it do all the work for you.

These lentils are slow cooked with a variety of herbs and vegetables, including tomatoes, onions Place all ingredients, except the cheese, in the slow cooker and cook on the HIGH setting for 2 1/2.. Chicken cacciatore is a gorgeous Italian dish that uses a rustic tomato sauce to enhance the flavour. This chicken dish is put in the slow cooker for added ease.

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  1. As if mac and cheese couldn't get any better, now you can whip up a recipe that requires no effort at all. Was there ever an easier comfort food to make?
  2. You don't need a grill to make the best ribs ever. Your whole family will love these fall-off-the-bone versions that you can make right in your Crock-Pot.
  3. This saucy pulled pork is obviously tasty right out of the slow cooker, but it also reheats well for leftovers. As this blogger notes about her recipe, "It gets even better with time."
  4. The best food and cooking blogs that exist online, ranked algorithmically and updated every 24 hours
  5. The Crock Pot was the highest rated slow cooker in a test by the Good Housekeeping Institute, scoring 91/100.
  6. From savory soups, flavorful curry to desserts, we've gathered our best slow-cooker and pressure cooker recipes to make your weeknight dinner way easier

Thinking about using your slow cooker in summer? We've got loads of great recipe ideas! Just click the image below: This weeknight slow cooker lentil soup makes the perfect lazy weeknight dinner. This is a hearty With it being dark out now by 5 pm I'm pretty sure November was made for slow cooker recipes Wonderful, wonderful slow cookers… we love the whole bung-it-in approach, and it means you can get on with other bits while those ingredients transform into a delicious dinner. Whether you’re using a Crock-Pot or other brand of slow cooker, all the below slow cooker recipes should work in it (did you know that you can even make spaghetti bolognese in a slow cooker?)

Fresh Meals From A Slow Cooker Healthy Slow Cooker Revolution. 200 flavorful, fuss-free recipes featuring leaner cuts of meat, fresh vegetables, and hearty grains. Discover the test kitchen's easy.. Bonus: This recipe has useful tips for cooking in the microwave without making a mess. Layer the vegetables, sausage, and cheese in the slow cooker; top with a mix of eggs and cream (you'd be fine.. While many slow cooker recipes - soups, stews, and so forth - seem more appropriate for cold Armed with some summer-friendly slow cooker recipes, you can enjoy convenient slow cooker.. Our slow cooker meals include slow-cooked chicken recipes, healthy slow-cooked recipes (try coconut dahl) as well as more indulgent options, perfect for a dinner party

Get the recipe. 3. Slow-Cooker Garlic-Herb Mashed Cauliflower. Your cheeseburger is looking a little lonely. Meet its new best friend, buttery and bursting with smashed garlic cloves, chives and rosemary Find slow cooker recipes for all your favourite one pots including slow cooker chicken curry, chilli con carne and vegetable lasagne. From BBC Good Food

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  1. This healthy slow-cooked recipe is totally fuss-free. Just bung all the ingredients in a slow cooker and it'll be ready to serve in only two hours - it's the perfect meal for a family night in.
  2. Put some spice in your weeknight dinners with this slow cooker jerk chicken that keeps the skin crispy.
  3. Slow Cooker Turmeric Chicken Recipe. Posted in Cooking & Baking, Recipes. Protein-rich chicken, antioxidant-packed spices and fresh spinach make this dish a well-balanced meal
  4. Our luxurious slow cooker rice pudding is an easy dessert to make ahead and then keep in the fridge for later. Serve hot or cold with jam or compote, or just by itself.

45+ delicious slow cooker recipes. Slow cookers are nifty gadgets, that help us create amazingly delicious meals with zero fuss, minimal prep and no need to hang over the hob for hours This crowd-pleasing bourbon brisket has all the flavours of being barbecued without the hassle of firing up the grill - get your slow cooker ready!

While the slow cooker (or crockpot) makes for a great year-round cooking method, it especially Today we're rounding up 30 Whole30 Slow Cooker recipes of our own plus from our favorite foodie.. Save All 31 Recipes Saved. Slow Cooker Chipotle-Honey Chicken Tacos. By Sarah DiGregorio I use my Slow Cooker on a pretty regular basis, and have a bunch of slow cooker recipes here on my website. On weeknights, especially in the fall when my family seems to be going in different directions.. a long day at work. Most slow cooker cookbooks offer recipes for a crowd and there are only two of you.

Slow Cooker recipes is the #1 place for recipes, cooking tips, and how-to food videos—all rated and reviewed by millions of home cooks. Slow Cooker recipes makes it easy to find everyday recipes.. Put the lid on the slow cooker and set to high for 4 hours. 9. Place cooked chicken under the grill Leftover juices in the slow cooker are mostly lemon juice with a bit of chicken fat and can be used.. There are plenty of healthy slow cooker recipes, too. If you need the perfect dish for your summer barbecue, we've also got plenty of summer slow cooker options

Tender chunks of beef with cheesy dumplings...you can't go wrong with this hearty slow cooker beef casserole! Slow Cooker Fresh Tomato Soup. Slow Cooker Coconut Thai Curry Chicken. Stay up-to-date on the hottest food trends with our blog, discover a new favorite dish with recipes from our Test Kitchen..

