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VIN Number Decoding Serial Numbers were stamped on a plate on the left front door hinge pillar (center pillar on Corvair). The Fisher Body number plate on the right-hand side of the cowl gives additional information such as the body style number, the production sequence number, the trim (upholstery) number code and the paint number code.   First Symbol - Year 4 = 1964   Second & Third Symbol - Series 01 = Chevy II (4-cyl) 14 = Impala SS (V-8) 02 = Chevy II 15 = Bel Air 1500 Series (6-cyl) 04 = Chevy II Nova Super Sport 16 = Bel Air 1600 Series (V-8) 05 = Corvair 500 Series (6-cyl) 17 = Impala 1700 Series (6-cyl) 06 = Corvair 600 Monza Spyder (6-cyl) 18 = Impala 1800 Series (V-8) 07 = Corvair Deluxe 700 Series (6-cyl) 53 = Chevelle & Std. El Camino (6-cyl) 08 = Corvette 54 = Chevelle & Std. El Camino (V-8) 09 = Corvair Monza 900 Series (6-cyl) 55 = Chevelle Malibu & Custom El Camino (6-cyl) 11 = Biscayne 1100 Series (6-cyl) 56 = Chevelle Malibu & Custom El Camino (V-8) 12 = Biscayne 1200 Series (V-8) 57 = Chevelle Malibu SS (6-cyl) 13 = Impala SS (6-cyl) 58 = Chevelle Malibu SS (V-8)   Fourth & Fifth Symbol - Body Style 11 = 2dr Sedan 41 = 2dr Sedan 15 = 2 dr Station Wagon (6P) 45 = 4dr Station Wagon (9P) 19 = 4dr Sedan 47 = 2dr Sport Coupe 27 = Club Coupe 49 = 4dr Sedan 35 = 4dr Station Wagon (6P) 67 = 2dr Convertible 37 = 2dr Hardtop or Sport Coupe 69 = 4dr Sedan 39 = 4dr Hardtop or Sport Sedan 70 = Sedan Delivery   Sixth Symbol - Assembly Plant (A) Atlanta, Georgia (N) Norwood, Ohio (B) Baltimore, Maryland (O) Oakland, California (F) Flint, Michigan (R) Arlington, Texas (G) Framingham, Massachusetts (S) St. Louis, Missouri (H) Fremont, California (T) Tarrytown, New York (J) Janesville, Wisconsin (U) Southgate, California (K) Kansas City, Missouri (W) Willow Run, Michigan (L) Los Angeles, California (Y) Wilmington, Delaware   Last Six Symbols - Production Sequence Started at 100001 bel air. Vintage: 1964. Bottle size: All. Merchant location: All countries. Chateau Bel-Air 1964 Bordeaux Pomerol. Bottle (750ml) 37,983 ₽ ex. sales tax Go to Shop 1964 Chevrolet Bel Air Jet Black 1964 Bel Air two door sedan with red interior has an air bag suspension in the rear and drop spindles up front We’d drive it a few more years yet before we handed it down to my older sisters and finally sold it in ’77 a “bit” rusty but “still running” at something like 140K-145K miles on the clock (after a transmission replacement with a used one in ’73 when the original one finally died).

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If it did, or even if it didn’t…it would take a licking and keep on ticking. Sure, it would rust. Everything rusted in those days. But these would keep going…with the floorboards missing; with the frame twisted, with the muffler and tire-tread gone. Would even run without a key!…a GM idea they had second thoughts about. (not me; I’ve jiggered a number of my beaters to run “keyless.” I like!) $40,495 At one point the session leader, baby boomer aged gal, gave us all a handout with some fake student names on it: Bronx à Bel Air est un film réalisé par Adam Shankman avec Steve Martin, Queen Latifah. Synopsis : Peter Sanderson, avocat coincé, bourreau de travail perpétuellement sur les nerfs, n'a toujours pas.. $4,995

The Pick of the Day is a Chevy that packs the big-block performance V8 that was the subject of a famous Beach Boys song Performance? There’s nothing built back then (even the vaunted split window ‘Vette) that can run with any good sports sedan in the under $35k category currently available. So I guess the old split window was a piece of garbage, too?

