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Love your guides and videos, one question, what is better for a Sorcerer now, High-Elf or Breton? Mostly for PvE, not so much PvP.Ps. great guides and videos you have, I just recently bought ESO and your video has been a great help You have a +5 bonus to your passive Wisdom (Perception) and passive Intelligence (Investigation) scores. Polearm Masterofficial. You can keep your enemies at bay with reach weapons Elder Scrolls Online Nord Armor Styles Skills Tree Racial. ESO Ancestral Nord Style Antiquities System Reward

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I must roll Nord… but how? when all I see is hate and lack of build info on them through out the interweb…. would a Nord Templar slaying with sword&shield/two handed and bow really be a horrible idea ? Are they really such a bad choice for character ? I’m coming from skyrim and am dying to try out this role-play-mmo online craziness for the first time, I love the idea of diving into character and exploring , joining large groups and so on, But I would love to stick with my heritage, connection with character is key. but I don’t want to get slaughtered every time I start the game up and considering I don’t know much about this style game play this all seems like a major choice. Any advice ? (ps4)

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Hey Delt, love your vids bro! Question: Does Redguard’s adrenaline rush give stam every 3 or 5 seconds? Also, what race would you recommend for Stamplar build that likes to solo? Thanks and keep up the great work ! We Nords are everything you imagined—and so much more. But let not this work be your only gateway to the truth. Book passage on carriage or vessel, and make the journey north. See Skyrim with thine own eyes. See Skyrim as have the Nords, since the gods first shaped the world

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A phrase to use when you lack an adjective in your conversation. Derived from the shortcut key for the thesaurus in a microsoft word document Hi Deltia, I appreciate you are busy so i’ll keep this short. I have 2 sorcs atm (1 stamina two-hander and bow) and the other (2 destro staves magicka dps-based). I wanted to make a different build utilising the main generic weapon/armour character feats I’ve not used yet (heavy armour and dual wield). The racial choices seem to be either Breton or Imperial (went with Imperial but just started it if I should change) to offset the low stamina and health it’ll have. Should i stick with Imperial (both “look” good too, as looks play a part for my builds too)? I also get a bit confused with constant weapon swapping, preferring either a buff/range and then go wailing in on my main attack bar. Should i stick with dual wield on both or go something else for my second bar? PASSIVE: Partner Skill. PASSIVE: Unlock Secret Skill The Racial Passives should become a completely new system where the race is just a cosmetic change and the passives are there own skill tree that are separate from you being Majority stamina builds are actually either Nord or Bosmer with Orc coming third. That roll passive is huge in PvP Also, I feel very lost in what quests to do and what to do because the game is so expansive. Any tips to begin? Thanks.

No this isn’t a political statement, but race matters in ESO!  One the faction you pick determines the race you can be (unless you buy the explorers pack).   Two, each race has their own unique passives that separate them from other races.  Three, matching up a good race with the perfect class can be extremely rewarding.  On the other hand, picking a defensive race with an offensive class can suck the fun out of your end game experience.  30 days of game time on my Nord Dragonknight, I wish someone would have told me that.All that being said, It seems that my DPS is not where I expect it should be and I feel I am missing something. Suggestions for redguard NB in 1.6? Combination of passives - great shields, passive healing, and fantastic damage. Fun - there is no frustration with this build, it's a pure pleasure to play with. How to create the Shock Maste

I’m going DC Imperial Dragonknight (Stamina Tank) and Redguard Nightblade (Stamina DPS), AD Altmer Sorcerer (Magicka), EP Dunmer Dragonknight (Magicka) and either Templar Altmer (Damage)/Breton (Healer) I’ll will see which I enjoy more. I’ll be playing on PS4 🙂1. Imperial Dragonknight 2. Altmer (High Elf) Sorcerer 3. Breton Nightblade 4. Imperial Templar 5. Redguard Nightblade 6. Dunmer (Dark Elf) Dragonknight 7. Altmer (High Elf) Templar 8. Bosmer (Wood Elf) Sorcerer Deltia I don’t understand why you are saying that Imp is the best race. Granted it have the biggest health and stamina pool but I don’t see any passives to help to be better melee dps or magika dps all I can see Imp race is great for tanking and great survivabilityImperial’s are the all around best in my opinion.  With no soft caps in 1.6, the 10/12% bonuses are powerful.  If you’re not sure what you want to do at end game, Imperial is a great choice.  You can only pick this race if you have the Imperial Edition upgrade.

