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Basel has long held an important place as a rail hub. Three railway stations—those of the German, French and Swiss networks—lie within the city (although the Swiss (Basel SBB) and French (Bâle SNCF) stations are actually in the same complex, separated by Customs and Immigration facilities). Basel Badischer Bahnhof is on the opposite side of the city. Basel's local rail services are supplied by the Basel Regional S-Bahn. The largest goods railway complex of the country[citation needed] is located just outside the city, spanning the municipalities of Muttenz and Pratteln. The new highspeed ICE railway line from Karlsruhe to Basel was completed in 2008 while phase I of the TGV Rhin-Rhône line, opened in December 2011, has reduced travel time from Basel to Paris to about 3 hours.[55] We want you to share your story, both the good and the bad. All we ask is that you follow a few simple guidelines.Die Massnahmen zur Qualitätssicherung für die stationäre Versorgung von Kindern und Jugendlichen legen Mindestanforderungen fest, die Kinderkliniken bzw... Lovely hotel in a beautiful historical building with a big, serene garden, very conveniently located in a calm but central area of Basel. Our room was spacious, comfortable, clean and very quiet. The staff were friendly and helpful.

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  1. The Basel Committee formulates broad supervisory standards and guidelines and recommends statements of best practice in banking supervision, which are currently known as Basel III Accord
  2. The plague came to Europe in 1347, but did not reach Basel until June 1349. The guilds, asserting that the Jews were responsible—several had been tortured and confessed—demanded they be executed, which the Council did in January 1349, except for a few who escaped to Alsace.[16] During the Basel massacre, 600 Jews were murdered. They were shackled inside a wooden barn on an island in the Rhine, which was set afire. The few survivors - young orphans - were forcibly converted to Christianity. The council then forbade Jews in Basel for 200 years, except that their money was helpful in rebuilding after the Basel earthquake of 1356 which destroyed much of the city along with a number of castles in the vicinity. The city offered courts to nobles as an alternative to rebuilding their castles, in exchange for the nobles' military protection of the city.
  3. The Germanic confederation of the Alemanni attempted to cross the Rhine several times in the 4th century, but were repelled; one such event was the Battle of Solicinium (368). However, in the great invasion of AD 406, the Alemanni appear to have crossed the Rhine river a final time, conquering and then settling what is today Alsace and a large part of the Swiss Plateau. From that time, Basel has been an Alemannic settlement.
  4. Of the population in the municipality 58,560 or about 35.2% were born in Basel and lived there in 2000. There were 1,396 or 0.8% who were born in the same canton, while 44,874 or 26.9% were born somewhere else in Switzerland, and 53,774 or 32.3% were born outside of Switzerland.[48]
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  6. Barbara Schüpbach-Guggenbühlis is State Chronicler (Staatsschreiberin) since 2009, and Marco Greiner is Head of Communication (Regierungssprecher) and Vice State Chronicler (Vizestaatsschreiber) since 2007 for the Executive Council.
  7. A hot dry rock geothermal energy project was cancelled in 2009 since it caused induced seismicity in Basel.

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  1. In 1019, the construction of the cathedral of Basel (known locally as the Münster) began under Henry II, Holy Roman Emperor.[15] In 1225–1226, a bridge, now known as the Middle Bridge, was constructed by Bishop Heinrich von Thun and Lesser Basel (Kleinbasel) founded as a bridgehead to protect the bridge. The bridge was largely funded by Basel's Jewish community who had settled there a century earlier.[16] For many centuries to come Basel possessed the only permanent bridge over the river "between Lake Constance and the sea".
  3. Alles über die revendo.ch Filiale Basel wie Anfahrt, Öffnungszeiten, Telefonnummer und Mitarbeiter. Dein Feedback ist uns wichtig. Bewerte oder Teile deine Eindrücke über revendo Basel mit uns
  4. Riehen hatte bereits die Ehre, zur Schweizer Gemeinde mit der höchsten Lebensqualität gekürt zu werden. Das kommt nicht von ungefähr, überzeugt der Ort doch mit zahlreichen Grünflächen und einem hübschen Stadtkern. Als Zuhause der berühmten Fondation Beyeler ist das Städtchen zudem ein kultureller Hotspot.
  5. Of the built up area, industrial buildings made up 10.2% of the total area while housing and buildings made up 40.7% and transportation infrastructure made up 24.0%. Power and water infrastructure as well as other special developed areas made up 2.7% of the area while parks, green belts and sports fields made up 8.9%. Out of the forested land, all of the forested land area is covered with heavy forests. Of the agricultural land, 2.5% is used for growing crops and 1.3% is pastures. All the water in the municipality is flowing water.[30]

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Nice and friendly staff. It was possible to make an early check in with no extra costs and to leave our baggage in the hotel after check out time. Fruit, fresh drinks, coffee and tea were available in a nice and cosy room. Breakfast was very good, with lactose free products, delicious variety of bread and cheese.Despite its international fame, Basel's population remains attached to Zoo Basel, which is entirely surrounded by the city of Basel. Evidence of this is the millions of donations money each year, as well as Zoo Basel's unofficial name: locals lovingly call "their" zoo "Zolli" by which is it known throughout Basel and most of Switzerland. The most recent information from the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) can be found on the website for the Bank for International Settlements. The aggregate global indicator amounts for.. Basel definition, a city in and the capital of Basel-Stadt, in NW Switzerland, on the Rhine River. During Art Basel and Design Miami in Switzerland last June, I had lunch with Craig Robbins, the..