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This is a frame off restored 1964 Chevrolet Bel Air 2 door sedan. The current owner has spared no expense in restoring this car as close to 'factory original'... 1964 Chevrolet Bel Air All numbers matching 61 tho original miles 283 & powerglide new shocks new battery new windshield Runs&drives nice Ah, the Bel Air — the discriminating motorist’s choice. Well, I had no choice. When my mom agreed to let me first take the wheel, a few years prior to legal age, I had nothing to compare it to, either. I remember being a little bit scared, because the car’s bulk seemed to cover the whole road, erasing the white lines. Fortunately, Mom took a fancy to the original Mustang when it arrived, buying one just in time for my learner’s permit. Now that was happy motoring!I base my comments on a RHD, Australian assembled ’63 Bel Air I owned, back in the early 1980s. 5 turns lock to lock, power steering, feather light. Driving position? I used to hop from my Holden Gemini, and the cars I drove as an apprentice mechanic to the Bel Air. Never noticed a ‘funky’ driving position.Now that we’ve narrowed down our All Collector Cars inventory based on your specific search criteria, we recommend that you use our robust filtering and sorting options to zero in even further on your dream vehicle.

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Updates on openings and closures - hotel bel-air. Due to shuts downs amid the coronavirus crisis, we would like to inform you that the following outlets are closed Real estate developer Bruce Makowsky has unveiled a $250m mansion that he describes as the 'eighth wonder of the world' After a long test drive, they both agreed that a 318/push button Torqueflite Plymouth Suburban station wagon was a car they both could appreciate & live with. And they happily did for the next few years. In 2011, a serene promontory on the elite Bel Air road called his name. Just moments from Sunset Boulevard, this hilltop nirvana was the ultimate canvas to channel his talent into the defining estate of.. My 1964 was one great car which I still miss today and I don’t apologize for my sentiment at all, but I can only speak for myself. Would I want a car like that now? No. My current impala would out-perform that one by a wide margin, I think, but I never cared much about carving corners although I do in my MX5, but that’s what they’re built for.

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Wire Wheel Covers Simulated wire wheel covers that are difficult to identify from real wire wheels. The covers include a deluxe type knock off spinner. When I first saw this 1964 Bel Air, the thing that grabbed my attention wasn't the overall condition of the car or the fact that it had a host of desirable optional extras fitted, but it was the price The Bel Air remained the mid-line offering topped by the Impala, with the affordable Biscayne priced You could tuck a 425-hp Turbo-Fire 409 V8 into any 1964 Chevrolet Biscayne, Bel Air, Impala or..

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My family had a 6-passenger ’64 Bel Air wagon in maroon that my father bought new in the spring of ’64. It came with the 283 V8 and had 3-on-the-tree plus overdrive. I particularly remember the durable red striped nylon fabric seats that were as durable as any vinyl, but still breathed. I also recall the enormous storage compartment underneath the rear deck. It extended under the rear tailgate into the area that was the inside of the rear bumper. Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it. See our disclaimer. Hotchkis 1513 Panhard Rod CHEVROLET1959 - 1964 BEL AIR BASE V8 5.31959.. My grandfather had a '60 Bel Air when I was a little kid, though his had suffered from a decade of Minnesota winters and therefore was more rust than steel. This car has been rolling for close to 50.. Years later while a manufacturers sales rep selling aftermarket automotive parts, I was talking to a mechanic at a large repair shop along Route 23 in Eastern Kentucky and was telling him of that 1964 Chevy wagon. He related to me how once he’d had a 1963 Chevy convertible up on a lift and the frame was so rusted out that the car snapped in half and dropped right to the ground.

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  1. Does the kid who owns this one have memories he’s preserving? Or is it just cool, because it is? Which it is, and always has been.
  2. Still, though, GM had the other Big Two beat on styling, the ’63 and ’64 Chevys remaining the smarter-looking choice despite being long in the tooth. And the ’65’s blew everyone away, their curves making the straight-edged Fords and Mopars look stolid.
  3. But in a sea of little Japanese cars near the campus, this wagon stands out proudly, a survivor of another epoch. An era about which this kid has heard plenty about, but can’t begin to grasp its full reality. One either lived during the time of the ’64 Chevy’s reign, or didn’t. But the allure is still there, presumably. Love transcends all. Even crappy GM starters.
  4. Anyway…I’ll try to catch up. DID this model have the X-frame? Somehow I had the idea the X-frame was dispatched with the 1961 redesigns.