Elder Scrolls Online Guides, news. Nord - Description, Racial Bonuses and Penalties. Nord is the first human race that arrived in Tamriel. They do not have anything special except fair hair. They are more muscular than most other races Rugged Tenacity is a passive racial ability for all highmountain tauren, reducing damage taken. The amount of damage reduced is 0.6% of the player's total stamina, rounded to the nearest whole number. Patch 8.0.1 (2018-07-17): Effect reduced to 0.6% of stamina (was 1.8%) If it wasn’t for Deltia’s vids I’d be total nub cake with a magicka Orc build. 😛The undisputed choice for Dragonknights, Dunmer are the min-maxers dream.  Oh how I wish I could change my Nord to a Dunmer.  You are the master of fire paired well with the fire breathing Dragonknight class makes a match in heaven.Orc’s are natural tank types with some health and stamina bonuses.  The swift passive is unique to this race making it an interesting choice for medium armor users.  Pair this will some well-fitted traits, you can seriously zoom around the battlefield.

Моды Скайрим,Оружие Скайрим,ESO Nord Weapons - ESO оружие нордов Who would you keep and who would you change ?. I’m thinking the first three are ok. Which Templar would you keep?.Secondly, do you think redguard, wood elf, or imperial would be best for a stam nightblade? I’m planning on running dual and bowHey Deltia, been following you now for a few weeks. Wish I’d found you sooner. So I have a dilemma regarding my next character. I have a High elf templar I plan on running as a healer/dps end game. I’ve spent a fair bit of gold to level riding skills, but I haven’t leveled very much. Do you think its worth it to reroll breton for the extra reduce cost for end game, or just continue with the high elf and use your Omega Templar build to level? It’s been hard to find solid, fact based theorycrafting on reduced cost vs regen and if diminishing returns affect racials.Hey guys, so I got a Dunmer Templar to level 16 and decided to re-roll because I wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the flame talent racial (as a tank). I just recently got my new Breton Templar to level 26 and I’m wondering again if this was the right choice. As a magicka based tank, will this work?

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Do u have a build for a sorc with 2 handed and bow? If not tell me how well that combo would work together and what race i should be to do so. And if i should focus more on stamina or magic. If it is a terrible combo let me know.Just a little question : I have a stamina templar and a stamina sorc both imperials and not very high lvl, but I really would like to reroll one as redguard to try the “stamina king” race, so would it be more beneficial to have a redguard stam sorc and (and imperial stamplar) or a redguard stamplar (and an imperial stam sorc) ? Thank you.I was playing as assassin’s class type in Lineage II (Othell rogue), and I want to play with similar style in ESO. So best option for me will be a Nightblade class right?Hi Deltia, I recently made an imperial DK with the intention of going two handed dps, but now im considering going magicka dps as well. Unfortunately I saw your video a bit too late and did not consider going Dunmer at first. Now I’m just wondering how viable is it for imperial to go magick dps? will the damage be not competitive in end game dps?

Hey Deltia, I was thinking of making a Dunmer Nightblade since they have the Magicka and Stamina but I’m kind of hesitant. Any advice? The Nords are the children of the sky, a race of tall and fair-haired humans from Skyrim who are known for their incredible resistance to cold and magical frost. Nords have an associated skill line that complements their lore-based abilities, with a focus on their reputation as skilled warriors and their.. Racial passives how to choose the right character in Elder Scrolls Online. Running stamina DPS tests in ESO Wrathstone to find the best Stamina DPS Race after the Racial Passives changes. Best Stamina DPS Sets : thclips.com/video/Bzuv6-6JKRo/วีดีโอ.html Focusing on Dark Elf, Orc, Imperial.. Elder Scrolls Online offer a vast diversity in the area of build composition, hence the results may vary depending on specific Active Skills, Set Items, and Passives chosen. You will also experience different results depending on your current encounter and specific Bosses