Parties to the Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes Secretariat of the Basel Convention - UNEP Office address: 11-13, Chemin des Anémones - 1219.. Located where the Swiss, French and German borders meet, Basel also has suburbs in France and Germany. As of 2016[update], the Swiss Basel agglomeration was the third-largest in Switzerland, with a population of 541,000[4] in 74 municipalities in Switzerland (municipal count as of 2018).[5] The initiative Trinational Eurodistrict Basel (TEB) of 62 suburban communes including municipalities in neighboring countries, counted 829,000 inhabitants in 2007.[6] Basel is the most densely populated city in Switzerland. Hard Fighting Championship 11. Grand Casino Basel, Basel, Switzerland. Watch now

Quiet place, spacious room, clean and nice hotel, wooden decor, tea&coffee room at every floor Aktuelle, zukünftige und vergangene Ferientermine und schulfreie Zeiten für Schweiz Basel-Stadt. Sommerferien Basel-Stadt Alle Schulen Basel has a reputation in Switzerland as a successful sporting city. The football club FC Basel continues to be successful and in recognition of this the city was one of the Swiss venues for the 2008 European Championships, as well as Geneva, Zürich and Bern. The championships were jointly hosted by Switzerland and Austria. BSC Old Boys and Concordia Basel are the other football teams in Basel.

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“Friendly staff and lovely home cooked croissants provided free of charge in reception each morning as well as ice teas.” In 2010 65% of the youth finished their upper secondary education with a vocational training and education, 18% finished their upper secondary education with a Federal Matura at one of the five gymnasiums, 5% completed a Fachmaturität at the FMS, 5% completed a Berufsmaturität synchronously to their vocational training, and 7% other kind of upper secondary maturity. 14.1% of all students at public gymnasiums were foreign nationals. The Maturity quota in 2010 was on a record high at 28.8% (32.8 female, 24.9% male).[73]

Hotel Basel buchen - Ausstattung: LCD-TV, WiFi, Fitnessraum, Parkplätze, Klimaanlage. Das Hyperion Hotel Basel im Basler Messeturm ist mit einer Höhe von 105 Metern eines der höchsten.. Aktuelle Zeit in Basel. 04:34:23, Sonntag 29, März 2020 CEST AM/PM 24 hours. Zeitverschiebung. Basel. Wählen Sie Farbe und Größe der Uhr unten ein und klicken Sie auf Ihre Uh On 16 November 1938, the psychedelic drug LSD was first synthesized by Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann at Sandoz Laboratories in Basel.

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  1. Answer 1 of 12: Basel airport code is BSL and Basel mulhouse airport is EAP.Are there two airports in Basel? I will be flying in from Paris with Air france or Berlin airline
  2. We do own a car park in front of the Hotel as well as an underground car park. The cost is CHF 22.00 per car per day.
  3. atory remarks, threats, sexually explicit remarks, violence, and the promotion of illegal activity are not permitted.

A large indoor tennis event takes place in Basel every October. Some of the best ATP-professionals play every year at the Swiss Indoors, including Switzerland's biggest sporting hero and frequent participant Roger Federer, a Basel native who describes the city as "one of the most beautiful cities in the world". Basel (/ˈbɑːzəl/ BAH-zəl, German: [ˈbaːzl̩] (listen)) or Basle (/bɑːl/ BAHL; French: Bâle [bɑl]; Italian: Basilea [baziˈlɛːa]; Romansh: Basilea [baziˈleːa] (listen)) is a city in northwestern Switzerland on the river Rhine

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Basel Tattoo, founded in 2006 by the local Top Secret Drum Corps, has grown to be the world's second largest military tattoo in terms of performers and budget after the Edinburgh Military Tattoo.[106] The Basel Tattoo annual parade, with an estimated 125,000 visitors, is considered the largest event in Basel. The event is now sponsored by the Swiss Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS), making it the official military tattoo of Switzerland. The Schwabe publishing house was founded in 1488 by Johannes Petri and is the oldest publishing house still in business. Johann Froben also operated his printing house in Basel and was notable for publishing works by Erasmus.[17] In 1495, Basel was incorporated into the Upper Rhenish Imperial Circle; the Bishop of Basel was added to the Bench of the Ecclesiastical Princes of the Imperial Diet. In 1500 the construction of the Basel Münster was finished. In 1521 so was the bishop.[clarification needed] The Council, under the supremacy of the guilds, explained that henceforth they would only give allegiance to the Swiss Confederation, to whom the bishop appealed but in vain.[16] Among the most popular sports in Switzerland is ice hockey.[112] Basel is home to the EHC Basel which plays in the MySports League, the third tier of the Swiss ice hockey league system. They play their home games in the 6,700-seat St. Jakob Arena. The team previously played in the National League and the Swiss League, but they had to fill a bankruptcy case after the 2013-14 Swiss League season. In 1412 (or earlier), the well-known Gasthof zum Goldenen Sternen was established. Basel became the focal point of western Christendom during the 15th century Council of Basel (1431–1449), including the 1439 election of antipope Felix V. In 1459, Pope Pius II endowed the University of Basel, where such notables as Erasmus of Rotterdam and Paracelsus later taught. At the same time the new craft of printing was introduced to Basel by apprentices of Johann Gutenberg.