Bel-Air is a small apartment building with one- and two-bedroom for married students and families. The one-bedroom units are a great option for married couples with one child Impala (Chevrolet) 1964 Chevrolet Impala 327 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS 327 Осталось 5дн 5ч Impala (Chevrolet) 1960 Chevrolet Impala 1960 chevrolet impala tuxedo black bel air biscayne 1959.. 940 - Satin Silver Metallic Lucite® Code - 4247L Dulux® Code - 181-95176

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..Spark SSR Bel Air Starcraft Tracker Suburban Sprint Trans Sport Tahoe TrailBlazer Traverse Uplander Although I do admire the ’61 Bel Air “Bubble top” 2 door hardtop; ANY Chevy station wagon from this era affects me like OTC sleep aids. I can understand why so little good was said about this article’s subject.This car is Americas sweetheart because it represents the last generation of American automobile that was truly egalitarian, practical, and well loved across a whole range of society. This car is a reminder of the era of large families with one car. In some ways that era had already ended when this car was introduced, and the next years Chevy models reflect that. The personal car was truly upon us. Everybody had Seen the USA by then right?Overall, though, tires were narrower back then across the board. The 1964 Corvette came with 6.70 x 15’s, upgraded to 7.75 in 1965. The Jaguar XKE Series I came with 6.40 x 15’s, Series II’s had 185×15’s, and those cars could hit 150 mph.

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Bel Air Collection Resort and Spa Cancun's air-conditioned rooms are decorated in white. Making a difference with Bel Air Delights upon arrival receive a welcome cocktail, daily find a cake to taste.. Sort by Price, Make, Year, Mileage or distance, and reverse sort to view low-to-high vs. the default high-to-low. Switch between list and grid view options, and adjust how many results you see per page, from 16 to 96.

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Back-Up Lamps Designed to cas a wide beam of light to the rear of the car for increased safety when backing into dark areas. So wait, “the X-frame was a safety nightmare” but “it is wrong to say that it was … ‘unsafe'”?

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  1. 1964 Chevrolet Bel Air
  2. 905 - Meadow Green Metallic Lucite® Code - 4532L Dulux® Code - 181-96882
  3. The 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS came only­ as a two-door hardtop or convertible. The 1964 Chevrolet Impala added a model to the line as the Super Sport became a distinct series in '64, in either..
  4. this is the story of my 1964 four door sedan Impala , bought it in 1986 , the car was loaded: 327 engine , power glide, Carter four barrel, double exhaust, AC, PS , … car was originally sold by a Fresno dealership in California , exceptionally fast car , I street raced it and showed tail lights to BMW’s , Camaros, Trans-Am’s and other pretenders , I suspect the car had 300 Hp corvette engine inside , not sure as I sold it in 1989 This car was exceptionally fragile too, lower front triangle fractured , coil springs sagged, Drum brakes wrapped , transmission shaft universal joints broke , the bearing housing inside X-frame broke , the front engine cradle cracked, voltage regulator burnt out, rusty engine plugs leaked ……etc The engine was too powerfull for the transmission, clutch bands did’nt last long , Overall I can say that the chassis could not handle the engine power, that car might have been OK with a less powerfull engine.
  5. $10,495
  6. A white-on-red ’64 Impala three-seat wagon with a 283 and a Powerglide was my original family car. As in the one my family owned when I was born and our only car (not counting my dad’s company cars) until the 1970 Buick Estate Wagon. It was the car in which I was taken from the hospital to my grandmother’s house. My five older siblings were down with chicken pox so my mom and I stayed away for a week or two. The result of that was that I didn’t get chicken pox until I was 15.