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  1. Hi, i got an wood elf nightblade around level 15 if i want to optimize my damage (later in the game) should i play an khajit? is it worth it?
  2. Im gonna be starting the game soon and am set on a NB, been doing research and cant decide on race, id like to focus on siphon/healing and leaning towards altmer…but id like to be able to respec same character and be a normal rogue style assassin, would that race still be viable or would something like wood elf/khajiit be better to bounce between styles?
  3. I’ve been hitting all the chats, i must be so annoying but please i need help. I want to start Imperial/Templar Tanking. Any help with the build? i am more focusing on PvE.
  4. An overview of statistics and ratios for characters in the ESO-Database based on the submitted player data from the EU- and NA-Megaserver
  5. Don’t get it, here you say that imperial/templar tank is the “rockstar” of any group. I only trust your builds because of theit depth. And because I am a noob I need to understand why one is better. Thank you deltia.
  6. Racial Passives and how to choose the right Character for Elder Scrolls Online Check out my website for updated content! alcasthq.com/ New to the game This was with Argonian tank with no passives, Now i am a Nord. Enjoy the video, Subscribe for more ESO content
  7. Both work really well for both! Khajiit has massive burst dps, whereas DK is really tank in pvp and has the high sustain dps in pve.

Hey. Id like to put together a all around tanky build mainly for pve but would like to tank for ball-zergs every now and then in pvp. i was going to race change to imperial from redguard. or orc. HOping you would leave an opinion. TY.I have kinda played as all three of these ideas, but the problem is I don’t really have the time to get all three into the late game where it all really counts. I was wondering what you thought was best with your expertise in the game and late game aspects. In case it helps with the decision, I plan on doing both PvE and PvP with the same character. hey Deltia I was wondering which class and race should i go for a dps sorce or Nb build I am trying to do both PvE and PvP thanksBTW Could you tell me for lvling purpose for DK dark elf magika user, if it’s better to lvl up to just all light armor or 4 light / 2 heavy or 4 light / 2 med. Keep the good job btw I absolutely love your videos eso nord. 7:37. The Elder Scrolls Online - The Confrontation Cinematic Trailer. GameSpot 929.378 views5 year ago. (Role-play Playthrough). PaulieOnTap 115.612 views5 year ago. 4:40. Elder Scrolls Online Nord racial passives. dannukesem 300 views9 months ago

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While I do like Dark Elf, for having build flexibility, their resist is virtually worthless and not even really worth mentioning. When resists were redone back in 1.6 (I think), it became worth about 3% (and less than even Breton–which gets all types of magic–at around 6%). Developers ZOS has shared their plans for racial passive changes before they hit the PTS this week. The hardy Nords reigning from Skyrim are well accustom to the hardships of life. With a bonus to constitution and their ability to shrug off the bitter cold, they can soak up immense amounts of.. Passives. Assassination: Executioner provides extra Stamina sustain when your targets die shortly after getting hit with Assassination skills. Alchemy: As usual, the extra duration of potions from Medicinal Use is nice to have. You also want to max out all your racial passives. Race choice I am confused between a wood elf night blade or breton sorcerer, which is better for end game + pvp???

Hey Deltia, first, thanks for all these tips (videos, articles, links ect.) How important is it to use the weapon that your specific race gains more experience from? For example, Dunmer receives 15% more experience when using dual wield. WoW Classic: Racial Abilities List. Each race you have to choose from has different abilities that can be passively applied or actively used. Orc might lean a bit stronger due to the Hardiness passive that gets Warlock's some resistance to stuns and the Command passive that gets them some more pet.. Amphibious – Increases swimming speed by 50% and whenever you drink a potion you gain 6% of your max health, magicka and stamina.