On 18 October 2015, in the federal election the most popular party was the Social Democratic Party (SP) which received two seats with 33.5% of the votes. The next three most popular parties were the FDP (21.4%), the SVP (17.6%), and the Green Party (GPS) (11.2%), each with one seat. In the federal election, a total of 57,304 votes were cast, and the voter turnout was 50.4%.[40] On 3 July 1874, Switzerland's first zoo, the Zoo Basel, opened its doors in the south of the city towards Binningen. As of 2016[update], Basel's Executive Council is made up of three representatives of the SP (Social Democratic Party), and one member each of Green Alliance of Basel (GB) (who is the president), FDP (Free Democratic Party), LDP (Liberal-Demokratische Partei of Basel), and CVP (Christian Democratic Party), giving the left parties a combined four out of seven seats.[36] The last election was held on 23 October and 27 November 2016.[37]

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The annual Basel Rhine Swim draws several thousand visitors to the city to swim in or float on the Rhine river.[113] Nähtävyydet. Puijo. Tahkon näköalatorni. Luonnon nähtävyydet. Jätkänkämppä By default, reviews are sorted based on the date of the review and on additional criteria to display the most relevant reviews, including but not limited to: your language, reviews with text, and non-anonymous reviews. Additional sorting options may be available (by type of traveller, by score, etc...).Basel has a population (as of August 2019[update]) of 177,654.[45] As of 2015[update], 35.5% of the population are resident foreign nationals.[46] Over the last 10 years (1999–2009 ) the population has changed at a rate of -0.3%. It has changed at a rate of 3.2% due to migration and at a rate of -3% due to births and deaths.[47]

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Constituting an essential component of Basel culture and cultural policy, the museums are the result of closely interwoven private and public collecting activities and promotion of arts and culture going back to the 16th century. The public museum collection was first created back in 1661 and represents the oldest public collection in continuous existence in Europa. Since the late 1980s, various private collections have been made accessible to the public in new purpose-built structures that have been recognized as acclaimed examples of avant-garde museum architecture. On 9 June 1501, Basel joined the Swiss Confederation as its eleventh canton.[19] It was the only canton that was asked to join, not the other way round. Basel had a strategic location, good relations with Strasbourg and Mulhouse, and control of the corn imports from Alsace, whereas the Swiss lands were becoming overpopulated and had few resources. A provision of the Charter accepting Basel required that in conflicts among the other cantons it was to stay neutral and offer its services for mediation.[20][21] Kontakt. Polizei Basel-Landschaft Rheinstrasse 25 4410 Liestal. Telefon: 061 552 51 11 Telefonzentrale Kanton Basel-Landschaft A handy colour-coded network map of the Basel area and surroundings, together with central zone coverage of tram routes 10 and 11. Introducing the most widely-used public transport map in the TNW.. Mietwagen Basel Badischer Bahnhof - Top-Service Mehrfach Testsieger Top-Preise Günstige ANGEBOTE Sixt...Autovermietung Basel Badischer Bahnhof. Land. Schweiz. Stadt. Basel

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Cost of Living in Basel Crime in Basel Climate in Basel Food Prices in Basel Gas Prices in Basel Health Care in Very Low. Safety in Basel, Switzerland. Safety walking alone during daylight. 88.03 In 2000[update] there were 96,640 apartments in the municipality. The most common apartment size was 3 rooms of which there were 35,958. There were 11,957 single room apartments and 9,702 apartments with five or more rooms. Of these apartments, a total of 84,675 apartments (87.6% of the total) were permanently occupied, while 7,916 apartments (8.2%) were seasonally occupied and 4,049 apartments (4.2%) were empty.[51] As of 2009[update], the construction rate of new housing units was 2.6 new units per 1000 residents.[47] Bei Notfällen im Ausland rufen Sie die Notfallnummer Ihrer Kranken-kasse an. Diese finden Sie jeweils auf Ihrer Krankenkassenkarte. Der Lions Club BKJ unterstützt Patienten aus der Schweiz während medizinischer Behandlungen, für welche keine Finanzierung durch die Versicherungen sichergestellt werden kann. ODELYA Hotel & Wildgarten Basel City accepts these cards and reserves the right to temporarily hold an amount prior to arrival.