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The ’64 Chevy dashboard looks so modern; it wouldn’t have looked out of place in a Chevy from the ’90s. BEL AIR кабрио. BEL AIR универсал (US)

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Even though I loved my Matchbox taxi as a child, I’ve never quite understood the appeal of these 64 Chevys, At least to my eyes, it’s the least imaginatively designed and detailed full size Chevy of the decade, and sadly birthed its genes to the first Chevelle. Les formations au Lycée Bel Air. le projet d'établissement. Le service d'orientation. Bievenue sur la nouvelle adresse du site du lycee de bel AIR pour tout commentaire ou.. Another interesting point was how the ’64 Fords and Plymouths were much fresher engineering-wise, with full 3-speed automatics, strong, up-to-date engines and more advanced construction, be it the full-perimeter frame of the Ford or Chrysler’s Unibody.I guess my tastes were set in stone by growing up during the “Great Brougham Epoch” as I don’t really have any interest in the 63 or 64 Impalas. They just seem too bland to me. Give me a “fastback” roof 67 or 68 Impala or “formal” roof 66-70 Caprice and I’m happy.

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I strain myself believing the platform and mechanical bits are basically straight from a 1958 model – it just looks so different on the outside, the ’50s look so completely eradicated, the last vestige which may have been the slight dogleg at the base of the windshield of the ’63s, It’s astonishing how much the look of American cars changed from 1958 to 1961. There’s been less change in the last 15 years than there was in those three.It’s a love affair, anyway you look at it. Never has a dashboard offered such a sweeping vista, yet with so little content. A fitting metaphor.

Ford was pretty much always the Wagonmaster, as their advertising reflected, until the last Taurus Wagon rolled off the line. In the late 90’s Ford had about 50% of the wagon market share, Subaru about 25% and everyone else fought over the remaining 25%. Car Feature: Greg Schubert's 1957 Blue Ice Bel Air Overhauled. By Bobby Kimbrough July 08 From a first car of a teenager to the popular show Overhaulin, Greg Schubert's 1957 Chevrolet Bel.. Chevys were embraced for decades, because…everyone else drove one. It’s like kids; we may all think we want our kids to grow up to be President, but deep down we just want them to fit in, be well adjusted, and most of all, be loved. Despite their inevitable lack of perfection. And ours. So folks just got a Chevy wagon, and half the battle was won right there. Nobody spoke ill about a Chevy, so that was hopefully going to rub off a bit. 1964 Chevrolet Bel Air. California Cars 8.902 views7 year ago. Random Bits 0116: 1964 Chevy Bel Air inspection. Rinoa's Auspicious Travails 7.751 views4 year ago

Nestled in the hills of Bel Air, this mansion features a deck out of the master bedroom overlooking the 85-foot infinity pool and Jacuzzi and the skyline of the city Departing with my 1964 Bel Air, this vehicle has lots of potential and is being sold as is. 1964 Bel Air, Impala. Make: Chevrolet. Model: Bel Air/150/210. Type: Sedan The myth, that is. Just don’t look to closely, because like all myths, it’s full of holes. But we don’t really want to see them or hear about that. Bring on the love, of a time when we all rode happily in our ’64 Chevy wagons, or our neighbors’, or Grandpa’s. Or just imagined we once did. Or hope we once will. But before it rusted out.