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  1. Deltia I’m working on my Dark Elf DK. I’m basically using your Shooting Star build but with a Dark Elf. Just turned 16 and I was wondering if I should stick to your destro staff build as first and second weapons or with the 1.6 release should I change to something else for the second bar, healing maybe. Did 1.6 affect the build much ?.
  2. Not slight, huge. I honestly would like no racial bonuses because it’s a crazy difference. Imperial > almost everything else but Dunmer.
  3. You shouldn’t change your character because someone tells you it’s not good enough you should make the character however you want I’m currently making a khajiit tank and I’m not gonna reroll my guy for a Orc or imperial I feel imperials are op and should be nerfed, but either then that play with what you like or you will end up rerolling again and again and again
  4. Heh….. Should have looked this up sooner. Before I got my khajiit templar to lol 20… Oh well spent way to much time and resources in to her to quit now I’m sure I’ll find a way to make her work, she’s still fun with the omega build same with my argonian butcher. XD
  5. a bonus from Werewolf skill line. However I can’t find this sta
  6. I’m thinking of rolling an imperial Dragon Knight using 2H. Critical Charge for a gap closer, Cleave morphed into brawl for a shield, Talons for a CC, Fiery Breath for a DoT and Molten Weapons for some power. What morphs do you recommend for Talons, Fiery Breath and Molten Weapons? Also what armour type would you run? Thinking werewolf over vampire too. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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  1. a, but it went well in testing with 15 magicka rest sta
  2. d having certain toons for certain needs (altaholic) if i was going to roll a class using a bow as my main source of dps, once again its for fun, not optimal builds, what race and class, though im guessing NB, would you go with?
  3. Redguard is great at sustained melee dps. IMO the only place khajiit tops them is in bursty ranged dps.
  4. And second question. Mixing a melee weapon and a bow will be good combination, right? So what kind of melee weapon I should using playing as NB? Dualwield daggers or 1 handed sword with shield (what imo looks not good in assassin class type)?
  5. The Imperial Passive Red Diomond does it only apply to melee like daggers ect or would it work with bow too ?
  6. How do you feel about Dunmer/Vampire NB? The extra magicka from passives can help with off healing while the negate fire helps with vampire weaknesses while I still get the vampire bonuses
  7. Deltia, I’m a big fan of your videos for eso and they are a great help. I’ve tried a few different things but I need some advice. I really love playing an archery or ranger type of class, but I don’t wanna be sneaking around. I like more the mobile fast past style archer. What class would you recommend that would work well with this?

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Most likely not. You can do it leveling and having fun, but if you want to do high damage you need medium armor.I want to build a Bosmer Sorce with bow and two handed as my weapon choices, this will be a PvP focus build for end game.

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Ty sir. Thats why i was going to go imp. I will take your word for it though im going to race change to nord. much appreciated !!I am currently running 6 Medium 1 Light. My gear is 4 Night Mother’s Touch and 5 Hunding’s Rage (with Daggers) or 5 Night Mother’s and 3 Hundings with Bow. My DW weapon damage is softcap +17. My DW Crit is 60-70 without pots. Bar 2 I use Night Mother’s Bow or alliance Bow + 2 Rings and my crit stays around 50. I almost never run out of stamina during long fights and out of combat stam regen is amazing, even though I did not go full Health/Stamina build. The Nord has some great passives for increased resistance and thanks to this they make great tanks but also DD as you can focus less on resistance and more on DD when building up your character, I don't recommend them as healers as they don't have any bonuses towards healing done or magicka This is what I have now: High Elf Sorcerer Dark Elf Dragonknight Wood Elf Nightblade Breton Templar Imperial Templar

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  1. d playing like that. However some will argue a valid point. If you want to master one class then you should stick to one or two toons. Of the same class. There is no right answer in my opinion to this. It’s your game play it as you want. Just know what you want to do before let’s you make an orc sorcerer or a nord nightblade. That is unless you just want to play the game and don’t care much about the end game.
  2. And if I wanted to look at it the other way around – first choose race (because I like this or that better) and fit it then with best class for this race?
  3. g heals from team mates and your own DK abilities plus potion trait makes this toon rather hard to kill. Not necessarily optimal but not shabby either.
  4. Comparing Racial Passives. In The Elder Scrolls Online every race has its own skill line. Below we'll provide a list of all racial passive skills and give you a basic overview of them. If you want to easily compare racial passives and find out which race is the most optimal for your build keep on scrolling..
  5. a based. For a assassin Nightblade, us daggers because you have a class specific execute (Killers Blade). Don’t worry, I’ll make an absolute rock star Nightblade DPS build soon. 🙂

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Nord’s make great tanks with the rugged passive but not much else.  I choose this race for my VR 14 Dragonknight and the race offers literally nothing for offensive minded characters.  Long story short, if you plan on doing damage, look at another race.What do you think of this type of end game build? Are there any recommendations or changes that are needed?Are the stamina and health bonus for the imperial race more effective than the stealthy passive for wood elves and khajits?(for a dps based nightblade class)In 1.6, Imp doesn’t have near the effectiveness and Khajiit makes great for PvE where NPCs have zero resistance. Though the other choices are great for sustained and damage just a 6% critical race is amazing advantage IMO.I am just beginning my experience with this game. While googling “the best XXX in TESO” I found your website. So My question is: Should I pick an Imperial Templar as my first character there? And then invest everything in “magicka”? I have that ESOPlus, but honestly do not know what will it grant me.