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Agreement with exhibitors and examination of new platforms. The MCH Group and representatives of the exhibitors at Baselworld have reached agreement on the settlement for the cancelled Baselworld.. Kinderhilfe im Kunstmuseum Basel. SAMMLUNGSPRÄSENTATION Basel has been the seat of a Prince-Bishopric since the 11th century, and joined the Swiss Confederacy in 1501. The city has been a commercial hub and an important cultural centre since the Renaissance, and has emerged as a centre for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries in the 20th century. In 1897, Basel was chosen by Theodor Herzl as the location for the first World Zionist Congress, and altogether the congress has been held there ten times over a time span of 50 years, more than in any other location. The city is also home to the world headquarters of the Bank for International Settlements. The name of the city is internationally well known through institutions like the Basel Accords, Art Basel and FC Basel. The staff were so helpful and getting to know them was so nice. The breakfast was excellent and great value for money, as most restaurants and eating out is very expensive.

Basel I, that is, the 1988 Basel Accord, is primarily focused on credit risk and appropriate risk-weighting of assets. Assets of banks were classified and grouped in five categories according to credit risk, carrying risk weights of 0% (for example cash, bullion, home country debt like Treasuries), 20% (securitisations such as mortgage-backed securities (MBS) with the highest AAA rating), 50% (municipal revenue bonds, residential mortgages), 100% (for example, most corporate debt), and some assets given No rating. Banks with an international presence are required to hold capital equal to 8% of their risk-weighted assets (RWA). Great prices on Basel/Mulhouse (BSL) airport transfers. Book your transfers to Basel/Mulhouse and other destinations direct to your hotel. Low cost, reliable and quick No air conditioning. We had one fan in the room and asked for an additional one. Fortunately it wasn't Jun-Aug when temps would have been really high. Immobilien in Basel-Stadt - Ihr Ansprechpartner für Bauprojekte und Mietangebote im Raum Basel ✓ Jetzt Das von uns betreute Portfolio beinhaltet die Immobilien des Kantons Basel-Stadt, der..

Pohjanmaan nähtävyydet. kirjoittaja. Antti Helin. Pohjanmaan parhaat nähtävyydet. Punaisten puutalojen ohella Pohjanmaalta löytää myös modernin arkkitehtuurin mestariteoksia, kunhan suuntaa.. The Bernoulli family, which included important 17th- and 18th-century mathematicians such as Jakob Bernoulli, Johann Bernoulli and Daniel Bernoulli, were from Basel. The 18th-century mathematician Leonhard Euler was born in Basel and studied under Johann Bernoulli. Bei Notfällen im Ausland rufen Sie die Notfallnummer Ihrer Krankenkasse an. Diese finden Sie jeweils auf Ihrer Krankenkassenkarte. Want to meet new people from all over the world in Basel ? THIS is the place to be ! Register to one of our events here or on facebook and join us for free to drink in some nice location

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As of 2016[update], Basel had an unemployment rate of 3.7%.[3] As of 2008[update], there were 18 people employed in the primary economic sector and about 9 businesses involved in this sector. 34,645 people were employed in the secondary sector and there were 1,176 businesses in this sector. 120,130 people were employed in the tertiary sector, with 8,908 businesses in this sector.[47] There were 82,449 residents of the municipality who were employed in some capacity, of which females made up 46.2% of the workforce. The city of Basel is Switzerland's second-largest economic centre after the city of Zürich [7] and has the highest GDP per capita in the country, ahead of the cantons of Zug and Geneva.[8] In terms of value, over 94% of Basel City's goods exports are in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. With production facilities located in the neighboring Schweizerhalle, Basel accounts for 20% of Swiss exports and generates one third of the national product.[9] Whether negative or positive, we'll post every comment in full, as quickly as possible, after being moderated to comply with Booking.com guidelines. We'll also provide transparency over the status of submitted content. Founded in 1460, the University of Basel is the oldest university in Switzerland and has a history of success Thanks to its research achievements, the University of Basel is ranked among the top 100..

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It is different from other hotel, and it’s a charming place to stay. I would book this hotel again. Basel Institute on Governance), основанный в 2003 году, и Швейцарский фонд мира (англ. Universität Basel Studiensekretariat Petersplatz 1 Postfach 4001 Basel Телефон +41 61 267 30 23.. Tutustu kohteen Basel Messeturm Basel-oppaaseen, jotta tiedät mitä sinun kannattaa nähdä ja kokea kohteessa Basel jo ennen matkaasi