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  1. Picking a powertrain wasn't easy -- not with seven engines and four transmissions to choose from. Engine offerings ranged from a 140-horsepower six through V-8s of 283, 327, and 409 cubic inches, the last described as "especially saucy in highway passing situations." V-8s whipped up from 195 to 425 horsepower, and top engines could get Delcotronic all-transistor ignition.
  2. 1964 Chevrolet Impala Super Sport 409. 1960 Chevrolet Corvette. 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air. 1965 Hoonigan Ford 'Hoonicorn' Mustang V2. 1955 Hoonigan Chevrolet Bel Air
  3. Searching online I haven’t been able to find much. I’m sure in ONE of the many histories of GM there has to be something about it. But I litterally refuse to buy an X frame GM as a classic project. And I’m not paranoid about safety usually.
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Agreed. The ’65 is light years better. The cars drove a lot better, too, since the X frame had been banished. My dad had a ’65 Biscayne that he absolutely hated. It was a 283 with Powerglide and for some reason he never like it. He much preferred his 1961 with 230 and three on the tree. He often said the 283 was no quicker than the Stovebolt and burned twice as much gas. Then again, he had no issue feeding hi-test to the hemi in his 1957 Plymouth.Like others here, I’ve often wondered why Chevy didn’t make a version of their “trademark” tail lights. At least differentiate the Impala from the Bel Air/Biscayne.908 - Bahama Green Metallic Lucite® Code - 4534L Dulux® Code - 181-96904I did drive a mate-of-a-mates ’62 Dodge Phoenix. Felt no better or worse than my ’63 Chev. A bit firmer on the ride front- not difficult to achieve! Wasn’t my car so I didn’t push it hard. I didn’t push the Bel Air hard either. Mind you all of the above is on cars that were 20 years old, 30 years ago.Custom Manual Radio Includes 6 transistors, 3 diodes, printed circuit boards, direct coupled audio system with a 6 x 9 inch high fidelity speaker. Your choice of front or rear antenna.

Keep up to date on: Latest Buzz · Stuff Shows & Podcasts · Tours · Weird & WackyFord generally won the wagon race, but after the 1977 B-bodies came out, Chevrolet beat Ford in the full-size wagon Category until the Ford dropped them in 1991. $71,000

There Is a lot of detailed Trim on the sides of the Impala – White sections with chrome outlining and Name emblazoned on it. Hotel Bel-Air, Los Angeles: See 827 traveller reviews, 1,491 user photos and best deals for Hotel Bel-Air, ranked #4 of 381 Los Angeles hotels, rated 4.5 of 5 at Tripadvisor America thought so, too; in a more restrained and tasteful age. I don’t much miss Chevrolet or GM being on the top of the auto world; but I do miss the style and taste of that time. 1964 Chevrolet Bel Air, 2 door sedan. 6 cylinder motor, three speed manual on column. Great project car, needs some TLC. Clear title. Chevrolet Parts Wanted 64 BelAir Fender trim WANTED: 64 Chev BelAir front Fender trim spears L/R. Call Mike (801) 466-0467 Salt Lake city, UT. Click Here to Email Buyer. Click here to return to Chevy..

The ’64 reeks of the “good old days” as if that mythological place really ever existed. But myths are often more powerful than reality, and the ’64 Chevy is an icon of it. Or more like an altar to it. Here are the details: 1964 Bel Air 2-Door 283 Small Block (replacement motor from Pacific National Auto Parts 8/2001) Automatic transmission (2 speed) 69406 Miles on odometer Custom licence plate..

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Axle Codes   Location Of Axle Codes: The axles for Chevrolet will be built by Chevrolet Buffalo, Chevrolet Gear and Axle, Buick, Oldsmobile, and McKinnon. Divisional Manufacturer code letters will be metal stamped on the axle tube adjacent to the carrier for identification. Metal stamp on left rear axle tube on the rear side, letters and numerals 3/16 in. high, 3 in. outboard of carrier.   Codes - Non-Locking Codes - Locking Ratio Inspection Cover AA, BA AK, BK 3.55 (std. lining) 12 Bolt AB, BB AM, BM 3.36 (std. lining) 10 Bolt AC, BC AH 3.70 (std. lining) - AE AN 3.55 (metal lining) 12 Bolt AF AP 3.70 (metal lining) - AG AQ 3.36 (metal lining) 10 Bolt AJ AR 3.08 (metal lining) 10 Bolt   AL 4.11 (std. lining) -   AS 4.56 (std. lining 12 Bolt   AT 4.11 (metal lining) -   AU 4.56 (metal lining) 12 Bolt AW, BW AX, BX 3.08 (std. lining) 10 Bolt Retrieved from https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=Category:1964_Chevrolet_Bel_Air&oldid.. For sale is a 1964 chevrolet belair V8 automatic. Very nice shape. To clarify - the car is a bel AIR but the header on ebay lists impala bel AIR As far as tire spec on the ’64’s were concerned, I was a little skeptical to read they were under-tired. Our Impala wagon always wore J78-14’s, equal to 225/75-14 today. Just shows how smart my dad was back then, because factory spec was 8.00 x 14, closer to 205/75-14, or F78-14. On a full-size wagon? Nope. I have a 1964 Bel Air for sale doesn't really have much rust. Would make a great project car. Motor ran when parked and that was about 20 years ago so not sure what it would do now it was also driven to..