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  1. Just started ESO e watching your Youtube Channel! Whats the best Race/Class for a Tank/dualwielder Swap. I going tank in a group and Dualwielder DPS for solo.
  2. Argonian Resistance – Increases maximum health by 3% and poison and disease resistance by 1215.
  3. My VT 14 NB is an Orc. The bonus 6% health and stam is a nice boost on a more tanky NB build. I agree, robust is terrible. That unique sprint ability is one that I LOVE.
  4. I have been playing Redguard NB (vampire) as my main since launch and enjoy it, but I am looking to fine tune my build for better DPS and survivability in both PVE and PVP.
  5. Nords are a playable race in The Elder Scrolls Online. The Nords of Skyrim are members of the Ebonheart Pact, along with the Dunmer and Argonians, though they are not bound to the alliance if the game is pre-ordered
  6. a pvp build. I plan imperial nightblade for longevity but would you go 2 handed or dual wield. my second weapon would be bow. I’m not fully sure of pvp sta

I already have an all sorc breton build and an all NB Kahjit build (both low levels like 10 and 8) and I love both and now I want a combination of the two! 🙂Hey deltia I rolled a dark elf DK vampire. Is this a good build for end game? I’m really liking the vampire right now but don’t know if this is the right build for it I’m lvl 21 now using destruction staff on both bars any suggestions? I thought you had a vampire build with this setup but can’t find it anymore.

i’m starting to play ESO now and since skyrim i always loved playing redgurad dualweild. 1º: is it dualwield a viable choice? 2º is it redguard a viable choice for that? and 3º: wich class suits better for that? NB?DC’s magical user that has some unique bonuses.  The reduction in cost makes Breton one of the better races for a PvP build.  Added some spell resistance and more max magicka, this race is hard to pass up if you’re looking for a human appearance but magicka talents. See more of S.A. RED-Nord on Facebook. PagesBusinessesPublic & government servicePublic utility companyEnergy companyS.A. RED-Nord Hey there, I just bought ESO last night, and it’s patching right now. I was wondering if an Imperial Sorc was good or bad. I’m conflicted between choosing an Imperial or a Breton. Actually, better question. What class is best for Imperials xD I am so confused with words. This mod gives you a new uniqe set of Ancient Nord Armor as an addition to the unique Helmet of Yngol. Download: Yngol SSE

Deltia your the man hope your enjoying the kid! Question on the new orc passive damage to melee attacks is that only melee attacks or also melee abilities like flying blade for exampleWhat do you class do recommend for Redguard for lvling and endgame PvE? I’ve seen lots for other races but almost nothing for Redguard. I’m focused on solo play and need a class that would support Stam base but still utilize self-heals.http://www.esohead.com/calculator/skills#1.mMazggzVz9MW08innG8NURG8inTJ8AIOD8TrUf8AISv8inyz8NURG8injt8NUmU8AIUM8LxRn8L7rcdoQr6MdoQC6MdoQF8p7JMdBvT6MdBvj6MdBEI6MdBEp6cdBET8T7rMrqAi6MrqAZ6crqLw8x7r68g7HrsXn6rsXy6rsXx6LsXt6LsXg6MipLW6MipL46MippV6Mippo6Mippq8H7xrzf26LzwM8J7JLziB6rziD6rziO6rziX6rziY6MNUIz6MNUIc6MNUIi6MNUIN8K7Jrkg6rzuu6LzuN6Lzuj6rzun6MANRQ6MANRU6MANRW6MANRZ8O7zzAZqS8P7ardYw6zLp4d6cLncp6cLncn8U7aLrXg8Y7z68zM7acgcmM6zgcoS6cgkvQ8zf7ozNbo6LNbk6MDVRC6MDVRH8zu7zzHfYE6zHfZd8zG7zzHQ3F8zI7zzJIoX6zJIkL8zN7zzJZcY8zA7zzKpUN8zL7zzK4EXBoth are good, though if you’re constantly attacking, the Redguard might have an advantage. Just depends, the “always on” factor vs beating on something. PvP/PvE really determines what’s better IMO. 262 will add up over a long fight. › Eso nord dk tank build. Many of the Dragonknight's abilities and passives are just made for increasing survivability, and survivability is the most important aspect of any solid Tank build. Nords naturally make great tank builds and when the Dragonknight or Templar is chosen, a Nord character..