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Es riecht nach Meer: Der Basler Hafen ist nicht nur der Ort, wo drei Länder aufeinandertreffen, hier kommt tatsächlich Fernweh auf. Das liegt einerseits an den Schiffen, die hier ankommen und abreisen und einen von der grossen weiten Welt träumen lassen, andererseits aber auch am Ambiente, das zwar industriell geprägt ist, aber über einen besonderen Charme verfügt.In response to Coronavirus (COVID-19), additional safety and sanitation measures are currently in effect at this property.As of 2003[update] the average price to rent an average apartment in Basel was 1118.60 Swiss francs (CHF) per month (US$890, £500, €720 approx. exchange rate from 2003). The average rate for a one-room apartment was 602.27 CHF (US$480, £270, €390), a two-room apartment was about 846.52 CHF (US$680, £380, €540), a three-room apartment was about 1054.14 CHF (US$840, £470, €670) and a six or more room apartment cost an average of 2185.24 CHF (US$1750, £980, €1400). The average apartment price in Basel was 100.2% of the national average of 1116 CHF.[52] The vacancy rate for the municipality, in 2010[update], was 0.74%.[47] Cancellation and prepayment policies vary according to accommodation type. Please enter the dates of your stay and check the conditions of your required room. Basel is home to at least 65 libraries. Some of the largest include; the Universitätsbibliothek Basel (main university library), the special libraries of the University of Basel, the Allgemein Bibliotheken der Gesellschaft für Gutes und Gemeinnütziges (GGG) Basel, the Library of the Pädagogische Hochschule, the Library of the Hochschule für Soziale Arbeit and the Library of the Hochschule für Wirtschaft. There was a combined total (as of 2008[update]) of 8,443,643 books or other media in the libraries, and in the same year a total of 1,722,802 items were loaned out.[82]

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(3.12 CHF / Min. für Anrufe von Prepaid-Handys, evtl. zusätzlich 8 Rp. / Min. durch Netzbetreiber) As of 2000[update], there were 5,820 students in Basel who came from another municipality, while 1,116 residents attended schools outside the municipality.[62] We have been committed to improving lives since the company was founded in 1896 in Basel, Switzerland. Today, Roche creates innovative medicines and diagnostic tests that help millions of.. Unser oberstes Ziel ist es, den kranken Kindern und deren Familien den Aufenthalt im Universitäts-Kinderspital beider Basel (UKBB) zu erleichtern und damit die Genesung der kleinen Patienten zu fördern. The origin of the name of Basel is uncertain. It may be derived from the Roman-era toponym Basilia, which originally meant a public building and later a church.[28] Another theory is that it comes through the from the personal Greek name Basilius.[29] The Old French form Basle was adopted into English, and developed into the modern French Bâle. The Icelandic name Buslaraborg goes back to the 12th century Leiðarvísir og borgarskipan chronicle.

Последние твиты от Basel (@baselbaselbasel). installations/publications/performances with @Ruannear and @Tashweesh 'And yet my mask is Basel начал(а) читать. Закрепленный твит In May 2004, the fifth European Festival of Youth Choirs (Europäisches Jugendchorfestival, or EJCF) opened; this Basel tradition started in 1992. Host of the festival is the local Basel Boys Choir. Basel is widely regarded as Switzerland's cultural capital, and with good reason: in this city you will The Rhine is Basel's unofficial emblem. In summer you will find life in all its facets here as sun.. Im Fitnesspark Heuwaage geniessen Sie mit wöchentlich 90 Lektionen ein vielfältiges Kursangebot! Eine breite Palette an Trainings- und Erholungsformen von A wie Aqua über Muscle Pump, Pilates.. Our company's response to COVID-19. Each day we are presented with new challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic. Though we may be in uncharted waters, we are stepping up to each challenge..

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Basel is located at the meeting point of France, Germany and Switzerland; because it is so near other countries and is beyond the Jura Mountains, many within the Swiss military reportedly believe that the city is indefensible during wartime.[56] It has numerous road and rail crossings between Switzerland and the other two countries. With Switzerland joining the Schengen Area on 12 December 2008, immigration checks were no longer carried out at the crossings. However, Switzerland did not join the European Union Customs Union (though it did join the EU Single Market) and customs checks are still conducted at or near the crossings. Basel II implementation for Banks. Circulars. BRPD Circular No. 18 Governor's Speeches. ABB conference on Basel II accord: Implementation of Capital Adequacy and Risk Management detail. Basel I is the round of deliberations by central bankers from around the world, and in 1988, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) in Basel, Switzerland, published a set of minimum capital requirements for banks

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Als ehemaliges Arbeiterquartier steht das St. Johann seit je her für das Zusammentreffen unterschiedlichster Kulturen. Dank dem Novartis Campus, der hier nach und nach als «Stadt in der Stadt» entsteht, erhält diese Tradition auch in jüngerer Zeit eine Fortführung.The maximum number of extra beds and cots allowed is dependent on the room you choose. Please check your selected room for the maximum capacity.Guests are required to show a photo identification and credit card upon check-in. Please note that all Special Requests are subject to availability and additional charges may apply. Kantonsspital wehrt sich gegen Regierungen: Es will kein Pandemiespital beider Basel aufbauen. Kinder- und Jugenddienst Basel-Stadt erkennt Zunahme häuslicher Gewalt in Familien

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As of 2000[update] the average number of residents per living room was 0.59 which is about equal to the cantonal average of 0.58 per room.[47] In this case, a room is defined as space of a housing unit of at least 4 m2 (43 sq ft) as normal bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, kitchens and habitable cellars and attics.[50]:18v About 10.5% of the total households were owner occupied, or in other words did not pay rent (though they may have a mortgage or a rent-to-own agreement).[50]:17 As of 2000[update], there were 86,371 private households in the municipality, and an average of 1.8 persons per household.[47] There were 44,469 households that consist of only one person and 2,842 households with five or more people. Out of a total of 88,646 households that answered this question, 50.2% were households made up of just one person and there were 451 adults who lived with their parents. Of the rest of the households, there are 20,472 married couples without children, 14,554 married couples with children There were 4,318 single parents with a child or children. There were 2,107 households that were made up of unrelated people and 2,275 households that were made up of some sort of institution or another collective housing.[48] The post-crisis regulatory reforms were endorsed by the Group of Central Bank Governors and Heads of Supervision (GHOS), the Basel Committee's oversight body, on 7 December 2017. The adjustments to the market risk framework were endorsed by the GHOS on 14 January 2019. The revised standards will make banks more resilient and restore confidence in banking systems.