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  1. We currently have 21 1964 Chevrolet Bel Air listings on AllCollectorCars.com. Browse our inventory now
  2. My dad selected a ’64 Impala wagon over the BelAir wagon because the seats in the Impala were vinyl versus the cloth in the BelAir. With 6 kids and one in the oven, he knew the seats would take a punishment. The wagon was stripped otherwise (no A/C, no automatic, no power steering or brakes, no 3rd seat).
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Knowing very little about them, I find them intriguing. Sort of the opposite of a step-down Hudson, yet still allowing for gorgeous, low-slung bodies (though maybe with worse space utilization?) Create. Make social videos in an instant: use custom templates to tell the right story for your business. For Hire. Post jobs, find pros, and collaborate commission-free in our professional marketplace 44 homes for sale in Bel Air, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, CA priced from $895,000 to $65,000,000. View photos, see new listings, compare properties and get information on open houses Life was simpler and calmer back then. I think that’s why this car is so loved- if you were around, you fondly remember the time. If you weren’t, you long to know about it.While the Chevy outsold the Fords overall in this eara the Ford was the far superior car in terms of structural integrity and handling. There was a reason why the guys in Nascar running “Chevy” (and “Dodge”) started their build at the Ford dealer buying a brand new Ford stripping away the body, engine and transmission and wrapping their brand body around it and dropping the Chev (or Dodge) engine in it. http://www.canepacollection.com/detail-1967-chevrolet-smokey_yunick-nascar_chevelle-used-5117058.html

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It took 15 years after my Dad reluctantly sold that car before I bought my own ’64 Impala in 1999, a four-door hardtop in Meadow Green, with a 327 and factory air. I have made minor modifications to improve how it drives, namely wider tires and a rear stabilizer bar, but the car never did float or wallow. When high gear was going out on the Powerglide, I put in a 700R4, which dropped highway RPMs by 1,000. So mine doesn’t drive like it did back in ’64, but by the standards of the day, these were well-built, good-looking, good-driving cars. $25,500 Good running 1964 Chevy Bel Air with a straight six engine and three speed manual transmission. The car runs and drives down the road fine. The body and the paint aren't perfect but it looks good overall Have you driven a 1964 Chevrolet Bel Air? Rank This Car. Looking for a Used Bel Air in your area? CarGurus has 226 nationwide Bel Air listings and the tools to find you a great deal

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Yep, and the 65’s had the surface mounted round taillights for both the sedan/coupes and the wagons and that WAS a one year design element too. $21,499

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  1. Nestled on 12 acres in the Bel-Air Estates neighborhood of Los Angeles, the iconic Hotel Bel-Air is one of the most beautiful, romantic, and exclusive hotels in the world. This Spanish mission-style urban..
  2. $35,995
  3. This 1964 Bel Air Wagon is a very straight, clean, and virtually rust free car! The car came to us from North Carolina. 1964Chevrolet. Bel Air4 Door Wagon. Call Text. Type: Used. Year: 1964. Mak
  4. Paul, this comes over as just more GM bashing. As if the ’64 Ford & Mopars didn’t have “drum brakes, Powerglide, undersized tires, funky seating position, vague steering, wallowing handling”
  5. Luggage Carriers A permanently attached roof carrier that adds more usable space. Also available, a 4 stanchion custom rack for Chevrolet and Chevy II Station Wagons.
  6. Very nice looking, genuine & desirable be lair wagon. Chevrolet 402 V8 engine coupled to a manual transmission. Fresh midnight blue Metallic exterior color th...