Stealthy – Decreases stealth radius by 3 meters and increases damage done while stealthed by 10%.Redguard’s are the Kings (or Queens) of stamina.  They make natural weapon based users though tanking with massive stamina regeneration could work well.  Consider Redguard if you plan on sustained weapon class.It’s a awesome stamina race probably the best for sustained. However it doesn’t have the max stamina like Imperial.Rather than have Racial Passives I wish ESO would make some kind of training system, perhaps similar to the champion system but specifically for training the racial passives – or expand the champion system to include such passives, as some of the passives are already in the champion system. This would give players the option to create the race and look they want cosmetically with racial abilities that suit their specific build. There is some imbalance with regard to racial traits. For example lets compare the Altmer to the Orc. The Altmer gets 4% elemental damage (rarely to you use all 3, so this isn’t really 12% for each), 9% magicka regen and 10% max magicka. The orc gets 30% health regen, 10% sprint speed, 12% reduc sprint cost, 4% weapon dmg, 6% max health, 6% max stamina. In terms of champion points, the Orc has almost 3 times as many buffs. in terms of direct %/points, 12%+10%+6%+6%+4%+30% = 68% for the Orc, vs 4%+10%+9%= 23% for the Altmer. The Orc gets 68% and the Altmer gets 23%. Even if you take out health regeneration, it is still 38% vs 23%. If you have ever gone heavy armor with an orc or nord, health regen can be a nice 1500 to 3000+ heal every 2 seconds. Not bad. Health regen mitigates the need for max health. Anyways – just a thought. An Altmer would have to spend a lot more champion points than the orc to get the same effects.If your focus is PvP than Breton. If you want to use weapons for damage dealing, I wouldn’t pick either races.

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  1. a give me tons of stats. Or you can pump more into your health and use Blazing Shield as your primary damage source.  This is the idea behind Bubble Trouble (yes I’ll rework it).  Whether you’re tanking, healing, or doing damage dealing I believe the Imperial Templar the best choice for ALL roles.  It’s the jack of all trades class/race choice making it my favorite class for 1.6 (RIP Nord Dragonknight).
  2. Hello Deltias, I am planing on playing the game as a dragonknight tank with ultimate survivability. What race would you choose? Should I go with Orc or Nord? and also should I use sword and board on both as primary and secondary? I just want to be able to be a solid tank that my group can benefit off of. I have watched some vids of your nord DK tank and I see you use a resto staff.
  3. a dps I would miss my Redguards sta
  4. a sorcerer, a combination of Roleplay and efficiency, as i’ve found the familliar to be a lot of help in PVE and even in PVP evenw ithout the hunt leader set.
  5. Inner Peace Racial Passive. Gourmand Racial Passive
  6. Adding another outfit to my 'Undyed' Costumes, this time my favourite Nord Lady with Half Red Smear face marking, something I've been wanting to use for a while now. -Left Parted Bob -West Skyrim Scout Outfit -Tooled Turquoise Circlet -Left Side Half Red Smear

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Considering most class abilities are magicka, Breton. For Nightblade Wood Elf more damage Reguards more sustained.AD’s finest casters and one of the best in the game, the Altmer.  With the addition of the champion system and the removal of soft caps, 10% magicka is an incredible bonus.  Not to mention a flat 4% elemental damages make this magic wielder top of the line.  My Veteran Rank 14 Sorcerer is a High Elf and I’m glad I picked it early on.

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Tks for all the answer do you think it is feasible to have DK build like the Herald of Xotli of age of Conan, light armor with 2hand sword?Restoration Expertise – Increases experience gain with the Restoration Staff skill line by 15%. You can also add passive racial bonuses and passive Guardian Stone bonuses although I believe activating one will disable your current one. For example, could I add the passive magicka bonuses high elves have to my Nord character? Whatever your magicka is, add fifty to that Well Bretons make good tanks for spell resist passive and max magicka. I’d use more magicka based abilities rather than stamina and it should do great.