Cooking chicken in the slow cooker results in lovely tender meat. Stuff this chicken fajita recipe into wraps and load up with your favourite toppings. They can all be used interchangeably in most recipes, but when it comes to whipped cream- heavy cream/heavy whipping cream will hold its shape longer. They are ideal for homemade whipped cream Recipes. Support. kMix Attachments. The durable and contemporary Kenwood Slow Cooker SCM650SS is perfect for making delicious home-cooked meals with minimum effort The next time you cook one of Rach's recipes, we want to see where you're digging infrom the dining room table to the drive-in movie Slow-Cooker White Wine Chicken With Garlic & Tarragon A no-fuss curry, which can be adjusted to your taste - add more spice if you like it fiery, and swap cream for coconut milk to make this dairy free.

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It's almost impossible to believe you can cook super-juicy pork chops right in your slow cooker. Just one bite into this classic comfort food and you'll be hooked. 2000+ Recipes for Slow Cookers and Family Meals. Browse Recipe Collection by Category. Includes Chicken, Beef, Fudge, Mince, Lamb Recipes and More

With a slow cooker recipe, you can prep it in the morning and come home to a warm, hearty meal! Many keto slow cooker recipes are meat, dessert bread, casseroles, and soupLOTS of soup.. This morning, I was supposed to prepare our chili recipe for tonight in the slow cooker, but I have forgotten. Now it's too late to start the recipe as usual and cook it on low

Slow Cooker Beef Stew + Best Old Fashioned Recipe + Video. Store in the fridge. This Slow Cooker Beef Stew recipe makes a big batch with enough for lots of leftovers Set it and forget in the slow cooker until it's mealtime with recipes that range from breakfast to Please use a supported version for the best MSN experience. 52 Recipes to Keep Your Slow Cooker..

A bit of everything goes into this chilli to create the ultimate winter warmer – dark chocolate, lager and Worcestershire sauce along with plenty of herbs and spices. Throw all the ingredients into a slow-cooker and let the mince soak up the flavours for four hours. Recipes. Products. About Us. Where to Buy. Search. Products Recipes FAQ. View Recipe. Mission Tastemakers. Slow Cooker BBQ Tacos This hearty stew is full of iron, protein and natural antioxidants. Pop beef shin, red wine and veggies into a slow cooker and leave for four hours.

A homemade slaw and sauce makes this the tastiest—and easiest—pulled pork sandwich you've ever tried. Slow cooker recipes. What did we do before slow cookers? Have dinner ready when you walk in the door with our amazing slow cooker recipes for curries, Bolognese, chilli, stews and soups

Betty's Best Slow-Cooker Recipes. The magic of the slow cooker is not lost on us. A crowd-ready breakfast that bakes while everyone's sleeping? Cooking sides to go with the big feast This Slow Cooker Pork Chop recipe calls for very minimal ingredients that combine for a truly delicious result. I always have everything like cream of chicken soup, brown gravy mix, ranch seasonings.. What to do when you have a glut of tomatoes? Make this easy slow cooker tomato soup. Fry the tomatoes and vegetables in a frying pan first for extra flavour, if you like.Try this hassle-free centrepiece for an impressive weekend lunch. Put the ingredients into a slow cooker and leave for four hours, then glaze for a sticky-sweet finish.

Slow-Cooker Frittata Provencal. This recipe means that a delectable dinner is ready when I walk in Slow-Cooker Potluck Beans. It was the morning of our family potluck and I still needed something to.. No white sauce here, just throw it all in! The combination of milk and cheese cooks down into a delicious creamy sauce, that’s best eaten immediately. Home » Slow Cooker Recipes » Slow Cooker Vegetable Curry with Chickpeas. Satisfying and comforting this Indian inspired slow cooker vegetable curry dish is packed with protein and full of.. Barbecuing is cooking foods low and slow. Barbecuing is usually used for cuts of meat like ribs, pork shoulder, beef brisket, or whole chickens or turkeys. These types of meats tend to be tougher.. Home. Recipe Types. Slow Cooker. Raise your hand if you LOVE your slow cooker? This device helps us all prepare hands-off meals while we're doing other things

100+ delicious low-carb recipes. Ideal for batch cooking and meal prep. Allergy-free options. Anecdotally, higher levels of ketones may actually slow down fat loss We recommend browning the meat and veg for this chicken casserole beforehand - it enhances the flavour. But if you want to save time, this recipe still works by popping everything straight into the slow cooker instead. Slow Cooker Pot Roast is the ultimate comfort food! It's a super hearty, deliciously flavorful meal in one that's sure to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters

Slow Cooker Recipes. Website. Slimming Eats - Slimming World Recipes. Food and drink. Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes. Kitchen/Cooking. RecipesPlus UK. Personal blog. Slow Cooker Crock Pot.. This creamy, aromatic curry is easy to make and is guaranteed to be a hit with the whole family. Put all the ingredients into a slow cooker and leave for four hours to let the spices infuse. Martha Stewart's best slow-cooker recipes include pot roast, pulled pork, and brownies. Our Best Slow-Cooker Recipes. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines

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