The 1964 Chevrolet was the best built car available in the United States in that price category, and the sales showed it. And the 1964 Ford and Plymouth were bloody close in quality. Yeah, quality was a bit different back then, and cars drove a bit different back then. And could GM have put together a much better car than what they were producing. Possibly. And if someone came up with a competing product that was significantly better, GM would have had to match it, or start watching their sales go down the toilet. Like what happened 15-20 years later – once the Japanese finally learned how to make a good car, and not just a well-built lousy one.At the risk of stating the obvious, that Chevy ad is for a 66 Caprice. The 65 Caprice was a trim level for the 4 door HT Impala.Windshield Washers An electrically driven water pump assures a good steady stream of water on the windshield glass. 2-speed wipers and washers are available as a factory option.

Sign up for regular news from the BPI Thank you for signing up. Please check your email to confirm. To complete the subscription process, please click the link in the email we just sent you For some reason, the ’64 model (coupe or sedan, not the wagon) is one of the most desired for low-riders above all. Anyone have a thought? 1958 Chevrolet Bel Air Impala 348 Super Turbo-Thrust Tri-Power Convertible..

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Bel Air's newest offering, this brand-new estate designed & developed by Ramtin Ray Nosrati of County: Los Angeles. Directions: West Sunset Blvd to Bel Air East Gate. Stay on Bel Air Rd to.. $5,995 I don’t think that production figure for the full-size ’64 Chevy wagons is correct — my copy of the “Standard Catalog of American Cars 1946-1975” shows about 192K, which is actually slightly higher than either ’63 (about 189K as stated above) or ’65 (about 184K). In fact, it appears to be the highest total the full-size wagons recorded in any year after 1960, which was the last year before Chevy and other other GM divisions began introducing wagons in other product lines. The Neighborhood: Bel Air. For generations, Bel Air has ranked among the most prestigious residential communities in the city of Los Angeles Home Details for 1940 Bel Air Rd. Single Family Home. Gorgeous Bel air zen retreat situated in over 11,000 Sqf of Lush Green Nature with incredible views of the Canyons, Mountains, Hills, Bel air..

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The ’64 was a ‘marking time’ model. Everything GM had going on with the big Chevy was being put into the 1965’s. Dad was even told this at the dealer’s meeting introducing the ’64’s. Plus, GM’s attention on Chevrolet for ’64 was the Chevelle, an entirely new line. When I first saw this 1964 Bel Air, the thing that grabbed my attention wasn't the overall condition of the car or the fact that it had a host of desirable optional extras fitted, but it was the price I remember each September I’d go down to Syd Smith’s showroom and look at the new Chevys before any other cars. I loved the 61’s, 62’s and 63’s when they first came out, and of course the 65’s and even better the 66’s were favourites. But the ’64?… meh. I never really liked the flat surfaces. The Pontiac over at Reid Motors was my favourite that year.On the other hand, feeling high in your car would become literally true for a lot more people as the 60s went on! 😉

Thank you, dear readers. I am not a GM (or Ford, or Honda, whatever) apologist. I simply love cars and speak plainly. I strive to maintain a clear perspective without either unnecessary nostalgia or baseless criticism. Every man is the product of his surroundings, and the same applies to cars.Quite obviously, this particular piece isn’t an effort to be exactingly objective and offer a detailed comparison of the state of American cars in 1964. Frankly, I wasn’t too impressed with any of them, but by 1964, the Chevy does come off as the tiredest of the bunch. At least this one did, to me. Reviews from the owners of Chevrolet Bel Air (5th Gen) (1960-1964) with photos on DRIVN. Comprehensive catalog with actual owner's photos, tech specs, maintenance and tuning history, etc They bought it brand new in mid summer of ’64 in Jacksonville FL and drove it across country with 3 daughters and a full sized Collie in the back from Jacksonville to Washington St where my Dad was transferred (McChord AFB) for our first time out here.

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The Chevrolet Impala was perfect for the job. Professional without being gaudy or ostentatious; the right touch. 1961-1964 Chevrolet Full-size Car Ignition & Door lock setFeatures Original GM Octagon-head keys with knock-outs**Fits Bel Air, Biscayne, & Impala 2-Door Hardtop & Convertible only****DOES NOT.. Back then, people went slower. An Audi can go over 100MPH today without breaking a sweat. You wouldn’t do that back then. This is the speedometer of a 1970’s Matador.