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Logo der Steuerverwaltung Basel-Stadt. Alle Bewilligungen des Kanton Basel-Stadt (Bewilligungsportal). Gesetze Basel has often been the site of peace negotiations and other international meetings. The Treaty of Basel (1499) ended the Swabian War. Two years later Basel joined the Swiss Confederation. The Peace of Basel in 1795 between the French Republic and Prussia and Spain ended the First Coalition against France during the French Revolutionary Wars. In more recent times, the World Zionist Organization held its first congress in Basel from August 29 through August 31, 1897. Because of the Balkan Wars, the (Socialist) Second International held an extraordinary congress at Basel in 1912. In 1989, the Basel Convention was opened for signature with the aim of preventing the export of hazardous waste from wealthy to developing nations for disposal. Only a customer who has booked through Booking.com and stayed at the property in question can write a review. This lets us know that our reviews come from real guests, like you. Who better to tell others about the free breakfast, friendly staff, or quiet room than someone who’s stayed at the property before? März bis 30. März 2017, rund 1300 Aussteller und 106000 Besucher auf der Baselworld in Basel. Die Baselworld findet an 6 Tagen von Donnerstag, 28. Januar bis Dienstag, 02. Februar 2021 in Basel statt

In 1529, the city became Protestant under Oecolampadius and the bishop's seat was moved to Porrentruy. The bishop's crook was however retained as the city's coat of arms. For centuries to come, a handful of wealthy families collectively referred to as the "Daig" played a pivotal role in city affairs as they gradually established themselves as a de facto city aristocracy. The Basel III reforms have now been integrated into the consolidated Basel Framework, which comprises all of the current and forthcoming standards of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision. For background, set out below are the main publications that describe the changes to the Basel Framework that were agreed as part of Basel III.In 1897 the first World Zionist Congress was held in Basel. Altogether the World Zionist Congress was held in Basel ten times, more than in any other city in the world.[26] Friendly staff and lovely home cooked croissants provided free of charge in reception each morning as well as ice teas. Most of the population (as of 2000[update]) speaks German (129,592 or 77.8%), with Italian being second most common (9,049 or 5.4%) and French being third (4,280 or 2.6%). There are 202 persons who speak Romansh.[48]

Contributions should be travel related. The most helpful contributions are detailed and help others make better decisions. Please don’t include personal, political, ethical, or religious commentary. Promotional content will be removed and issues concerning Booking.com’s services should be routed to our Customer Service or Accommodation Service teams. Lock in a great price for your upcoming stay Get instant confirmation with FREE cancellation at most properties on our site! The canton Basel-Stadt consists of three municipalities: Riehen, Bettingen, and the city Basel itself. The political structure and agencies of the city and the canton are identical. Basler Zeitung ("BaZ") and bz Basel are the local newspapers. The local TV station is called Telebasel. The German-speaking Swiss Radio and Television SRF company, part of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation SRG SSR, holds offices in Basel as well. The academic publishers Birkhäuser, Karger and MDPI are based in Basel. Es versteht sich von selbst, dass sich in der Altstadt nahezu alle der Sehenswürdigkeiten befinden, die gemeinhin mit Basel in Verbindung gebracht werden. Und doch bietet dieser Stadtteil noch so viel mehr: Museen von Weltruf, Einkaufsfreuden für Individualisten, traditionelle Beizen und neue Lieblingsorte – und mit dem St. Alban-Tal eine Ecke, die auch Romantiker restlos von Basel überzeugt.

After their trip, guests tell us about their stay. We check for naughty words and verify the authenticity of all guest reviews before adding them to our site. ODELYA Hotel & Wildgarten Basel City offers the following activities / services (charges may apply): Bicycle rental (additional charge)Children's playgroundTable tennisLive sport events (broadcast)Temporary art galleriesFrom 1988 this framework was progressively introduced in member countries of G-10, comprising 13 countries as of 2013[update]: Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