So, here's the question: How do you achieve a passive Perception of 28, with a bonus to active Perception of less than 10? Using a combination of feats and magic items, it is possible to achieve a passive perception that is incredibly high. I will use the build my player of a dwarven cleric made as.. ESO Beginner Guide - Racial Passives and Best Race Class Combinations. Breton and Nord fighting in the final 4th chapter in the series of cinematic trailers from The Elder Scrolls Online. I decided to. Im about to start playing. Ive never played ESO before. I want to roll a stam NB. Should i go imperial redguard or wood elf?? I will mostly be doing pvp. Thanks

ESO Beginner Guide - Racial Passives and Best Race Class Combinations. Here is an overview of the Nord armor styles and skills tree in ESO Please consider supporting the channel on Patreon. Our resolve is glacial, our might is forged in fire, and our courage, cultivated by the beasts of the jungle. (Races: Argonian, Dunmer, Nord)

Almost anything would be better than a Nord 🙂 Just depends on what you want to do, the sprinting passive makes Orc interesting. I’d go with Bosmer (Wood Elf) if you plan on being a DPS.Hi Deltia, Quick question, I want to make a sorcerer, but i am stuck on which race to pick. The two i have chosen are Breton and Altmer, but i can not decide between the two. At endgame i would like to focus mainly on PvP, but still be viable in PvE. I also would like to be able to duel wield and use a bow. Thanks in advanced.Thanks for the response, so I suppose going tanky would be preferable for my choice of race although not especially good in the 1.6 meta it seems so far… Thoughts?

Hey deltia, i wanna roll a nightblade but unsure of a race too choose from, my opions are khajiit or wood elf,which would hit like a mac truck? Thank youWell bow/stealth is much better as Bosmer, the Dunmer passives only applies to leveling and gives nothing at end game. 65 hours is a lot less than 1000, your choice.

I like the idea of Orc Templar w/ 2hvy / 5 light armor/ 2h sword. you get the following weapon buffs for max physical dmg: Orc Racial 4%, Balanced Warrior 6% (and spell resist!), Med armor 5pc bonus 12%, 2h Sword passive 3%, and then buffed with Vigor(2h) 20%, slot Flawless dawnbreaker (2.4 patch) for another 5% (and an inexpensive ultimate) That’s 4+6+12+3+20+5= 50%. When combined with Nirnhoned weapon dmg buff, and Divines Mundus stone with weapon dmg Mundus, and a set of Agility rings…we are looking at some serious max dmg. Crit % scales off weapon dmg…so this means even bigger crits…Great resource you have here. I’m planning on creating a Templar guided by your Omega builds. I’m a person that changes their mind often, so I am likely to switch between going pure PVE DPS, to maybe doing PVP DPS, and perhaps Healing, depending on my mood!Hi Deltia, I heard people speak about the Imperial passives getting changed in some way at some point. I’m planning on playing a dk, most of the time stamina I guess, sometimes magicka and sometimes even tank for fun. So my question is, is a dunmer dk even viable as stamina dps in terms of endgame PvP and even completely min-/maxed pve?:) Kind regards Zayn Nord Racial Passives. Nords are a very tough to kill, and should be considered by those that wish to Tank as their primary role, or for those that wish to PvP, as extra Physical and Spell Resistance goes a long way in both of these cases. The increased Ultimate generation is also ideal for both of these..

View the build Stam Nord NightBlade from the user soundman in the ESO Skillfactory. Psijic-Order. Racial. Please select a race in the top menu. Breton Skills. Flawless Dawnbreaker is on bar 1 for the passive weapon damage increase. You will want to use Ice Comet on bar 2 for ranged attacks The player can choose bethween four different races. Each race gets its own unique Cultural bonus passive viewable in the magic menu that grants small bonuses I rolled a wood elf templar because of his stamina regen and bow for end game? So far he has no problems pve was that a good combo

Hello Deltia I was thinking to make a sorcerer bow stamina build with wood elf and use pet like a ranger class. Do you think it is viable combo? Thank youTwo questions Magick or stamina build for DK dunmer dps? And can tanking with dunmer dk be a good idea? Or is it not effective?First off let me say you’ve created an amazing resource for both new and veteran gamers in regards to ESO. On to my question: I’ve been going back and forth on a NB build running bow and dual daggers and I’m torn between Wood Elf or Khajit, I get the basic principal of the crit burst does vs sustained from stamina regen but could you maybe expand on this particular point a bit more? Thanks in advance!

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