The 1964 Chevrolet Be Air (Series 1600) was Chevrolets mid-priced line between the basic Biscayne and the Impala. This sleeper example, only options were t.. I remember my Dad trading in his 59 Biscayne for a new 64 2 dr post Biscayne for $ 1500 and the 59. That 64 was much more plush than the 59. Even as a strip down model with a 6 cyl and three on the tree, that 64 had carpet on the floor, and the interior seemed luxurious. No radio, no whitewalls, and dog dish hubcaps made for a cheap ride, although in blue/green azure aqua, that car looked good. Today, it would look even better.

Racing Champions Mint Series - 1964 Chevy Impala SS

1964 Chevy Bel Air with a clean, clear title in my name. The car does not have a motor or transmission. It had a small block and a 4 speed stick in it. I have not done any work on this car I like the look of this old wagon but the thought of driving such a massive vehicle with drum brakes is less than appealing. 1964 Chevrolet Bel Air Pro Street 2 x 3 steel full frame. Newly installed chrome molly roll cage (still in primer). Brand New BBC 496 ci with 8-71 Blower 'Big ... Updated styling featured squarer corners along with a new full-width sculptured grille. Impalas again had triple taillights on each side, plus plenty of brightwork. As usual, they were the top sellers by far, with 889,600 built (including an impressive 185,523 Super Sports).

For the 425-hp 409 added were the Twin 4 barrel carburetors. Impact-extruded pistons. Forged steel connecting rods and five-main-bearing crankshaft. Cast alloy iron camshaft. And two heads fitted with lightweight valves. Mechanical valve lifters. Dual exhausts, special clutch, and heavy-duty radiator and suspension, among others. 1964 Chevrolet Bel Air 2door hard top Car needs finishing 70% good floor pans good title lot invested. I learned to drive on a 64 Country Squire and a 49 Plymouth Deluxe. I drove my aunt’s 64 Plymouth Savoy and my uncle had at least 2 if not 3 different 60s Chevy wagons….but if I was buying a 64 full-sized wagon I would want a Dodge. You could equip it any way you wanted from slant 6 stripper to big block bruiser and I guess because it’s so “out of the mainstream” it would really appeal to me.

1964 Chevrolet Bel Air with a v8! Original 283. Custom leather interior out of a Cadillac. Power seats. Ac blows cold. Heater works. New tires. New battery. P... No doubt GM wagon styling influenced the Wagoneer, which debuted in October, 1962 as a ’63 model and was produced until 1991 under three different corporate parents (Kaiser, AMC and Chrysler).My Dad didn’t drive the car to work for the first year, but by 1967, the car was a rust bucket. I remember as a teenager trying to repair the front quarters which had 5 inch holes on both sides, the rear fenders had pinholes and rust. The rest of the car looked like new. On a service visit, the manager of the dealership asked my Dad if he was in love with the then 3 year old car.

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Never got to drive it but it was the first car I ever worked on. It went through three engines, though one install was stopped pre-emptively when the new motor’s mounting points didn’t match up. Turns out it was a pre-’58 block that needed front mounts. We still have the block.Was that metal panel surround around the license plate sent from the factory all dented up and mangled? 61 cars listed for sale, 0 listed in the past 7 days.This report also includes data on 1964 Chevrolet Bel Air/150/210 in USA for comparison Build quality? Only Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz build cars that would even come close to a current Toyota Camry. And that Volkswagen was totally deficient in performance to 90% of the cars sold back then. And that Mercedes cost more than a Cadillac.1. “X” frame? I didn’t care. 2. Soft handling? That’s why I drove an Impala. For the nice ride – I’m a cruiser, remember? 3. Not sporty even for an “SS”? I didn’t care about that, either – my car was the sharpest car on base. 4. Lousy brakes? Well, yeah, most cars had lousy brakes back then, which I was scared out of my wits one day when I didn’t stop coming down a hill in San Francisco until I was halfway through an intersection on Van Ness avenue! I learned to deal with it. 5. Build quality? Far superior to its contemporaries by a long shot. ‘Nuff said.

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