The parliament, the Grand Council of Basel-Stadt (Grosser Rat), consists of 100 seats, with members (called in German: Grossrat/Grossrätin) elected every 4 years. The sessions of the Grand Council are public. Unlike the members of the Executive Council, the members of the Grand Council are not politicians by profession, but they are paid a fee based on their attendance. Any resident of Basel allowed to vote can be elected as a member of the parliament. The delegates are elected by means of a system of Proporz, and political parties must have surpassed an election quorum of 4% per election district in order to enter the council, but this will end with the next election in 2020.[38] The legislative body holds its meetings in the red Town Hall (Rathaus). Kommunikationsdesign für Modeschau und Diplomierung des Instituts ­Mode-Design der Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Basel, 2008 Plakate, Flyer Развернуть The opinions expressed in contributions are those of Booking.com customers and properties and not of Booking.com. Booking.com does not accept responsibility or liability for any reviews or responses. Booking.com is a distributor (without any obligation to verify) and not a publisher of these comments and responses. Claude Monet, Nymphéas, 1916 - 1919, Öl auf Leinwand, 200 × 180 cm, Fondation Beyeler, Riehen/Basel, Sammlung, Beyeler, Foto: Robert Bayer

The Committee was formed in response to the messy liquidation of Cologne-based Herstatt Bank in 1974. On 26 June 1974 a number of banks had released Deutschmarks (the German currency) to the Herstatt Bank in exchange for dollar payments deliverable in New York City. Due to differences in the time zones, there was a lag in the dollar payment to the counterparty banks; during this lag period, before the dollar payments could be effected in New York, the Herstatt Bank was liquidated by German regulators. In 1792, the Republic of Rauracia, a revolutionary French client republic, was created. It lasted until 1793.[24] After three years of political agitation and a short civil war in 1833 the disadvantaged countryside seceded from the Canton of Basel, forming the half canton of Basel-Landschaft.[25] Västerås. Switzerland. Basel Hotel is very close to old city and downtown , just 5 min distance by foot. Breakfast was quite satisfy and the ladies that worked at the breakfast area were so polite and in good mood. Singe room was small but nice and cozy

The city of Basel is a centre for numerous fairs and events all year round. One of the most important fairs for contemporary art worldwide is the Art Basel which was founded in 1970 by Ernst Beyeler and takes place in June each year. Baselworld, the watch and jewellery show (Uhren- und Schmuckmesse) one of the biggest fairs of its kind in Europe is held every year as well, and attracts a great number of tourists and dealers to the city. Live marketing company and fair organizer MCH Group has its head office in Basel. In 2000[update], there were 121,842 workers who commuted into the municipality and 19,263 workers who commuted away. The municipality is a net importer of workers, with about 6.3 workers entering the municipality for every one leaving. About 23.9% of the workforce coming into Basel are coming from outside Switzerland, while 1.0% of the locals commute out of Switzerland for work.[62] Of the working population, 49.2% used public transportation to get to work, and 18.7% used a private car.[47] Das UKBB wird von der unabhängigen Stiftung sanaCERT suisse zertifiziert, welche bescheinigt, dass das UKBB über ein funktionierendes Qualitätsmanagement verfügt. Basel IV encompasses more than just finalising Basel III - According to many bank representatives the requirements of the Basel committee have expanded so much in recent years that we must already.. We believe review contributions and property responses will highlight a wide range of opinion and experiences, which are critical in helping guests make well-informed decisions about where to stay.

Mondkalender heute - mit genauer Simulation der aktuellen Mondphase in Basel, Basel-Stadt, Schweiz. Neumond- und Vollmondkalender 2020 Established in 1874, Zoo Basel is the oldest zoo in Switzerland and, by number of animals, the largest. Through its history, Zoo Basel has had several breeding successes, such as the first worldwide Indian rhinoceros birth[109] and Greater flamingo hatch[110] in a zoo. These and other achievements led Forbes Travel to rank Zoo Basel as one of the fifteen best zoos in the world in 2008.[111] Basel's airport is set up for airfreight; heavy goods reach the city and the heart of continental Europe from the North Sea by ship along the Rhine. The main European routes for the highway and railway transport of freight cross in Basel. The outstanding location benefits logistics corporations, which operate globally from Basel. Trading firms are traditionally well represented in the Basel Region.[citation needed] Questions and answers should be property or room related. The most helpful contributions are detailed and help others make better decisions. Please don’t include personal, political, ethical, or religious commentary. Promotional content will be removed and issues concerning Booking.com’s services should be routed to our Customer Service or Accommodation Service teams.

Booking.com is part of Booking Holdings Inc., the world leader in online travel and related services. We will allow the contributions to speak for themselves, and we won’t be the judge of reality. Booking.com’s role is that of a distributor of feedback from both guest and property.

Das Universitäts-Kinderspital beider Basel besitzt das deutsche Gütesiegel "Ausgezeichnet. FÜR KINDER!". Qualitätssicherung für die stationäre Versorgung von Kindern und Jugendlichen.In 2008[update] there were 898 live births to Swiss citizens and 621 births to non-Swiss citizens, and in same time span there were 1,732 deaths of Swiss citizens and 175 non-Swiss citizen deaths. Ignoring immigration and emigration, the population of Swiss citizens decreased by 834 while the foreign population increased by 446. There were 207 Swiss men and 271 Swiss women who emigrated from Switzerland. At the same time, there were 1756 non-Swiss men and 1655 non-Swiss women who immigrated from another country to Switzerland. The total Swiss population change in 2008 (from all sources, including moves across municipal borders) was an increase of 278 and the non-Swiss population increased by 1138 people. This represents a population growth rate of 0.9%.[49]

A somewhat anachronistic yet still widely used system of reaction ferry boats links the two shores. There are four ferries, each situated approximately midway between two bridges. Each is attached by a cable to a block that rides along another cable spanning the river at a height of 20 to 30 metres (66 to 98 feet). To cross the river, the ferryman orients the boat around 45° from the current so that the current pushes the boat across the river. This form of transportation is therefore completely hydraulically driven, requiring no outside energy source. [1] Alle Feiern zum 1. August im Kanton Basel-Stadt abgesagt. Corona bedroht Fricktaler Schausteller-Familie in ihrer Existenz. Restaurant Löwenzorn übt Servieren auf Distanz The property usually replies within a few days Didn't find the answer you were looking for? Ask a question about the property Type your question here: Please write a full question (it should contain a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 150 characters) and do not share any personal information. Email address This email address is invalid. Please try again. Submit your question Your question will be published on Booking.com after it has been approved and answered. Click here to read post guidelines.

The Biozentrum University of Basel is inviting applicants for international PhD fellowship program in The Biozentrum is the largest department at the University of Basel's Faculty of Science Der Hauptsitz von Syngenta liegt in Basel. Hier befinden sich die Geschäftsleitung sowie die Zug: Fahren Sie mit dem Zug nach Basel SBB. Dort nehmen Sie die Tram 2 in Richtung 'Eglisee' bis zur.. ODELYA Hotel & Wildgarten Basel City has been welcoming Booking.com guests since 29 Dec 2004.

In 1967, the population of Basel voted in favor of buying three works of art by painter Pablo Picasso which were at risk of being be sold and taken out of the local museum of art, due to a financial crisis on the part of the owner's family. Therefore, Basel became the first city in the world where the population of a political community democratically decided to acquire works of art for a public institution. Pablo Picasso was so moved by the gesture that he subsequently gifted the city with an additional three paintings.[27] Banks are also required to report off-balance-sheet items such as letters of credit, unused commitments, and derivatives. These all factor into the risk weighted assets. The report is typically submitted to the Federal Reserve Bank as HC-R for the bank-holding company and submitted to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) as RC-R for just the bank. Europe > Central Europe > Switzerland > Northwestern Switzerland > Basel “Hotel is very close to old city and downtown , just 5 min distance by foot. Breakfast was quite satisfy and the ladies that worked at the breakfast area were so polite and in good mood. Singe room was small but nice and cozy” The only way to leave a review is to first make a booking. That's how we know our reviews come from real guests who have stayed at the property.

Basel also hosts several academies of the Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz|Fachhochschule NW (FHNW): the FHNW Academy of Art and Design, FHNW Academy of Music, and the FHNW School of Business.[76] Warum ist Basel III so wichtig? Basel III soll in der Finanzkrise evident gewordene Defizite im Bankensektor korrigieren sowie die Krisenresistenz der Banken und somit die Finanzmarktstabilität zu.. Booking.com does not accept responsibility or liability for any question and answers. Booking.com is a distributor (without any obligation to verify) and not a publisher of these questions and answers. Booking.com may, at its own discretion, alter, modify, delete or otherwise change these Guidelines.

In 2019 Basel, was ranked among the ten most liveable cities in the world by Mercer together with Zürich and Geneva.[10] Entdecke Sehenswürdigkeiten Hotels Restaurants Stadtführungen Veranstaltungen und Basler Geheimtipps auf dem offiziellen Portal von Basel Tourismus Find a cancellation policy that works for you From 6 April 2020, your chosen cancellation policy will apply, regardless of Coronavirus. We recommend booking a free cancellation option in case your travel plans need to change.In 2005 16,939 pupils and students visited the Volksschule (the obligatory school time, including Kindergarten (127), primary schools (Primarschule, 25), and lower secondary schools (Sekundarschule, 10),[78][79] of which 94% visited public schools and 39.5% were foreign nationals. In 2010 already 51.1% of all pupils spoke another language than German as their first language. In 2009 3.1% of the pupils visited special classes for pupils with particular needs. The average amount of study in primary school in Basel is 816 teaching hours per year.[73] Departure station : Basel sbb (Centralbahnplatz 4002 Basel). Arrival station : Amsterdam cs (Stationsplein 15 1012 AB Amsterdam). The Olympics of the art World

These guidelines and standards aim to keep the content on Booking.com relevant and family-friendly without limiting expression of strong opinions. They are also applicable regardless of the sentiment of the comment. The Basel III norms also consider liquidity risks. The Reserve Bank of India has initiated the Prompt Originally set in 1974, the most recent set of norms, called Basel III. These are common set of global.. The cheapest way to get from Basel SBB Station to Basel Airport (BSL) costs only 1€, and the quickest way takes just 10 mins. Find the travel option that best suits you The city of Basel, located in the heart of the tri-border region (called Dreiländereck) is one of the most dynamic economic regions of Switzerland. Foto: Zoo Basel. Basel. Foto: Patrick Straub

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